About the mission

SWIM (Sensing With Independent Micro Swimmers) is a concept mission proposed
by Ethan Schaler, an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to study underwater
life on planets.

Life on
Europa & Enceladus

Scientists have already determined the presence of oceans under the icy crust of Europa and Enceladus. The SWIM concept aims to find life under these uncharted alien waters.

About the robots

NASA envisions wedge-shaped robots
about 5-inch long and 3 to 5-cubic inches in volume. Around 48 of them will be packed in
a cryobot which will help create a path for
the robots.

Robots will
collect key data

Every swimbot will have a propulsion system, onboard computer, communications system,
along with sensors for temperature, salinity, acidity, and pressure measurement.