High fiber

One-quarter of Matta rice has about 2 gm fiber, which is 8% of our daily fiber requirement. With this, you can lose weight as you feel fuller faster even after consuming a small amount.


Dice tomatoes and mix with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil. As it marinates, roast garlic cloves and mix crumbled paneer. Spread it on a baguette and top with tomatoes.

Abundant with magnesium

You can optimize your magnesium levels with Matta rice as it is packed with this nutrient. Half a cup of this rice has about 42 gm of magnesium, which makes it quite wholesome.

Bone health and immunity

Matta rice has high levels of calcium, way more than you can ever get from ordinary white rice. It is also rich in zinc, which helps in boosting immunity & fighting infections.

Lowers cholesterol

Matta rice has a low content of fat, cholesterol, & saturated fats, which makes it apt for people who have high cholesterol levels. It's also suitable for people with heart conditions.