White chocolate 

White chocolate is chocolate as it contains
cocoa butter, but does not contain chocolate
liquor or any other cocoa products. It is easily
identified because of its ivory color. 

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is light brown in color, has
a creamy texture, and has a sweet flavor.
As per the FDA definition, milk chocolate
must contain at least 10% chocolate liquor
and 12% milk.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate lacks milk solids and has a
dry, bitter aftertaste. Rich in antioxidants,
it helps to protect one's heart health and improves blood flow throughout the body.

Ruby chocolate

Famous for its pretty pink color, ruby chocolate was officially unveiled by Belgian-Swiss cocoa company--Barry Callebaut--in 2017. It has a fruity flavor with a tinge of sourness. 

Bitter chocolate

Bitter chocolate is pure chocolate liquor,
made of ground cocoa beans. It is not meant
for consumption on its own and is best used
in cooking combined with sugar.