Vegan rabdi

Soak cashews in almond milk overnight and
blend them. Cook until thick. Add almond flour,
& sugar & thicken it. Add saffron, cardamom
powder, & vanilla essence & mix. Cool it &

Vegan whole
wheat date laddoo

Roast wheat flour, flax meal, almond flour,
salt, & vegan butter & mix. Cool it. Blend dates, cardamom, cashews, and the flour mixture.
Shape the mixture into laddoos.

Brown rice kheer

Cook brown rice, and blend almond milk with
cashews & add to rice. Add salt, cardamom
seeds, & sugar & cook for 15 minutes. Add
roasted nuts and raisins and cook until thick.

Vegan carrot halwa

Roast cashews, raisins, and pistachios. Add
grated carrots and cook. Add almond milk &
coarsely ground almonds, mix & cook for 15
minutes. Add vegan butter, salt, & cardamom
& cook.

Vegan chocolate
ice cream

Grind blanched almonds. Strain and cook
the liquid. Let it cool. Blend together almond
milk, cocoa powder, banana, vanilla essence,
& sugar. Freeze, blend it, & re-freeze it.