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Truecaller is a mobile app that can identify a particular caller, and also enables a user to block a certain number. Flash messaging, call recording and Chat & Voice are the other services offered by this platform. One can also identify the sender of SMS messages through Truemessenger, a SMS app launched by the company, exclusively in India. This was aimed at increasing its user base in the country. Boasting over 150mn daily active users globally, Truecaller is a Swedish company founded in 2009 by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. They have five offices in the world, with three in India: Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon. It can be used for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone.

13 Jul 2024


How to tackle spam calls on your Android smartphone

Android users have a powerful tool to combat the nuisance of unwanted spam calls - the Google Phone app.

Truecaller now lets users integrate personal voice with AI assistant

Truecaller now allows users to integrate an AI version of their voices for answering phone calls.

10 Apr 2024


Truecaller launches web-based service for Android users in India

Truecaller, a prominent caller identity company, has launched 'Truecaller for the Web,' a web-based version of its service.

19 Mar 2024


Truecaller's new AI feature will block all spam calls

Truecaller has unveiled an innovative feature called 'Max,' which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and block spam calls.

06 Oct 2023


Truecaller acquires Bengaluru-based TrustCheckr to fight fraud calls

Truecaller, the popular caller identification app, has acquired Bengaluru-based Unoideo Technologies, the provider of fraud detection service TrustCheckr.

11 Aug 2023

Latest Tech News

Truecaller's AI assistant can filter spam calls for you

Truecaller has introduced an AI-powered 'Truecaller Assistant,' which can answer calls on behalf of users.

Truecaller Assistant can help tackle spam calls: How it works

What if Truecaller could screen your calls and help you choose which ones to answer? The app now offers a new AI-powered assistant that can do that for you.

15 Jun 2023


Truecaller's call recording feature returns on Android, iOS: What's new

Truecaller users were left disappointed when the company removed the call recording feature from Android last year. Now, the feature is back on Android after a year-long hiatus.

11 May 2023


Upcoming WhatsApp features: Edit messages, silence unknown calls, and more

WhatsApp might soon introduce a feature to edit messages.

09 May 2023


How WhatsApp plans to tackle annoying spam calls and messages

Spam calls and messages have become increasingly bothersome. Given its popularity, WhatsApp remains an easy target for scammers.

12 Apr 2023

iOS 16

How is iOS' Truecaller live caller ID different from Android's

Truecaller is known for its eponymous caller identification service. The app is popular among Android users due to its live caller ID feature.

14 Mar 2023

Delhi Police

Delhi Police, Truecaller team up to prevent cybercrimes

The Delhi Police on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Truecaller, a caller-identification application, to verify the official contact numbers of police personnel and curb cybercrimes, reported ANI.

07 Dec 2022

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Everything to know about Truecaller's Government Services Directory in India

Truecaller has announced a digital government directory in India.

30 Aug 2022


Truecaller launches new app for iPhone with better spam detection

Popular caller ID app Truecaller is rolling out a new update for iPhone users. The Truecaller 12 for iOS comes with several significant updates.

Truecaller 12 update released with Video Caller ID, Ghost Calling

Truecaller on Thursday launched version 12 of its popular caller ID app for Android users. This update brings several new features, including Video Caller ID that lets users set a short video preview to let the other person know who is calling.

17 Jun 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Twitter loses safe harbor in India, and more

Twitter seems to have lost the dangerous game of chicken it has been playing with the Indian government.

16 Jun 2021


Truecaller unveils group voice calling, Inbox Cleaner features for Android

Popular caller identification service Truecaller announced that its latest update for Android users brings new features such as group voice calling for up to eight people simultaneously, Smart SMS, and an Inbox Cleaner.

29 Apr 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Intel should be worried of Apple, and more

Even as Apple's new iOS 14.5 wreaks havoc on Facebook's and Google's advertising business model, its custom-designed processors have not only displaced Intel's offerings, but their performance and efficiency threatens the x86 rivals.

28 Apr 2021


Truecaller makes it easier to contact designated Indian COVID-19 hospitals

Popular caller identification app Truecaller is adding a directory of designated COVID-19 hospitals in India.

09 Dec 2020


India among top 10 countries affected by spam calls: Truecaller

India was among the world's top 10 countries affected by spam calls, the caller ID and spam-blocking app Truecaller noted in its 2020 insights report.

20 May 2020


Truecaller gets major revamp with full-screen caller ID, and more

Swedish caller identification platform Truecaller has announced a major revamp of its app for Android and iOS users.

25 Jan 2020


Understanding how Truecaller shows caller name before call actually connects

Since its inception in 2009, Truecaller has been helping people with features like caller identification, spam call blocking, SMS filtering, and several others.

04 Dec 2019

South Korea

1 out 3 women face harassment on call, says Truecaller

Truecaller has released its annual insights report, giving a glimpse at how spammers have been targeting India and other countries.

23 Nov 2019


Critical Truecaller flaw risked user IP addresses, location

Popular caller-identity service Truecaller has fixed a major security loophole in its system.

03 Aug 2019


Truecaller reads your SMSes to determine if you need loan

Swedish caller-ID giant Truecaller is facing major privacy-related debacles one after the other.

30 Jul 2019


Why Truecaller enrolled users for its payments service without permission

Leading Caller ID company Truecaller is again in the middle of a crisis, this time due to a bug that started enrolling users automatically for its payments service.

22 May 2019


#TrueCallerLeak: Data available on dark web at Rs. 1.5 lakh

In another case of lackluster security, personal information of several TrueCaller users has been spotted on sale.

25 Apr 2019


#TechBytes: How to get rid of spam messages on Android

For years, junk messages have been marring our smartphone/feature phone experience.

05 Oct 2018


Truecaller targets WhatsApp, launches its own messaging service

Truecaller, the popular app for identifying unknown callers, is foraying into the messaging arena with a service called 'Truecaller Chat'.

24 Jul 2018


After Android, UPI-based Truecaller Pay comes to iOS

Last year in March, popular caller identification app Truecaller, launched its UPI-based payment service - Truecaller Pay - for Android users in India.

15 Jul 2018


Google's Phone app can now filter spam calls

Google has updated its Phone app to add a feature that will detect spam calls and filter them out.

27 Jun 2018


Truecaller for Android gets a new Block section

Truecaller, one of the most popular caller identification apps, got a new update that lets you easily manage your block list.

06 Sep 2017


With Truecaller, you can scan numbers, access emergency helplines offline!

Truecaller will now let you scan phone numbers, including from billboards and street signs, and quickly save it to your contacts' list.

15 Jul 2017


Truecaller report: India tops the world in spam calls!

The Truecaller blog has released a report offering insights into the incidence and frequency of spam calls across countries.

02 Jun 2017


Truecaller beats Facebook, becomes 4th most downloaded app in India

Leading communication app Truecaller beat Facebook and became the fourth most downloaded app in India on PlayStore.

14 Sep 2016


Sequoia Capital to sell stakes in firms worth $200 million

According to sources, American venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital, is planning to sell $200 million worth of stakes in eight Indian "non-tech companies" via secondary transactions.