Veg jaipuri

Prepared with seasonal vegetables and
aromatic spices, this Rajasthani dish is
super delicious and nutritious. However,
it is on the heavier side as it contains cream,
khoya, or paneer.

Papad ki sabzi

This dish from the land of royals requires a
handful of ingredients - papad, onions, some
spices, and yogurt. The gravy works well with
bajra roti, paranthas, or any bread.

lauki ki sabzi

You may not be fond of bottle gourd, but you
won't be able to resist bharwa lauki ki sabzi.
It comprises a tangy tomato gravy and paneer
stuffed bottle gourd.

Gatte ki sabzi

This finger-licking, vegan and gluten-free
recipe, is made of steamed chickpea flour
dumplings and cooked in rich spices, which
lend a strong aroma and flavor to it.


Jhajariya is a creamy halwa made of corn.
You need a cup of sweet powdered corn,
ghee, milk, sugar, and some dried fruits to
prepare this Rajasthani dessert.