Peanut chikki

Saute chopped jaggery & stir it until foamy.
Add roasted peanuts. Place the mixture on a
greased platform and mix. Give it a shape with
greased hands. Cut and serve into squares
when cool.

Peanut chaat

Mix chaat masala, green chutney, Kashmiri
red chili powder, chopped onion & tomato,
boiled sweet corn & potato, grated raw
mango, pomegranate, coriander, salt, &
lemon with boiled peanuts. 

Peanut halwa

Saute crushed peanuts and fry them until
golden brown. Add milk & sugar, & let it boil.
Mix occasionally. Add almonds & cardamom.
Mix well. Serve with garnished dry fruits.

Peanut rice

Roast peanuts, grated coconut, urad & chana
dal, cumin & sesame seeds, & dry chili in oil.
Once cool, blend it. Saute mustard seeds,
peanuts, & curry leaves. Add cooked rice,
masala, & salt.

Peanut cookies

Spread butter on a baking sheet. Blend butter,
brown sugar, & granulated sugar. Beat eggs &
vanilla extract. Blend with flour, peanuts, &
baking powder. Give shapes & bake for 10 minutes.