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30 Jul 2022


US: 16 killed as torrential rains flood eastern Kentucky

The number of deaths in the United States' (US) eastern Kentucky state increased to at least 16 as "epic" torrential rains ripped down homes, wiped out highways, and drove rivers over their banks, state officials said, warning that more deaths were likely.

27 Jul 2022


Philippines: 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Luzon island for 30 seconds

A violent 7.1-magnitude earthquake slammed the Philippine islands of Luzon on Wednesday, devastating a hospital and residences in a northern region and sending significant vibrations through the capital, Manila, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

30 Oct 2020


Powerful 7-magnitude quake in Aegan Sea jolts Turkey and Greece

A massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean Sea, sending tremors across western Turkey as well as Greece on Friday.

25 Mar 2020


7.5 magnitude earthquake jolts Russia, tsunami alert sounded, then canceled

On Wednesday afternoon (local time), Russia's far east region was jolted by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, but no casualties were reported at the time of the press.

14 Jul 2019


Powerful earthquake with 7.3-magnitude jolts Eastern Indonesia: Details here

A powerful earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude on Sunday hit off eastern Indonesia's remote Maluku Islands, said the United States Geological Survey (USGS). However, no tsunami warning has been issued.

29 Dec 2018


6.9 magnitude quake shakes southern Philippines, tsunami threat possible

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck off the southern Philippine island of Mindanao today, said US Geological Survey (USGS), adding that a tsunami threat was possible for parts of the Philippines and neighboring Indonesia.

05 Dec 2018


New Caledonians ordered to shelters in tsunami alert after quake

A shallow and powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck off New Caledonia today prompting a tsunami alert and evacuations on the Pacific island.

26 Nov 2018


Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hits Western Iran, over 500 hurt

An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude struck western Iran near its border with Iraq yesterday night, injuring over 500 people and sending fearful residents running into the streets, said authorities.

28 Sep 2018


Earthquake jolts Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, no casualties reported

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake jolted the Indonesian island of Sulawesi today, but no damage or casualties were immediately reported.

30 Aug 2018


Now, machine learning can predict aftershocks that follow earthquakes

In a significant advancement in earthquake prediction, scientists have found a way to calculate the pattern of aftershocks that follow an earthquake.

28 Aug 2018


Strong 6.2-magnitude quake hits eastern Indonesia, no tsunami warning issued

A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia today, US Geological Survey (USGS) said, but there was no tsunami warning or immediate reports of damage.

24 Aug 2018


7.1 magnitude earthquake hits border of Peru, Brazil, says USGS

A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Peru's border with Brazil today, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

19 Aug 2018


Strong 8.2 magnitude earthquake hits Fiji, no tsunami triggered

On Sunday, just after midnight GMT, a strong 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Fiji, said the US Geological Survey.

09 May 2018

Pakistan News

Tremors jolt Delhi, J&K, Pakistan after earthquake in Afghanistan

Tremors were felt across North India this afternoon including in Delhi-NCR and Jammu and Kashmir.

09 Apr 2018


Earthquake measuring 5.6-magnitude hits Western Japan, five injured

A 5.6-magnitude quake hit western Japan early Monday, injuring five people and damaging buildings and roads, as officials warned stronger tremors could come in the days ahead.

17 Feb 2018


Powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico capital, Oaxaca state

A massive earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 hit south and central Mexico with the epicenter in the country's Oaxaca state.

23 Jan 2018


Tsunami alert issued temporarily after 7.9 quake hits Alaska

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the Gulf of Alaska in the US, triggering a temporary tsunami alert.

10 Jan 2018


Massive 7.6 quake jolts Honduras, Mexico, tsunami warning issued

A massive quake of magnitude 7.6 struck Honduras and northern Central America yesterday.

13 Nov 2017


Powerful earthquake strikes Iran-Iraq border, 130 die in Iran

The middle east was rocked by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake which originated in the Iraqi city of Halabja near the Iran-Iraq border.

21 Sep 2017


Death toll from magnitude-7.1 earthquake in Mexico rises to 230

The death toll from the magnitude-7.1 earthquake which struck southern Mexico on Tuesday has risen to 230.

20 Sep 2017


Mexico: Powerful earthquake topples buildings, leaves at least 130 dead

A powerful earthquake has struck central Mexico; earlier this month an 8.1-magnitude earthquake had left the southern part of the country in shambles.

09 Sep 2017


Death toll from magnitude-8.1 earthquake in Mexico rises to 61

The death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck off Mexico's southern coast on Thursday has risen to 61.

03 Sep 2017

South Korea

North Korea conducts sixth nuclear weapons test, most powerful yet

North Korea claims it has successfully tested a missile-ready hydrogen bomb which is several times more powerful than an atomic bomb.

23 Jun 2017


The earthquake alarm that buzzed 92 years late

According to the proverb, to err was only human but with time things change and the erring part gets extended to machines too.

22 Mar 2017

South Korea

NKorean missile reportedly explodes seconds after launch

SKorean defence officials said a missile launch by the North failed, but didn't comment on what was being tested, or how many were fired.

19 Mar 2017

South Korea

North Korea conducts advanced engine test

According to North Korean state media, the country has successfully tested a new high-thrust rocket engine, declaring the test a "new birth" for Pyongyang's space industry.

15 Mar 2017

South Korea

US deploys attack drones to South Korea

Amid ongoing tensions with North Korea, the US has decided to permanently station a MQ-1C Gray Eagle attack drone system at the Kunsan Air Base in South Korea.

6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Pakistan's coast

On early Wednesday morning, a strong earthquake (6.3 magnitude) struck the coast of Pakistan, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

02 Jan 2017

South Korea

North Korea to test launch of ICBM

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said that his country was close to testing the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

11 Sep 2016

South Korea

Sanctions to follow N. Korea's latest nuclear test

US Special Envoy to North Korea, Sung Kim stated that the US, Japan and South Korea were considering imposing unilateral sanctions against North Korea after its latest nuclear test.

Earthquakes with 'Magnitude 6' or higher overdue

Dr. Behzad Fatahi of University of Technology Sydney's Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Department said, "no one in the world is safe."