Gaganyaan's first abort test in May

By Sanjana Shankar


Test launch in May

ISRO will launch the first test vehicle for the Gaganyaan space mission in May, which will demonstrate the crew escape system.



Notably, Gaganyaan marks India's first crewed mission to space. If everything goes well, India would become the fourth nation to achieve such a milestone.


Manned spaceflight mission

The Gaganyaan mission will send a three-membered crew to an altitude of 400 kilometers in Low-Earth Orbit for three days. It is expected to take off in late 2024.


Test vehicle missions

Four test flights, including TV-D1 in May, will test crucial technologies for a successful mission. TV-D3 and D4 will be part of the second series of test vehicle missions.


Parachute system tested

Recently, ISRO conducted a key trial for the parachute systems that will be used in the mission.

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