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No coercive action against Facebook executive: Delhi panel tells SC

A Delhi Assembly panel on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that it will take no coercive action against Facebook's top executive in India over the social media giant's alleged role in the February Delhi riots.

Seven months later, J&K administration removes social media curbs

In a new development, the administration of newly-formed Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has lifted curbs imposed on social media, reports said on Wednesday. The speed will, however, remain restricted to 2G and these services will not be extended to pre-paid SIMs, the authorities underlined.

22 Feb 2019

Real Madrid

FIFA hands Chelsea two consecutive transfer window bans

Premier League giants Chelsea have been hit by a ban by FIFA which will see them not taking part in two consecutive transfer windows.

13 Jul 2018


Maharashtrians, you can bring food from outside to cinema halls!

Bringing cheer to the masses, the Maharashtra government has announced that people will now be allowed to bring their own food inside cinema halls and multiplexes.

Right to know: SC, Center want live-streaming of court proceedings

In a significant move towards transparency, both the Center and the Supreme Court (SC) today favored live-streaming of court proceedings.

Is singing a Hindu prayer in KVs permissible? SC decides

The SC has sent a notice to the Center over the Hindi prayer sung in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV) around the country in the morning, which, according to a petitioner, promotes Hinduism.

13 Jul 2017


New Cinematograph Act to let government take over Censor Board

The Draft Bill for the new Cinematograph Act is out and looks like the government will now be able to "take over the certification body under special circumstances".

It's your right to free speech, and others' too

Free speech is possible only in a free environment, which India hasn't been able to provide.