Indian style
Masala Macaroni Pasta

This Indian-style pasta dish is a one-pot meal. All you need are some veggies and macaroni to make it at home. Indian spices add a rich flavor to this pasta recipe.

Pasta in
mint chutney

This green pasta is filled with aromatic
Indian spices, freshly ground mint, chilies, coriander, and tamarind paste for a tangy flavor. You can serve this with Garlic bread.

Pav bhaji
flavored pasta

Also called the Fusion Fusilli Pasta, this
finger-licking recipe with the flavor of pav
bhaji masala suits the Indian palate. You can
serve it with crusty pieces of bread.

Macaroni Pasta

Loaded with onion, garlic, and some sauces, this is a spicy and flavorful Indian-style pasta recipe. You can add some veggies or make it as spicy as you wish. 

Tomato Macaroni

Prepared with meat, macaroni, and freshly chopped tomatoes, the richness of this dish comes from the marinade. You can also add chunks of chicken or sausages to this.