Newcastle: News

11 Oct 2018


Can heading a football give someone dementia?

Neuropathologist Willie Stewart is attempting to answer the question if heading a football can cause dementia.

08 Sep 2018

Real Madrid

Find out why Sane left hotel after talking with Low

The promising German winger, Leroy Sane was all set to play on Sunday against Peru in an international friendly.

02 Sep 2018

Manchester City

Manchester City defeat Newcastle 2-1: Match Report

Holders Manchester City are back to winning ways as they beat Newcastle 2-1 in their fourth match of 2018/19 EPL season.

07 Oct 2016

South Carolina

Penn State University students form clown-hunting mob

In the most recent development in the creepy clown sightings in the US, footage has emerged of a mob of Pennsylvania State University students who have embarked on a hunt for three clowns spotted in the area.