INS Viraat: News

SC stays further dismantling of decommissioned aircraft carrier INS Viraat

The Supreme Court on Wednesday stayed further dismantling of the decommissioned aircraft carrier INS Viraat.

13 Dec 2020


Can INS Viraat be rescued before its end?

After completing the last leg of its journey in September this year, Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat awaits being stripped apart for scrap.

09 May 2019

Delhi High Court

Rajiv Gandhi didn't misuse INS Viraat for vacation: Congress

Indian politics has gotten more interesting and nastier than ever.

09 May 2019


Rajiv Gandhi used INS Viraat for family vacation: PM Modi

From New Delhi's Ramlila Maidan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fresh attack on the Gandhi family, by referring to an incident which media "forgot" to report.

03 Dec 2018


Only dignified activities allowed on INS Viraat: Vice Admiral Luthra

Only "dignified activities" will be permitted on board the Indian Navy's decommissioned aircraft carrier INS Viraat, Western Naval Command chief Vice Admiral Girish Luthra said today.

06 Mar 2017

Andhra Pradesh

INS Viraat, world's oldest aircraft carrier, all set to retire

A ceremony will be held in Mumbai on March 6 for decommission of INS Viraat, the world's oldest aircraft carrier in service, after 30 years with the Indian Navy.

21 Feb 2017

Andhra Pradesh

INS Viraat may be sold as scrap after retirement

Indian Navy's INS Viraat, set to retire on March 6, could be sold as scrap, as a proposal to convert it into a museum remains in limbo.

25 Oct 2016

Andhra Pradesh

INS Viraat embarks on final voyage to Mumbai

The world's oldest aircraft carrier INS Viraat was given a grand send-off from Kochi after its 56-year service to the Navy.