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WhatsApp Messenger, commonly referred to as just WhatsApp, is a Facebook-owned instant messaging service. The free-to-use cross-platform centralized service allows users to send messages, images, documents, locations, and other content via end-to-end encrypted conversations. To sign up, one requires an Internet connection and a valid mobile phone number. Today, WhatsApp can be downloaded on iOS and Android, while the Windows app is essentially a version of WhatsApp Web. The web interface mandates that users remain connected to the Internet using their mobile phone while they use WhatsApp on a desktop browser. As of August 2021, WhatsApp claims to be developing multi-device support so each device can connect to WhatsApp servers independently, without requiring an active internet connection on the primary phone. WhatsApp also features VOIP voice and video calling support. By 2015, WhatsApp had achieved the status of the world's most popular messaging application. As of February 2020, it claimed to service over 2 billion users. However, a poorly worded change in WhatsApp's terms of service caused the app to lose several thousand users. Regular Facebook data leaks and its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal didn't help matters either.

18 May 2024


WhatsApp beta for Android announces pinned message preview feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature in its latest update via the Google Play Beta Program.

15 May 2024

Whatsapp Web

Declutter your chats: How to delete a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp, a globally popular messaging app, serves as a platform for billions of users to connect and share messages, photos, and videos.

15 May 2024


WhatsApp beta update for iOS brings customizable chat bubble colors

WhatsApp has rolled out a new firmware for iOS beta users.

13 May 2024


WhatsApp now offering channel management option for linked devices

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that enables users to manage channels from their linked mobile devices.

12 May 2024


Facing WhatsApp account ban error? Here's how to resolve it

WhatsApp users may occasionally encounter an error message stating, "This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp," on their smartphone, Chromebook, or laptop.

10 May 2024


How to use WhatsApp 'Chat Filters' for streamlined conversations

Finding the appropriate WhatsApp conversation can be challenging at times, especially when all the chats are grouped within a single 'Chats' section.

10 May 2024


WhatsApp unveils major redesign with new icons, improved dark mode

WhatsApp has announced a significant redesign of its mobile apps.

06 May 2024

WhatsApp Pay

Here's how to book DTC bus tickets on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, in partnership with Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), has unveiled a new feature for commuters in Delhi NCR.

06 May 2024


How to use WhatsApp's privacy check feature on iOS, Android

WhatsApp offers a comprehensive guide to managing privacy preferences on the platform.

05 May 2024


Want to mute group text notifications? Follow these steps

Group texts are a convenient tool for sharing information, and planning events with friends and family. However, frequent message notifications can be distracting and troublesome.

04 May 2024


WhatsApp working on hidden group chats feature for Android

WhatsApp is set to launch a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, upgrading the version to

02 May 2024


Snapchat will soon let you edit sent messages

Snapchat is preparing to launch a range of new features, including the ability to edit sent messages.

02 May 2024


You can now plan group events on WhatsApp: Here's how

WhatsApp is launching a new tool designed to simplify the planning and organization of events within group chats.

01 May 2024

Latest Tech News

WhatsApp working on account limitation feature to promote responsible usage

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature in an upcoming app update, as revealed in the latest version via the Google Play Beta Program.

01 May 2024

WhatsApp Business

Banned on WhatsApp? Here's how to recover your account

WhatsApp has recently escalated its measures to tackle the surge of spam accounts, which have been flooding users with unwanted promotional content and fraudulent activities.

30 Apr 2024


Android users beware: WhatsApp bug stops you from sharing videos

A recent glitch in the Android version of WhatsApp is causing a stir among users, as it hampers the sharing of video files.

29 Apr 2024

App Store

WhatsApp unveils channel update forwarding facility in latest iOS update

WhatsApp has released a new stable update for its iOS users, version 24.8.85, now available on the App Store.

27 Apr 2024


WhatsApp for Android to get 'Favorites' filter: How it works

WhatsApp is preparing to roll out a new firmware via the Google Play Beta Program, upgrading the app to version

26 Apr 2024

Delhi High Court

Why WhatsApp is resisting India's new social media regulation

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, is resisting a regulation by the Indian government that mandates social media platforms to trace messages and identify their origin.

25 Apr 2024


WhatsApp's new feature to allow voice calls without saving contacts

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow users to make voice calls to unsaved numbers using an in-app dialer.

25 Apr 2024


WhatsApp is extending passkey login feature to iOS devices

WhatsApp, the messaging platform owned by Meta, is extending its passkey login feature to iOS devices.

24 Apr 2024


Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now come with multimodal AI

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, known for their photo-taking, video-making, livestreaming, and headphone-replacing features, have now integrated multimodal AI.

23 Apr 2024


WhatsApp's new feature will let you share files without internet

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow users to share files without an internet connection.

20 Apr 2024


WhatsApp working on new feature to streamline contact management

WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature aimed at enhancing the user experience, by simplifying contact management.

19 Apr 2024


Apple removes WhatsApp, Threads from App Store in China

Apple has taken down WhatsApp and Threads, from its China-based App Store.

17 Apr 2024

Delhi High Court

Woman can't be held for abetting suicide of 'lover': HC

In a recent verdict, the Delhi High Court declared that a woman cannot be held responsible if a man commits suicide due to a failed romantic relationship.

17 Apr 2024


WhatsApp introduces chat filters for enhanced message search

WhatsApp, the globally popular messaging app used by billions, has launched a new feature called 'chat filters,' allowing users to easily search for messages from specific contacts, groups, or businesses.

15 Apr 2024


WhatsApp status updates will soon be shareable on Instagram

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to share their status updates directly on Instagram, according to WABteaInfo.

14 Apr 2024


WhatsApp introduces new banner to increase user engagement on platform

WhatsApp is launching a new feature aimed at boosting user engagement.

13 Apr 2024


WhatsApp will let you attach notes to saved contacts

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, pushing the app version to

13 Apr 2024


Advocacy groups raise concerns as Meta lowers WhatsApp age limit

Meta, the parent company of popular messaging app WhatsApp, has reduced the age requirement for users in the UK and EU from 16 to 13.

12 Apr 2024

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Liquor Policy Case: Kavitha sent to 3-day CBI custody 

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader K Kavitha has been sent to the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for three days.

11 Apr 2024


Meta AI chatbot now available to select WhatsApp India users

WhatsApp has started testing Meta AI chatbot in India.

10 Apr 2024


Facebook Messenger now lets you share HD photos, shared albums

Meta has introduced a series of new features on its Messenger platform, also known as Facebook Messenger, aimed at enhancing the user experience.

08 Apr 2024

App Store

WhatsApp rolls out new iOS update for enhanced photo sharing

Meta-owned WhatsApp has released a new update, version 24.7.75, specifically for its iOS users. This update is now available for download on the App Store.

06 Apr 2024


WhatsApp to launch new status notifications feature: How it works

WhatsApp is set to introduce an exciting new feature in its upcoming update, version, via the Google Play Beta Program.

05 Apr 2024


WhatsApp is testing new privacy feature that disables link previews

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Link Privacy feature to a select group of beta users on Android.

01 Apr 2024


Google Chat's upcoming 'Announcements' feature is similar to WhatsApp Channels

Google is set to enhance its Google Chat platform with a new feature called 'Announcements.'

30 Mar 2024


WhatsApp introduces new bottom navigation bar for Android users

WhatsApp has implemented a new change for Android users, moving the navigation bar from the top to the bottom of the app.

27 Mar 2024


WhatsApp working on 5 new features to improve user experience

WhatsApp, Meta's globally popular messaging app, is set to roll out a host of new features aimed at elevating the user experience.

25 Mar 2024


WhatsApp to let you control who uses your avatar stickers

WhatsApp is in the process of developing a novel privacy feature for iOS, as disclosed in its most recent update submitted via the TestFlight beta program.

23 Mar 2024


WhatsApp to introduce 'Ask Meta AI' feature: How it works 

WhatsApp is gearing up to roll out a fresh update via the Google Play Beta Program.

20 Mar 2024


WhatsApp to soon offer voice transcription feature for Android users

WhatsApp is working on a fresh feature for Android users—the transcription of voice messages.

WhatsApp working on feature to scan UPI QR codes

WhatsApp is rolling out an exciting new feature in its latest beta update for Android, version, available via the Google Play Beta Program.

14 Mar 2024


WhatsApp to block screenshots of profile pictures

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out an update that will prevent users from taking screenshots of profile pictures.

07 Mar 2024


Telegram users can now convert personal accounts to business ones

Telegram's founder, Pavel Durov, has shared some exciting news for users looking to upgrade their personal accounts to business ones.

04 Mar 2024


WhatsApp to allow sending messages to Signal, Telegram users soon

WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a chat interoperability feature, permitting users to send messages to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

03 Mar 2024


WhatsApp introduces passkey feature for iOS beta testers

WhatsApp is introducing a passkey feature to boost security and convenience for its users. It provides an extra layer of protection and ease when accessing accounts.

29 Feb 2024


WhatsApp rolls out 'Search by Date' feature on Android devices

Meta-owned popular messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a "search by date" feature for Android users.

29 Feb 2024


WhatsApp rolls out pop-out chat facility for Windows beta

WhatsApp is introducing a new pop-out chat feature for its Windows native app, via the official beta channel on the Microsoft Store.

25 Feb 2024


WhatsApp to update Terms of Service, Privacy Policies in Europe

WhatsApp is gearing up to update its Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for users in Europe, in line with the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.

24 Feb 2024


WhatsApp rolling out new feature to access channel reports

WhatsApp has launched a new Android beta update, version, via the Google Play Beta Program, which includes a "channel reports" feature.

22 Feb 2024


WhatsApp introduces new text formatting options for improved messaging

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced four new text formatting features to improve user communication.

20 Feb 2024


Meta to launch deepfake fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp next month

Meta and the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) are teaming up to launch a WhatsApp helpline in March 2024.

18 Feb 2024


WhatsApp to soon allow channel ownership transfer: Here's how

WhatsApp has unveiled an update for iOS users via the TestFlight beta program, which brings a new feature that lets channel owners transfer their channels' ownership to other trusted admins.

05 Feb 2024


WhatsApp introduces 'Commands' feature for business accounts: How it works

WhatsApp has introduced a fresh feature called "Commands" for business accounts utilizing the official WhatsApp Cloud API.

03 Feb 2024


WhatsApp is developing favorite contacts feature for iOS users

WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a new feature that will enhance its calling capabilities by allowing users to select their favorite contacts for easy access on iOS.

02 Feb 2024


WhatsApp to bring channel report feature on Android devices

WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a new feature through the Google Play Beta Program.

25 Jan 2024


Now buy Chennai Metro QR tickets on WhatsApp: Here's how

Chennai Metro is revolutionizing the way passengers purchase tickets, by introducing a new WhatsApp-based QR code ticketing service.

24 Jan 2024


WhatsApp to offer cross-platform messaging facility on iOS app

WhatsApp is introducing a chat interoperability feature in compliance with new EU regulations, as spotted in the recent WhatsApp beta for iOS

22 Jan 2024


Meta to let EU users unlink Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger

Meta is making some changes for European Union (EU) users ahead of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) implementation in March.

21 Jan 2024


WhatsApp fixes camera bug in Android beta: Details here

WhatsApp has rolled out an update for its Android beta version, fixing a pesky bug that stopped users from accessing the camera within the app.

20 Jan 2024


WhatsApp working on new features for Android, iOS: Details here

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update via its iOS TestFlight beta program, offering a feature that allows channel owners to transfer ownership.