1789: UK
abolishes slave trade

British MP William Wilberforce made his first major speech on abolition of slave trade in the UK House of Commons.

1820: Florence Nightingale’s birth

Florence Nightingale, who established trained nursing as a profession for women, was born in Florence, Italy. The day is celebrated as International Nurses Day.

1926: First flight over North Pole

Norway's Roald Amundsen, US scientist Lincoln Ellsworth, and Italian engineer Umberto Nobile flew over the North Pole.

Photo credit: The National Library of Norway

1937: UK’s King
George VI crowned

King George VI of the United Kingdom was crowned after the abdication of Edward VIII.

2008: Massive
earthquake devastates China 

A huge earthquake hit Sichuan in China, wreaking havoc and killing roughly 90,000 people.

Photo credit: World Bank/Wu Zhiyi

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