1869: Kasturba Gandhi’s birth

Kasturbai was born in 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. She was an Indian independence activist and was married to Mahatma Gandhi. She died on February 22, 1944.

1899: Spanish-American War ends

The Treaty of Paris came into effect, ending the Spanish-American War. Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the United States.

Photo credit: Encyclopedia Britannica

1919: ILO founded

The International Labour Organization was founded as part of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I.

1955: Zhou Enlai assassination attempt

A chartered Air India plane the "Kashmir Princess" was bombed to assassinate Zhou Enlai. The plane crashed into the South China Sea. But Enlai was not onboard.

2000: Jhumpa
Lahiri wins Pulitzer

The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri was awarded the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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