Baklava is a flaky Turkish dessert made of filo pastry, which is filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. The earliest written record of it can be found in a
13th-century cookbook.


Choux pastry refers to a delicate pastry dough made with flour, butter, eggs, and water. It is used in many European cuisines and is the basis of several desserts.


Croissant is a flaky bread made of puff pastry. The process involves layering a yeast dough with butter, rolling, and folding it several times. It is rolled into a sheet through laminating.


Eclairs are rectangular pastries made with choux which are filled with flavored cream, custard, or whipped cream and topped with icing. These pastries are believed to have originated in France.


Macarons are meringue-based pastries
made with egg white, icing sugar, almond
meal, and food color. These sweets are
available in a variety of pastel shades,
which make them look super cute.