Impact was
expected in 2052

The 2021 QM1 asteroid was discovered in August 2021 by Mount Lemmon observatory
in Arizona. It was expected to hit Earth
in 2052.

of the asteroid

Size-wise, the 2021 QM1 asteroid is estimated to be between 37-82 meters across, putting it in NASA’s ‘dangerous’ category.

invisible for a while

The observation of 2021 QM1 came to a halt when the asteroid's path brought it closer to the sun. The glares of the sun blocked it from being observed.


New observations have established that the asteroid is moving away from the Earth, ruling out an impact in 2052.

1,377 asteroids
still on 'risk list' 

As per NASA, massive asteroids hit Earth twice every year on average. And, the ‘risk list’ of asteroids still has 1,377 names on it.