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17 Jul 2024


Amid China concerns, Taiwanese firms redirect supply chains to India

Taiwanese firms are increasingly relocating their supply chains from China to India, a move driven by escalating global trade tensions, particularly between the US and China.

11 Jul 2024

United Kingdom

World will add many millionaires by 2028, thanks to Taiwan

A new report from financial firm UBS forecasts a significant global increase in the number of millionaires by 2028.

05 Jul 2024

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

ED raids 4 cities in Delhi Jal Board scam 

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) launched search operations in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Hyderabad in connection with a money laundering case linked to the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) scam on Wednesday.

25 Jun 2024


YouTube tests 'Hype' feature to boost engagement for small creators

YouTube is testing a new feature named 'Hype' in select countries.

22 Jun 2024


China introduces death penalty for Taiwan separatists

China has announced new guidelines for criminal punishments, including the death penalty for extreme cases involving "die-hard" Taiwan independence separatists.

07 May 2024

Elon Musk

Taiwan developing Starlink-like satellite system amid rising China tensions

In response to escalating tensions with China, Taiwan is proactively developing a robust satellite system, to ensure uninterrupted communication during potential disaster scenarios.

24 Apr 2024

Joe Biden

US Senate approves $95 billion aid package for Ukraine

The United States Senate has approved a $95 billion aid package intended for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

23 Apr 2024


Taiwan: Series of aftershocks hit Hualien, tremors felt in Taipei

Taiwan's quake-hit eastern county of Hualien was rattled by dozens of aftershocks late on Monday and early on Tuesday

16 Apr 2024

Cannes Film Festival

'Demon Hunters': Taiwan-India joint venture set for Cannes premiere

The much-awaited Taiwan-India joint venture, Demon Hunters, is set to unveil its first footage at the upcoming Cannes Film Market.

04 Apr 2024


6.3-magnitude earthquake strikes off eastern Japan

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake was reported off the eastern shores of Honshu, Japan on Thursday.

03 Apr 2024


Explained: How prepared is Taiwan to deal with earthquakes

A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan on Wednesday morning, killing nine and injuring over 900 people. The quake was the strongest in 25 years.

03 Apr 2024

US Geological Survey

1 dead as 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

At least one person was killed and dozens injured in a 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan on Wednesday morning, the Taipei Times reported.

27 Mar 2024


Thailand's parliament passes same-sex marriage bill

In a landmark decision, Thailand's parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of a bill that could pave the way for same-sex marriage.

03 Mar 2024


Stop bullying: Taiwan responds to China objecting Taipei official's interview

After the Chinese embassy in India objected to an interview of Taiwanese Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu conducted by an Indian news outlet, Taiwan slammed China for dictating how its neighbors operate.

08 Feb 2024


TSMC, world's top chipmaker, to build second factory in Japan

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world's leading chipmaker, has revealed plans to construct a second semiconductor fabrication facility in Japan.

13 Jan 2024


China skeptic William Lai Ching-te elected as Taiwan's president 

William Lai Ching-te of Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been elected the self-ruled island's president.

03 Jan 2024

Travel And Tourism

World's favorite destinations that are closing doors in 2024

In the global pursuit of recovery post-pandemic, some of the world's most iconic destinations are bidding farewell to visitors in 2024 .

18 Dec 2023


China launches new spy satellite: What are secret mission's objectives

China reportedly launched a classified "spy satellite," Yaogan-41, on Friday using a modified Long March 5 launcher, the country's largest launch vehicle.

13 Dec 2023

Vladimir Putin

Ukraine war claimed lives of 87% of Russia's troops: Report

Russia has lost 87% of its active-duty ground troops and two-thirds of its pre-invasion tanks since invading Ukraine, a declassified United States (US) intelligence assessment given to Congress revealed, per CNN.

Violated sovereignty: China on US warship's presence in disputed SCS

China on Monday slammed the United States (US) after an American warship—USS Gabrielle Giffords—allegedly entered the disputed South China Sea near the Second Thomas Shoal.

30 Nov 2023


Nepal becomes first Asian country to register queer marriages

Nepal has become the first South Asian country to register a same-sex marriage, following a Supreme Court order that removed barriers to such unions.

21 Nov 2023

Travel And Tourism

Eat these vegetarian foods when in Taiwan

The beautiful country of Taiwan offers several attractions and experiences that make it a great travel destination.

16 Nov 2023

Joe Biden

Biden-Jinping summit results in key agreements: Everything to know

United States (US) President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in San Francisco, US, for the first time since their summit in Bali, Indonesia last year.

12 Nov 2023


iPhone-maker Foxconn launches satellites on SpaceX rocket: What it means

Foxconn has launched two prototype low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites aboard a SpaceX rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.

10 Nov 2023


Taiwan looking to recruit up to 1 lakh Indian workers

Taiwan is looking to employ up to 1 lakh Indian workers in a bid to strengthen economic ties between the two countries, a senior official revealed to Bloomberg.

08 Nov 2023


3 Hamas leaders worth $11 billion, enjoy luxury in Qatar

Hamas, the terror group responsible for the killing of over 1,400 civilians in southern Israel on October 7, has three top leaders with a combined net worth of $11 billion, the New York Post reported.

31 Oct 2023


Now, Indian tourists can travel to Thailand without visa

Thailand is reportedly set to lift visa requirements for travelers from India and Taiwan between November 2023 and May 2024.

04 Oct 2023


Chinese submarine tragedy killed its 55 sailors: Intelligence leak

A malfunction on a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine resulted in the deaths of 55 sailors, reported The Times, citing a "leaked British intelligence report."

25 Sep 2023


Explore these sweet culinary treasures in Taiwan 

Taiwan is a culinary paradise that beckons food enthusiasts from around the globe. With its diverse and delectable array of dishes, Taiwan offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

22 Sep 2023

Indian Ocean

India bolsters Indian Ocean security with Oman base, Mauritius airstrip

Amid China's growing presence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), India has operationalized a maritime support base in Oman's Duqm Port and is reportedly considering an air support facility in the north Agalega Islands of Mauritius.

18 Sep 2023


Taiwan detects 103 Chinese warplanes near island in 24 hours

The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan expressed grave concerns on Monday over the increased military activity of China after it reportedly detected more than 100 Chinese warplanes around the island within a 24-hour period.

28 Aug 2023


Who's Terry Gou—Taiwanese presidential candidate advocating direct talks with China

Terry Gou—founder of Foxconn Technology Group—announced his candidacy for the post of Taiwan's president on Monday.

01 Aug 2023


China: 11 dead, dozens missing following Typhoon Doksuri

At least 11 people died and 27 others were reported missing as heavy rainfall continued to lash Beijing, China, for the fourth consecutive day, CCTV reported on Tuesday.

27 May 2023


Taipei claims Chinese aircraft carrier sailed through Taiwan Strait

The defense ministry of Taiwan claimed that the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday accompanied by two other ships.

20 May 2023


When in Taiwan, don't forget to buy these souvenirs

Right from its popular street food to traditional handmade offerings, there are so many things that Taiwan garners attention for.

19 Apr 2023


China preparing supersonic spy drone unit to target US: Report

A leaked assessment of the United States (US) military has revealed that China is planning to deploy a supersonic high-altitude spy drone to greatly increase its capacity to conduct surveillance activities, The Washington Post reported.

13 Apr 2023

Emmanuel Macron

China hails Emmanuel Macron amid criticism over his Taiwan remarks

Following a three-day visit to China, French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said that the European Union should distance itself from Chinese-American tensions over Taiwan.

10 Apr 2023


China deploys 11 warships, 59 aircraft toward Taiwan: Report

China reportedly deployed 11 warships and 59 warplanes toward Taiwan on the third day of its military drill, the latter's defense ministry said, as per AFP.

US warns China against 'spy' balloons, China calls reaction hysterical

United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met Beijing's top diplomat Wang Yi on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

13 Feb 2023


Over 10 US balloons violated airspace since January 2022: China

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday claimed over 10 high-altitude balloons sent by the United States (US) violated its airspace since January 2022.

Second Chinese spy balloon spotted over Latin America: Pentagon

The United States (US) government reportedly spotted a second Chinese spy balloon in the skies over Latin America, CNN reported citing the Pentagon.

US: Pentagon tracking Chinese spy balloon surveilling nuclear weapons sites

A Chinese spy balloon is reportedly flying over the United States (US), surveilling its highly sensitive nuclear weapons sites, the Pentagon said on Thursday. It is currently being tracked as the Pentagon believes it doesn't pose a particularly dangerous intelligence threat.

01 Jan 2023

Tsai Ing-wen

Taiwan offers China assistance in coping with fresh COVID-19 surge 

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said on Sunday that the self-ruled democratic island is ready to help China cope with its fresh COVID-19 spike.

26 Dec 2022


China deploys 71 warplanes, 7 naval ships toward Taiwan: Report

China deployed seven ships and 71 warplanes toward Taiwan in a 24-hour display of power, the latter's defense ministry said on Monday.

10 Nov 2022

Xi Jinping

Be combat-ready to win wars: President Jinping tells Chinese Army

Invoking a threat to China's national security, President Xi Jinping ordered the military to maintain combat readiness and "prepare for war" at the Central Military Commission's joint operations command center in Beijing.

16 Oct 2022

Xi Jinping

Control over Hong Kong, determined on Taiwan: China President Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday said that China had acquired total control over Hong Kong by transitioning it from disorder to governance.

04 Oct 2022

Travel And Tourism

Taiwan on your itinerary? Check-in at these 5 unique accommodations

Taiwan is famed for its scintillating nightlife, excellent gastronomy, stunning landscapes, and extensive shopping opportunities.

25 Sep 2022


This shape-shifting robot can split into pieces, snap back together

A miniature robot that has the ability to change its shape or split into tinier bits has the potential to redefine targeted drug delivery.

01 Sep 2022


In a first, Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone: Report

In a first such incident, the military forces of Taiwan shot down an unidentified drone that had entered its airspace near the Chinese coast on Thursday.

20 Aug 2022

US Government

21 Chinese warplanes, 5 naval ships tracked around Taiwan: Report

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense has said that it tracked 21 warplanes and five naval ships of the Chinese military around the country on Friday.

09 Aug 2022


Taiwan accuses China of using drills to 'prepare for invasion'

Following days of massive Chinese war games, Taiwan's military held an artillery drill on Tuesday simulating defense against an attack, as Taipei alleged Beijing was preparing to invade the island.

06 Aug 2022


Taiwan's top defense official found dead amid growing China-Taiwan tensions

The deputy head of the Taiwan Defense Ministry's research and development unit, Ou Yang Li-hsing, was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room, Central News Agency reported.

05 Aug 2022

Nancy Pelosi

Will sanction Pelosi over Taiwan visit: China's warning to US

China will be sanctioning United States (US) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan this week, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

05 Aug 2022

Nancy Pelosi

China using my Taiwan visit as excuse for drills: Pelosi

Speaking in Japan during the last leg of her Asia tour, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that China is using her visit to Taiwan as an "excuse" to conduct military drills near the island.

03 Aug 2022

Nancy Pelosi

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit: China imposes sanctions on Taiwan

China imposed severe sanctions on the import of fruits and seafood from Taiwan and halted sand supplies to the island on Wednesday following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

03 Aug 2022

Nancy Pelosi

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses Taiwan Parliament; China enraged

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed Taiwan's parliament on Wednesday, and met with its President Tsai Ing-wen and human rights activists.

02 Aug 2022


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reaches Taiwan amid China's warnings

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly landed in Taiwan late on Tuesday evening as part of her Asia tour, amid repeated "warnings" against her visit from China.