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15 Jun 2024


Antonia Roumelioti: Who is 'Bridgerton' star Luke Newton's real-life love 

Bridgerton star Luke Newton has reportedly found love off-screen with professional dancer Antonia Roumelioti.

21 May 2024


Go for a sailing adventure through the Greek Islands

Sailing the Greek islands offers an unforgettable journey across crystal-clear waters, visiting islands each with its own charm.

20 May 2024


Traveling to Athens during winter? Do these activities

Athens, the city with a rich historical tapestry, unveils its unique charm in winter.

01 May 2024

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Hop on a journey through antiquity in Athens

Athens beckons travelers to tread ancient paths once roamed by philosophers and gods.

12 Apr 2024


Impress your guests with this Greek gigantes plaki recipe

Greek gigantes plaki, a treasured vegetarian dish from Greece, marries giant white beans with a rich tomato sauce for a truly comforting meal.

10 Apr 2024

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Greece's hidden island paradises that are worth exploring

Set sail for Greece's lesser-known islands and discover secluded beaches where the waters are crystal clear and the atmosphere exudes tranquility.

26 Mar 2024

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Head over to Santorini for a sunset sailing experience

Santorini, Greece, is renowned for its remarkable sunsets and crystal-clear waters.

21 Mar 2024


Try this classic Greek fasolada soup recipe

Fasolada, a traditional Greek bean soup, is often referred to as the national food of Greece.

20 Mar 2024

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Acropolis in Athens: Take a journey through antiquity

The Acropolis of Athens is a beacon of ancient civilization, perched atop a rocky hill above the city.

15 Mar 2024

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Island escapades in the Cyclades, Greece

The Cyclades, a group of Greek islands, are celebrated for their breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and deep historical roots.

28 Feb 2024

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Historical places to visit in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece's historical gem, offers a journey through time with its remarkably well-preserved Byzantine monuments.

23 Feb 2024


Language legacies: Discovering the ancient roots of five spoken tongues

In the web of human history, languages emerge as enduring threads, preserving cultures, narratives, and identities that transcend time.

21 Feb 2024

Narendra Modi

Modi meets Mitsotakis: A review of Indo-Greek ties

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi during his two-day state visit to India—the first by any Greek leader in 15 years.

21 Feb 2024

Narendra Modi

Raisina Dialogue begins today: Theme, agenda, everything to know

The Raisina Dialogue, a yearly conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics, will kick off on Wednesday in New Delhi and end on Friday.

16 Feb 2024


Greece legalizes same-sex marriage, first for an Orthodox Christian nation

The Greek parliament passed a law legalizing same-sex marriage on Thursday (local time), marking a landmark victory for human rights in Greece.

11 Jan 2024

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Tourists now have to pay a tax for visiting Greece

Planning a trip to Greece? Well, you now have to pay a tax! Yes, the country has introduced a new "climate crisis resilience fee" for tourists to help fund future disaster relief efforts.

08 Jan 2024

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Alexander the Great's 2400-year-old palace reopens after restoration 

Greece welcomes the world to witness a grand historical setting as the ancient Palace of Aigai, where Alexander the Great was crowned, reopens after 16 years of restoration.

18 Dec 2023

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Ancient marvels: A glimpse into the cities of bygone eras

Exploring the world's historic cities is like turning the pages of an enormous history book. Every city tells stories of victories, setbacks, cultural breakthroughs, and tales of the human spirit.

05 Dec 2023

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Journeying through the world's most captivating villages

The heart of a place often lies in its peaceful villages as opposed to the bustling cities and iconic landmarks.

03 Nov 2023

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Cool and offbeat places to visit in Greece

When it comes to Greece, there are so many unexplored hidden gems that are beyond the tried-and-true destinations.

01 Nov 2023

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Skip popular global destinations! Explore these less-crowded alternatives instead

In a world where traveling to renowned destinations has become increasingly popular, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by crowds and tourist traps.

31 Oct 2023

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Traveling to Greece? Relish these vegetarian foods

Greek food is not only delicious but also quite diverse, which is why it is counted among the world's most famous cuisines.

29 Oct 2023

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Check out the world's top rock climbing destinations

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that lets enthusiasts overcome the world's most spectacular natural settings as well as physical challenges.

25 Aug 2023

Narendra Modi

PM Modi arrives in Greece, 1st PM in 40 years

After the three-day BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Greece on Friday.

13 Aug 2023

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Must-visit Instagram-worthy destinations: Top 5 picks

Who wouldn't desire an invigorating Instagram feed that seamlessly blends visually captivating aesthetics with your exciting adventures?

03 Apr 2023


Explore the best of Greece in just one week

Experience the best of Greece in just one week with this itinerary that will take you on an adventure from the ancient city of Athens to the idyllic islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete.

11 Mar 2023

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Common tourist mistakes to avoid in Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant culture.

29 Sep 2022

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Greece calling? Grab these 5 souvenirs on your way back

Right from its culture and history to landscapes and food scenes, Greece is all things amazing.

01 Sep 2022

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Greece on your travel list? Check out these unique hotels

Known for its hospitable culture, exotic beaches, pleasant weather, quiet lakes, lush forests, rugged mountains, and green valleys, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world.

29 Jul 2022


National Cheesecake Day 2022: History, celebrations and more

Observed on July 30 annually, National Cheesecake Day celebrates one of America's favorite desserts.

06 July 2022


Traveling to Europe on a budget? Explore the Balkans

The Balkans is an area in southeastern Europe with different geographical and historical definitions.

29 Jun 2022


5 national parks to visit in Greece

Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is well-known for its breathtaking mountains, exotic beaches, age-old sanctuaries, lush green forests, and serene lakes that will leave you awestruck.

09 Jun 2022


Wedding destinations in Mediterranean countries to make your D-day memorable

Have you already decided on your wedding date?

06 Jun 2022


Same sex wedding destinations across the globe

A wedding is supposed to be a gay affair, no pun intended!

03 Jun 2022


5 most popular wedding destinations in Greece

Greece is a haven for tourists seeking an exotic vacation.

03 Dec 2021


Have you tried these 5 traditional Greek foods yet?

Traditional Greek food is flavorful and filled with several fresh and dried herbs. The abundance and richness of the foods are as great as the country itself.

30 Oct 2020


Powerful 7-magnitude quake in Aegan Sea jolts Turkey and Greece

A massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean Sea, sending tremors across western Turkey as well as Greece on Friday.

07 Dec 2019


#GamingBytes: Five stealth-based games you should definitely check out

Some gamers love to announce their presence. They enter the scene all guns blazing, cause utter mayhem, and when they die, they go in a blaze of glory!

26 Aug 2019


Planning your honeymoon? Here are most romantic destinations in Europe

Just like weddings, honeymoons are also a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for that very reason, they must be unforgettably special.

09 Aug 2019

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This Greek island will pay you to live there

What is the best time to visit Greece?

21 Jul 2019


Top five budget countries to visit in Europe

Just because you are low on budget doesn't necessarily mean you have to give rest to your travel plans to Europe.

17 Jul 2019


Suspect in American scientist's murder confesses to rape

In a major development, Greek police have solved the murder mystery of US scientist Suzanne Eaton, who was found dead in Greece earlier this month, as a 27-year-old local farmer confessed to raping and murdering her.

03 Jul 2019


#GamingBytes: Five best stealth-based games you should definitely check out

Some gamers love to announce their presence. They enter the scene all guns blazing, cause utter mayhem, and when they die, they go in a blaze of glory!

21 Jun 2018


Paramaribo: President Kovind will perform yoga with Suriname counterpart Bouterse

President Ram Nath Kovind will perform yoga asanas along with his Suriname counterpart Desire Delano Bouterse in Paramaribo today to observe the International Day of Yoga in this Latin American country.

18 Jun 2018


Greece: India working towards becoming $5-trillion-economy by 2025, says Kovind

India is striving to become a $5 trillion economy and the world's third-largest consumer market by 2025, President Ram Nath Kovind said in Greece, quoting World Bank, which stated India's growth rate is going to be high.

13 Mar 2018


Football-league suspended after owner marches onto pitch with a gun

The Greek Super League, the country's top flight football championship, has been indefinitely suspended by the government after clashes broke out during the match between PAOK and AEK Athens.

21 Jul 2017


Two killed, 170 injured in major quake in Turkey, Greece

At least two people were killed and over 150 injured, many of them tourists, when an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude struck near the Aegean Sea in Turkey and Greece last night.

Former Greek PM Papademos injured in car explosion

Former Greek PM Papademos was injured after an explosive went off inside his car in Central Athens.

Greece, eurozone reach basic agreement to unlock bailout payments

Eurozone finance ministers said they have reached an "in principle" agreement with Greece on the contents of a deal to release a delayed bailout payment.