Change the
appearance of subtitles

Go to the 'Your Profile' section within the Account tab and select 'Subtitle Appearance.'
A pop-up box appears where you can change the look of subtitles.

Two Thumbs Up

Whenever you click on the 'Two Thumbs
Up' icon for any content, Netflix starts recommending more titles of the production teams, cast members, and similar genres.

Watch in VR

Netflix can be used on Oculus using a virtual reality (VR) application. You will see yourself
in a cabin with a TV and Netflix. Select your preferred content and the lights will get dimmed.

Hidden codes

Netflix offers 4- or 5-digit codes that can
be used for faster content discovery. Some popular codes are 1568 (sci-fi and fantasy),
10118 (superhero movies), and 75405
(zombie films).

Spatial audio

Netflix has partnered with Sennheiser to
bring spatial audio. This feature works across
all plans. Content like Stranger Things, The
Witcher, and Red Notice support spatial audio.