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09 Mar 2023

Reliance Industries

Reliance relaunches Campa in India: Is this its next disruptor

Reliance is known for being a market disruptor. The company first disrupted the telecom sector with Jio.

10 Feb 2023


Realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola Limited Edition launched at Rs. 21,000

Realme has partnered with iconic beverage giant Coca-Cola to launch a new limited-run smartphone in India.

03 Feb 2023

Latest Mobile Phones

Realme's Coca-Cola smartphone will launch on February 10: Check specifications

Realme has confirmed that it will launch a Coca-Cola-branded smartphone in India on February 10. The company has also revealed that the limited-run model will be based on its mid-range 10 Pro 5G.

26 Jan 2023

Latest Mobile Phones

Coca-Cola smartphone is coming to India: Here's everything we know

Coca-Cola is said to be working with a Chinese smartphone maker to launch a handset in India. The partner OEM is likely to be Realme.

13 Jul 2022


Another 'monstrosity!' Street food vendor makes Coke and Oreo omelet

Omelet is one of the most popular dishes across the world, and a star in every desi kitchen, especially for breakfast.

09 Mar 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo suspend business in Russia

The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo—two of the biggest beverage producers in the world—said on Tuesday that they are suspending their business in Russia in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

16 Jun 2021


Coca-Cola loses billions in market-cap after Ronaldo says 'drink water'

The removal of two Coca-Cola bottles by Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo before a press conference at the Euro 2020 has resulted in a $4 billion fall in the market capitalization of the beverage giant.

29 Jun 2020


Coca-Cola to Unilever, these big brands are boycotting Facebook ads

Facebook is heavily reliant on a revenue model where it shows personalized ads from brands and generates money from the businesses for providing ad space and the resulting traction.

22 Jan 2020


Coca-Cola says customers want plastic bottles; wouldn't ban them

Despite being one of the largest producers of plastic waste, the leading beverage brand Coca-Cola has indicated that it has no plans to ditch plastic.

07 Oct 2018


Kolkata: Fizz to stay in carbonated drinks, feels Greenfizz Beverages

Despite an estimated Rs. 70,000cr carbonated soft drinks (CSD) under pressure in the beverages market, a Kolkata-based company remains optimistic about its future in the country.

02 Oct 2018


After seven years, PepsiCo India is profitable again

PepsiCo India, one of the biggest snacks and beverage makers in the country, has reported profits after seven years.

Are pot start-ups rolling joints for big companies to smoke?

With marijuana becoming legal in more and more countries, investors have been pouring money into pot start-ups.

13 Sep 2018


Uber is getting a new look as part of rebranding

Following myriad troubles, Uber, over the past year, has been trying to convince its customers that it has turned over a new leaf.

01 Sep 2018


Coca-Cola announces acquisition of Costa coffee for $5.1bn

No more caffeine cravings for Coca-Cola.

28 May 2018


Coca-Cola launches its first alcoholic drink, but will it succeed?

After announcing its entry into the alcoholic beverage industry, Coca-Cola finally launched its first alcoholic drink in Japan, on Monday.

08 Mar 2018


Coca-Cola to soon roll-out its first alcoholic drink in Japan

In a major breakaway from over 130 years of tradition, Coca-Cola will soon launch its first alcoholic drink, but exclusively for Japan.

14 Oct 2017


Coca-Cola, PepsiCo to change recipes of best-selling drinks

Food and beverage behemoths Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are playing a big gamble in India by "changing" the recipes of their top-selling drinks.

07 Jul 2017


Dual-MRP banned: Coca-Cola, bottled-water to cost same at airports, malls

Starting January'18, retailers at airports, malls and more won't be allowed to sell products at higher MRPs.

19 Jun 2017


Coca-Cola India shuffles leadership team, more exits expected soon

It started with rejigging their focus from sugary drinks to healthy options, then introducing new categories in the Indian market and now it is making changes in the higher echelons of management to drive growth.

08 Jun 2017


Coca-Cola enters India's frozen desserts segment, launch in 3 months

Summer and aerated drinks used to go almost hand in hand a few years ago but as more people are getting health conscious, companies like Coca-Cola are changing their tone to make things healthier than the calorie packing beverages they are predominantly associated with.

04 May 2017


The insidiousness of mental health issues at the workplace

The walls of shame around mental health are breaking globally. However, when we address it in terms of the workplace, the issue becomes even more complicated: a wrong move on the part of the one suffering might affect their entire career.

28 Apr 2017


South Dakota man finds mouse in Coca-Cola can, sues company

A South Dakota man has sued Coca Cola after he allegedly found a dead mouse in a can of the soft drink.

26 Apr 2017

North America

Coca-Cola to sack 1,200 employees as sales fizzle out

Warren Buffett, who has professed his love for Coke and is the largest shareholder of the company may need to rethink his drinking choices as well as investment acumen as the firm is now sacking people to remain profitable.

26 Apr 2017


HUL vs Amul, new wine in old bottle

Amul and Hindustan Unilever Ltd are currently embroiled in a legal battle over the charges of 'disparaging others' products in an ad, initiated by HUL.

12 Apr 2017

Tamil Nadu

Stay on drawing of river water for PepsiCo, Coca Cola

PepsiCo and Coca Cola have been restrained from drawing water from Tamirabharani River till April 30 due to acute water shortage.

02 Mar 2017

Tamil Nadu

Madras HC permits Pepsi, Coke to use river water

Madras HC has lifted a ban which barred Pepsi and Coca Cola from using river water to manufacture beverages.

Massive cocaine haul on Australian yacht

In a covert operation, Australian enforcement agencies swooped in on a yacht headed to Australia last week and seized a whooping 1.4 tonnes of cocaine.

22 Nov 2016


Lead and other heavy metals found in soft drinks

The Minister of State for health, Faggan Singh Kulaste, informed the Rajya Sabha today, that lead and heavy metals such as Cadmium and Chromium have been found in several branded soft drinks.

28 Oct 2016


Coca-Cola losing the fizzy drinks race?

Beverage maker Coca-Cola saw its sales in India drop by 4% during their third quarter.

370 kgs of Cocaine found in Coca Cola's factory

On opening a delivery of fruit juice concentrate from Costa Rica, the workers of a Coca Cola factory in southern France found a huge stash of cocaine.