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01 Aug 2023


China: 11 dead, dozens missing following Typhoon Doksuri

At least 11 people died and 27 others were reported missing as heavy rainfall continued to lash Beijing, China, for the fourth consecutive day, CCTV reported on Tuesday.

05 Jul 2023

Social Media

Canva shakes up the workspace: Introduces laptop accessories vending machine

Technology is moving faster than we think and is accessible to people in various ways.

14 Feb 2023

Valentine's Day

Bet you don't know about these weird Valentine's Day traditions

There is no de facto ruleset to celebrate love.

16 Nov 2022


It's eight billion baby! Philippines welcomes world's 8th billion person

The global population touched eight billion on Tuesday with the birth of a baby in Tondo district, Manila, Philippines.

27 Sep 2022


World Tourism Day: 5 affordable foreign destinations from India

It is time to pack your bags and tickle your wanderlust as today is World Tourism Day!

20 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Philippines? Bring home these 5 souvenirs

Boasting a multitude of islands, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and picture-perfect beaches, the Philippines is a dream travel destination for many.

27 Jul 2022


Philippines: 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Luzon island for 30 seconds

A violent 7.1-magnitude earthquake slammed the Philippine islands of Luzon on Wednesday, devastating a hospital and residences in a northern region and sending significant vibrations through the capital, Manila, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

31 May 2022


Have you heard of banana ketchup? Here's all about it

Bananas are enjoyed as fruit or widely used in cakes, milkshakes, and muffins all over the world. But have you heard of it being used as a condiment?

25 May 2022


5 foreign destinations to visit from India on a budget

If you're wondering where to travel next on a budget and want to get your passport stamped this time, think beyond Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

05 March 2022


5 volcanoes to see in your lifetime

Visiting a volcano can feel terrifying, but they also make for an equally adventurous trip.

28 Jan 2022


India, Philippines sign $375 million deal for BrahMos missiles

India and the Philippines signed a $375 million deal on Friday for the acquisition of the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile system.

20 Dec 2021

South China Sea

Typhoon Rai slams Philippines, over 370 dead, several missing

After the most powerful typhoon which hit the Philippines Thursday, the death toll has soared to 375.

13 Dec 2021


Tracing LGBTQA+ representation at the Miss Universe through the years

The Philippines created a record at Miss Universe 2021 by making it to the semis 12 consecutive times.

26 Nov 2021


Francisca Susano, 'world's oldest person,' passes away at 124

Francisca Susano, the Filipino woman who was thought to be the oldest person in the world, died at the age of 124 recently.

08 Oct 2021

Russia News

Philippines' Ressa, Russia's Muratov; journalists win Nobel Peace Prize

Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov have won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 for "their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression."

29 Sep 2021


Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao announces retirement

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is officially hanging up his gloves.

10 Sep 2021

Infinix Mobile

Infinix HOT 10i, with MediaTek Helio P65 chipset, goes official

Infinix has launched its latest budget-range HOT-series smartphone, the HOT 10i, in the Philippines. The handset carries a price-tag of PHP 5,990 (around Rs. 8,800) and is available in four color options.

04 Jul 2021

Plane Crash

17 dead after military plane crashes in Philippines; 40 rescued

A military plane crash-landed in the Philippines on Sunday, the chief of the armed forces said in a statement.

23 Jun 2021


Take the vaccine or go to jail, says Philippines President

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is clearly disappointed with the slow pace of COVID-19 vaccination there.

03 Feb 2020


Stocks plummet as markets reopen in China amid coronavirus outbreak

Stocks in China plummeted as trading resumed on Monday amid a worsening outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

22 Sep 2019


This Vespa scooter costs more than a family car

Italian automaker Vespa has launched its all new scooter, the Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech, in Philippines.

03 Aug 2019

South Korea

Here are some unbreakable Olympic records

Olympics is the greatest sporting showcase on this earth.

28 Mar 2019


Huawei launches affordable P30 Lite with triple rear cameras

Days after unveiling its P30 and P30 Pro models in Paris, Huawei has silently introduced the P30 Lite in select markets.

22 Feb 2019


Philippines: Mother forced to hand-feed her videogame-addict son

Videogame addiction among teenagers these days has become a nightmare for many parents.

27 Jan 2019

Terror Attack

Philippines: Two bombs explode outside Roman Catholic cathedral, kills 19

Two bombs exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral on a southern Philippine island where Muslim terrorists are active, killing minimum 19 and wounding nearly 50 during a Sunday Mass, officials said.

06 Jan 2019


Death toll from Philippines storm, landslides climbs to 126

The death toll from a storm that devastated the Philippines shortly after Christmas rose to 126, authorities said today, adding landslides caused by torrential rain were the top cause.

29 Dec 2018


6.9 magnitude quake shakes southern Philippines, tsunami threat possible

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the southern Philippine island of Mindanao today, said US Geological Survey (USGS), adding that a tsunami threat was possible for parts of the Philippines and neighboring Indonesia.

17 Dec 2018


Philippines' Catriona Gray, of 'lava walk' fame, crowned Miss Universe-2018

It's that time of the year, when several beauties, from all across the world, come together to compete for the Miss World and Miss Universe titles.

15 Nov 2018

Narendra Modi

PM Modi participates in ASEAN-India Breakfast Summit in Singapore

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today participated in the ASEAN-India Breakfast Summit in Singapore and underlined the need for maritime cooperation and centrality of trade for the prosperity of the strategic Indo-Pacific region.

01 Nov 2018


Australian nun to leave Philippines after fight with President Duterte

An Australian nun, who battled a government bid to expel her from the Philippines after she angered the country's President Rodrigo Duterte, said yesterday that she will leave rather than face arrest and deportation.

16 Sep 2018

Hong Kong

Typhoon aims at south China after killing 28 in Philippines

Typhoon Mangkhut roared toward densely populated Hong Kong and southern China today after ravaging across the northern Philippines with ferocious winds and heavy rains that left at least 28 dead.

15 Sep 2018

Hong Kong

Super Typhoon Mangkhut could cause damages worth $120bn in Asia

On Saturday, Super Typhoon Mangkhut ripped through the Philippines causing floods, triggering landslides, disrupting electricity and travel services.

03 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte apologizes for cursing Obama

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has apologized to former US President Barack Obama for calling him a "son of a whore" in 2016, which sparked a new low in their nations' long alliance.

04 Apr 2018

Barack Obama

Philippines: President Duterte calls UN Human Rights Chief "empty-headed"

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a foul-mouthed attack on the UN Human Rights Chief, calling him "empty-headed" in a row over international criticism of Philippines leader's deadly drug-war.

Philippines: 9 killed as plane crashes into house after takeoff

A small passenger plane carrying five people crashed into a house shortly after takeoff in the Philippines, killing all those onboard and four people on the ground.

15 Mar 2018


Huawei launches the Nova 2 Lite smartphone in Philippines

Huawei has launched it latest smartphone - the Nova 2 Lite - in the Philippines.

24 Feb 2018


Employer arrested for Filipina maid's death in Kuwait freezer

After a manhunt spanning several weeks, police have arrested the employer of a 29-year-old Filipina maid who was found dead in a freezer in Kuwait.

03 Feb 2018

Pokemon Go

Mobile app used to map condom dispensers in Philippines

Campaigners and activists in the Philippines have set up free condom dispensers in collaboration with restaurants and shops in Manila to promote safe sex and fight a worsening HIV epidemic.

24 Dec 2017


Philippines: Tropical-storm Tembin kills about 180 on Mindanao Island

Ferocious tropical storm Tembin has wreaked havoc across the southern part of the Philippines.

14 Nov 2017


Modi@ASEAN: India wishes to emerge as a global peacekeeper

PM Narendra Modi recently addressed the Indian diaspora in the Philippines on the sidelines fo the ongoing ASEAN summit

12 Nov 2017


PM Modi meets Trump upon arriving in the Philippines

Upon arriving in the Philippines as part of a tour which will see him attend the 15th ASEAN-India Summit and the 12th East Asia Summit, PM Narendra Modi met several foreign leaders informally.

Duterte threatens to expel EU envoys over drug war criticism

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to expel ambassadors from all EU countries within 24 hours, accusing the bloc of plotting to have Manila expelled from the UN. He didn't provide any evidence of this.

29 Sep 2017


Rahul likens Modi to Duterte: 'Both thrive on hatred'

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has hit out at PM Narendra Modi by comparing him to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that they both "thrive on hatred and disrespect institutions."

22 Sep 2017

Human Rights Watch

Philippines: Thousands protest President Duterte's 'dictatorship'

Filipinos seem to be growing increasingly unhappy with President Rodrigo Duterte's tough handed approach towards law and order.

09 Sep 2017

Human Rights Watch

Philippines controversial anti-drug president's son named in $125mn narcotics scandal

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's eldest son Paolo has denied involvement in a $125 million drug smuggling operation.

21 Jul 2017


Beauty queen from Philippines raped, murdered

Kimberly, an aspiring beauty queen from Samal in Davao del Norte was allegedly raped and murdered in Philippines.

29 Jun 2017


Hostages in Philippines forced to fight against Government by militants

Residents of Philippines are facing atrocities as Islamist militant group Maute occupying the Southern Philippines have taken the civilians as hostage and are forcing them to either loot, become sex slaves or fight against the government.

Philippines- Islamist terrorists storm school, hold students hostage

Islamist terrorists stormed a school in Philippines and are holding several students hostage.

02 Jun 2017


Manila: 34 dead in botched up robbery in casino

A night-out became catastrophic for people when a robber barged into a casino in Philippines and starting firing shots blindly, setting the casino tables on fire. He stole chips worth $2.3million, but they were recovered by the police later.

25 May 2017

Donald Trump

US warship sails past disputed SCS island

In the first provocative action since Donald Trump took office, a US warship sailed 12 nautical miles away from an artificial island that China constructed on a disputed part of the South China Sea.

24 May 2017


Philippines declares martial law following clashes with extremists

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law in the violence-prone southern island of Mindanao.

17 May 2017

South China Sea

China installs rocket-launchers on disputed SCS reef

China has installed rocket launchers on a disputed reef in the South China Sea, in the latest move that has sparked fresh tensions in the region.

24 Apr 2017

Donald Trump

'I'll eat his liver': Philippines President Duterte on terrorists

In some bizarre comments, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced he can be "50 times" more brutal than terrorists, and he could even "eat his liver".

17 Apr 2017

Donald Trump

Philippines to hold military drills with the US

The Philippines military announced it will hold annual exercises with troops from its US ally.

17 Sep 2016

United Nations (UN)

Former hitman claims Philippine President ordered extrajudicial killings

In a testimony, Edgar Matobato, a former assassin, said he was part of 300-member "Davao Death Squad", run on the orders of Duterte, whose work was to kill criminals like drug pushers, rapists, snatchers everyday.