Oversized sweatshirt and stretchy leggings

An oversized sweatshirt can help you stay warm and comfortable throughout. You can also use it as a pillow. Pair it with stretchy leggings and sneakers.

Comfy loose cotton t-shirt with stretchy jeans

You can pair t-shirts with stretchy jeans that are comfortable to wear during long flights. Complete your look with a pair of slippers and a tote bag.

A classic hoodie with loose baggy trousers

You can invest in a classic black hoodie made of breathable thermal fabric and pair it with high-waist loose baggy trousers to look stylishly comfortable.

A tank top with long flowy pants

A tank top will look extremely stylish with dark-colored long flowy pants in which you can move around freely. You can also pair it with a pashmina shawl or scarf.

Long-sleeved maxi dress paired with a trench coat

Pick a full-length long-sleeved maxi dress that's made up of soft, stretchy material and is not see-through. Pair it with a trench coat and sneakers.