Tip 1

Storing documents in the cloud is good, but
what if you have to access those files offline?
You can install the Google Docs Offline
extension for Chrome and access your
files offline via Drive.

Tip 2

If you have been using Google Drive for a
while and have hundreds of files, the search
function is going to be a time saver. You can
filter the search by file type, date modified, and owner.

Tip 3

Google Drive shows a row of recently
opened files under the 'Suggested' section.
If you want to turn off the suggestions for
privacy or decluttering, go to Settings >

Tip 4

Want to share large files over email? Click
on the Drive icon at the bottom when you're
writing an email on Gmail. Now choose the
file you want to attach. Anything up to
10GB can be shared.

Tip 5

You can convert Office files to their Google equivalent the moment they are uploaded
on Drive. For that, Open Drive > Settings >
Convert uploads > Check option 'Convert
uploaded files to...'

Tip 6

You can share any file directly from Google
Drive. Simply right-click on the desired file
and choose Share. You can choose to share
the file with specific people or make it publicly available.