Rose and tender coconut ice cream

Boil milk and sugar. Add cornflour & cold milk mix. Add fresh cream, chopped rose petals, rose essence, & tender coconut meat. Freeze for 6 hours; blend and refreeze.

Paan ice cream

Mix paan, lemon juice with dried dates, cardamom powder, gulkand, and fennel
seeds. Boil milk, sugar, & cornflour-cold milk.
Add paan mix & fresh cream. Freeze & blend
to add menthol.

Carrot ice cream

Whisk heavy cream, milk, salt, granulated sugar, and light brown sugar in a saucepan. Add chopped carrots and simmer. Freeze & then blend it with vinegar. Refreeze before serving.

peach ice cream

Blend peaches & corn syrup. Mix cold milk, condensed milk, cinnamon powder, peach puree, and lemon juice. Freeze for 6 hours. Blend it, and freeze it again for 10 hours.

Green tea
ice cream

Boil water, sugar, green tea powder, and stir.
Strain it. Mix sugar and egg yolks in a pan.
Add cream, milk, and green tea syrup and
cook for 2 minutes. Freeze for 5 hours.