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28 Jan 2021


'Game of Thrones' animated feature being developed for HBO Max

It seems like high honchos at HBO Max and Warner Bros are setting sail on the process to explore the world of Westeros better through various approaches.

25 Apr 2019

Game of Thrones

Will Daenerys become 'Mad Queen'? Here's what fan theories say

The last Game of Thrones episode had two crucial scenes featuring Daenerys. One was with Sansa Stark and the other with Jon Snow.

21 Apr 2019


Civil Service Day special: GoT characters and their suitable services

Indian Civil Servants are the backbone of India's administration. Every 21st of April, we celebrate The Civil Service Day.

13 Jan 2019


#GameofThrones: Sansa Stark repeats Ned Stark's dialogue in new promo

Game of Thrones will air its final season in April, and as we reported, and the official release date for Season 8 will be revealed today.

14 Nov 2018


#ForTheThrone: We finally know when GoT's season 8 will release

'Game of Thrones', on HBO, has escalated from being the most popular television show on earth to become a cultural phenomenon.

03 Nov 2018


#GameOfThrones: Looking at final Season's details

'Game of Thrones' will reappear for its final season in the earlier half of next year.

28 Aug 2017


GoT: Who will sit on the 'Iron Throne'?

With the finale of GoT's Season 7 upon us, many have been wondering- who will rule the seven kingdoms?