1887: Helen
Keller learns ‘water’ 

Anne Sullivan makes a breakthrough with Helen Keller—who lost her sight and hearing as a baby—teaching her the word “water.”

1930: Mahatma
Gandhi reaches Dandi 

Mahatma Gandhi reached Dandi after walking 385 km with 78 followers to protest against a British salt law. The event became known as the Dandi March.

1955: Winston
Churchill resigns as UK PM

Winston Churchill resigns as United Kingdom’s prime minister to be succeeded by Anthony Eden.

1994: Kurt Cobain

Iconic American singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain died by suicide by gunshot at the age of 27.

2016: Iceland PM
resigns after Panama Papers

Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned after the Panama Papers leak linked him to secret offshore bank accounts. 

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