Orbiter has sent
back images of Mars

The Tianwen-1 has sent back several images
of Mars, including the Martian south pole, the
4,000km long Valles Marineris canyon, and
photographs of several craters.

Job done

Tianwen-1 has fulfilled its objectives and will
be used for an aerobraking test. It circled the
planet thrice every Martian day and used a
medium-resolution camera to map its surface.

in just over a year

Tianwen-1 entered Martian orbit in February 2021. It encircled the planet over 1,300 times in just over a year to photograph Mars.

about Tianwen-1

Tianwen-1 is China's maiden interplanetary
mission and it successfully entered the
Martian orbit in its first attempt. It consists
of an orbiter and a rover called Zhurong.