lemon cooler

Blend fresh de-seeded watermelon cubes. Strain the juice and pour it into a glass. Add ice cubes, sugar syrup, and lime juice, and stir well. Serve chilled. 


Mix water with sugar-infused water, lemon juice, black salt, roasted cumin powder, and salt in a jug. Stir well, strain the mix, and serve chilled.

Mint ginger lemonade

Boil sugar syrup, ginger slices, and mint leaves in water. Let it cool. Mix in ice cubes, lime juice, lime slices, and chilled water. Serve chilled.

Virgin mojito

Mix club soda, ice cubes, and crushed mint leaves in a jug. Add a solution of lemon juice, sugar, and salt to the soda mixture and stir again. Serve chilled. 


Blend three cups of fresh pineapple cubes and strain the juice. Add ice cubes, lime juice, pineapple juice, sugar syrup, and chilled water, and stir. Serve chilled.

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