Football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic has
signed a new contract with AC Milan. His
new deal will run till June 2023. Due to a knee
surgery, Zlatan is expected to be out for eight


Zlatan endured a difficult 2021-22 season
and had later revealed that he played through
pain for around six months. He played without
an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] in his left


From 2010-12, Zlatan scored 56 goals in 85
games. He had a stunning 2011-12 campaign,
scoring 35 goals. He returned to the club in
2020 and has managed 36 goals ever since.


With 92 goals, Zlatan is the 11th-highest
scorer for Milan. He also has 75 goals for
Milan in Serie A and is the 10th-highest scorer.

Serie A

Zlatan has scored 155 Serie A goals and is
tied with Filippo Inzaghi (Juventus: 23, Inter
Milan: 57, Milan: 75). 


Zlatan holds immense love and respect from
the AC Milan board and despite the forward
set to turn 41 in October, a new deal was
never going to be an issue.