South Carolina: News

27 Apr 2024


3 Indian women killed in car crash in South Carolina

Three women from Gujarat were killed after their SUV veered off the road and catapulted over a bridge before crashing into trees on the other side of the bridge in Greenville County, South Carolina.

25 Feb 2024

Donald Trump

Trump sweeps South Carolina Republican primary; beats rival Nikki Haley

Former United States (US) President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the crucial Republican primary in her home state of South Carolina on Saturday (local time).

04 Feb 2024

Joe Biden

Joe Biden wins first Democratic contest in US Presidential race

United States (US) President Joe Biden secured an easy victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary, marking the first official race of the party's 2024 nomination season.

30 Aug 2023


US: Hurricane Idalia intensifies, Florida on high alert; evacuation ordered

A high alert has been sounded in Florida, United States, as Hurricane Idalia is expected to make landfall as an "extremely dangerous" storm on the Big Bend Coast on Wednesday morning (local time), CNN reported.

13 Feb 2023


Over 10 US balloons violated airspace since January 2022: China

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday claimed over 10 high-altitude balloons sent by the United States (US) violated its airspace since January 2022.

03 Nov 2020

Donald Trump

US election 2020: What you need to look out for

The 2020 United States Presidential elections will decide whether President Donald Trump will return for a second term or if Democratic challenger Joe Biden will win.

28 Jul 2020


After weeks of drama, Kim meets Kanye in Wyoming

After weeks of confusion and drama, Kim Kardashian West has finally reunited with her husband, rap star Kanye West in Wyoming.

26 Jul 2020


After divorce rant, Kanye West apologizes to Kim Kardashian

American rap star Kanye West has issued a public apology to his wife, reality television star Kim Kardashian West, for talking in public about matters that he now says should have remained private.

22 Jul 2020

Kim Kardashian

Kanye: Have been trying to divorce Kim for two years

US rapper Kanye West has claimed that he has been trying to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian West for almost two years.

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine: Final trials to begin on July 27

Moderna Therapeutics has come a long way with its candidate vaccine to prevent COVID-19, the novel coronavirus disease.

22 May 2019

New Jersey

Millionaire put plane on autopilot to have sex with 15-year-old

In the United States, a harrowing incident of sexual abuse has caught attention. A millionaire, identified as Stephen Bradley Mell, has been arrested for abusing a 15-year-old minor.

04 Mar 2019


American Airlines kicks off mom and baby over skin condition

In a shocking incident, American Airlines kicked off a mother and her baby from its flight last week after seeing a "strange rash"; when in reality, the duo was suffering from a rare genetic skin disorder called Ichthyosis.

05 Jan 2019


Cops troll criminal using phone left by him while escaping

Social media is a funny place and it seems various police departments in the world are also making good use of it.

14 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Last year, over 8,400 hate crimes were reported in US

Over 8,400 hate crime incidents, including 24 against Sikhs, 15 against Hindus, and over 300 against Muslims, were reported in the US in 2017, according to an FBI report.

09 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Nikki Haley: Indian-American US ambassador to UN 'resigns'

Nikki Haley, the Indian-American US Ambassador to the United Nations, resigned on Tuesday, according to multiple US media reports.

21 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Donald Trump tells hurricane survivor to 'have a good time'

US President Donald Trump, (in)famous for his ill-thought statements, told a survivor of Hurricane Florence to 'have a good time'.

17 Sep 2018


Flooding fears surge as Carolina rivers rise; Wilmington cut off

Catastrophic flooding from Florence spread across the US's Carolinas, with roads to Wilmington cut off by the epic deluge and muddy river water swamping entire neighborhoods kilometers inland.

13 Sep 2018


Hurricane Florence to devastate the US east coast starting today

An enormous hurricane called Florence is headed towards the East Coast of the United States and is expected to make landfall on Thursday along the North Carolina coast.

07 Aug 2018


US: Indian-origin man pleads guilty to taking $2.5mn in bribes

An Indian-origin man, Bhaskar Patel (67) of Windermere, Florida, has pleaded guilty to taking $2.5 million in bribes and kickbacks from companies seeking contracts to work on energy-saving projects in US government buildings.

26 Jun 2018


Nikki Haley in India on maiden-visit as US-Envoy to UN

Nikki Haley is traveling to India for the first time as the US Ambassador to the UN on a two-day visit from June 26 to meet senior Indian officials, business leaders, NGO leaders, and students and underscore America's "strong alliance" with the country.

12 Sep 2017


Two-thirds of Hurricane Irma-hit Florida left without electricity

Thousands of Floridians who had to evacuate inland ahead of the category five Hurricane Irma, have returned to shattered homes.

09 Sep 2017


Florida braces for 'devastation' before category five Hurricane Irma's landfall

The head of the US federal emergency agency Brock Long said the category five Hurricane Irma will either "devastate" Florida or its neighboring states.

25 Aug 2017


Charleston: Disgruntled employee creates hostage situation, shoots one person

A diner in Charleston, South Carolina witnessed dramatic scenes as a disgruntled employee opened fire killing one person; one person was taken hostage, but released shortly.

22 Aug 2017


Millions of Americans witness historic and spectacular total solar eclipse

Millions of Americans gathered to witness a rare and spectacular celestial event - a total solar eclipse.

19 Apr 2017

Donald Trump

Will the Trump administration crackdown on porn?

Donald Trump's election win and subsequent uptick in conservative rhetoric and action on a host of issues has raised fears that he may crack down on America's adult film industry through legislation.

03 Apr 2017

Donald Trump

Haley's statement contradicts Trump's stance on Russia

Nikki Haley, the US' ambassador to the UN, said Russia was "certainly involved" in last year's presidential elections.

27 Feb 2017

Donald Trump

US governors unite for infrastructure wishlists

The governors of all American states met at the National Governors Association.

21 Feb 2017

Tiger Woods

Dustin Johnson is the golf's new world no.1

After his latest win at the Genesis Open, Dustin Johnson became the world number one for the first time.

US universities allay Indian students' fears following Trump ban

A number of American universities are reaching out to prospective Indian students to inform them that they are welcome to their campuses, irrespective of the Trump administration's statements.

Penn State University students form clown-hunting mob

In the most recent development in the creepy clown sightings in the US, footage has emerged of a mob of Pennsylvania State University students who have embarked on a hunt for three clowns spotted in the area.