Why you should cool down after a workout

By Anujj Trehaan


Why is cooling down important after a workout?

Cool-down exercises after a workout should not be ignored as they help the body to return to its usual rhythm through basic stretches and gentle movements.


Brings down your heart rate to normal

Cooling down after exercising avoids light-headedness or dizziness caused by suddenly stopping the workout. Finish off your regime with a slow walk instead of stopping abruptly.


Prevents injuries

After exercising, your muscles need to be stretched while they are still warm. Cooling down prevents injuries and reduces muscle aches. Skipping it can affect muscle recovery.


Promotes stress relief

Cooling down after exercise releases serotonin and dopamine, which promote relaxation. Deep breathing aids muscle recovery and reduces anxiety.


Restores temperature and breathing

Cool-down exercises can stabilize body temperature after physical activity, preventing illness. Calming your breathing is also important for lung health.


Prevents lactic acid build-up

Lactic acid build-up after a workout can cause muscle pain and damage, but cooling down can help release it from the body.

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