OpenAI-backed start-up deploys AI robot

By Athik Saleh


Robots in professional environment

1X, a start-up backed by OpenAI, has introduced the world's first AI-powered humanoid robot in a professional environment. 


Disrupt labor market

AI-powered humanoid robots is expected to disrupt the labor market. The humanoid robotics market is projected to reach $17.3 billion by 2027.


Security guards

1X's robot EVE is being used as security guards in two industrial locations. EVE can perform various tasks like open doors and pack goods.


Virtual human control

The EVE robot is supervised by human security guards who can virtually enter and control it if needed. 


1X v/s Tesla

1X overtook Tesla in deploying humanoid robots in a professional setting. Tesla recently gave an update about Optimus, its humanoid robot. 

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