Google Cloud: News

Google Cloud Platform or Google Cloud is a collection of cloud-powered computing services offered by Google. These services share underlying infrastructure with products for end-users such as Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube. Google Cloud provides enterprise and individual clients with data storage, analytics, and machine learning services. It was launched in April 2008 as App Engine, a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google's data centers. This was the first cloud computing service that Google offered. It was eventually renamed Google Cloud as it incorporated a broader range of services. Today, Google Cloud includes G Suite, enterprise versions of Android and Chrome OS, as well as APIs for machine learning that can be incorporated into any client-side application. Google Cloud also offers networking solutions such as Cloud DNS, Cloud CDN, load balancing, and Big Data-related services. Artificial intelligence services such as Cloud natural language processing, cloud text-to-speech, cloud speech-to-text, cloud translation are all available as APIs that can be integrated into other existing services for enhanced functionality. As of 2021, Google Cloud’s offerings are accessible in 200+ countries and territories across 82 zones.

14 May 2024


Google Cloud wipes out $125 billion pension fund account accidentally

In a significant mishap, Google's Cloud division inadvertently deleted an account containing $125 billion in pension funds.

13 May 2024

Bharti Airtel

Airtel, Google Cloud forge partnership for cloud adoption, AI deployment

Bharti Airtel has announced a long-term strategic alliance with Google Cloud.

26 Apr 2024


Alphabet's Q1 earnings surpass market predictions; shares jump 14%

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has reported first-quarter earnings that surpassed market predictions.

17 Apr 2024


Google employees in US detained over anti-Israel protests

Several Google employees were detained following sit-in protests at the company's offices in New York and Sunnyvale, California, according to The Washington Post.

10 Apr 2024


Google partners with company behind Sports Illustrated's AI authorship scandal

Google has entered into a partnership with AdVon Commerce, a company that was recently involved in a scandal over AI-generated content.

09 Apr 2024


Google unveils open-source tools for AI development, monetizes Workspace add-ons

US-based tech giant Google has announced the launch of a suite of open-source tools, aimed at enhancing the development and infrastructure of generative AI projects.

09 Apr 2024


Meet Axion, Google's first custom Arm-based CPU

Google Cloud has announced the launch of its first-ever custom-built Arm processor, named Axion.

16 Nov 2023


Spotify to use Google AI to improve podcast, audiobook recommendations

Spotify has teamed up with Google Cloud to improve content discovery and to provide tailored recommendations for finding podcasts and audiobooks. It will employ large language models (LLMs) to identify a user's listening patterns.

18 Oct 2023


Infosys, Google Cloud strengthen partnership to aid firms become AI-ready

Infosys has announced plans to expand its partnership with Google Cloud.

24 Apr 2023


Google Cloud gets AI chip team: Can it challenge Microsoft

Google is scrambling to find momentum in the AI race. The company has been making multiple moves to challenge its rivals, including Microsoft, OpenAI, and Amazon.

09 Aug 2022

Google Maps

Google outage affects over 41,000 users; services now back

Alphabet Inc's Google suite of services faced a brief outage on Tuesday, i.e., August 9, at around 6:37 am (IST).

14 Jun 2021


Google Area 120's 'Tables' project to become Google Cloud product

An announcement on June 11 revealed that a project called Tables, developed under Google's in-house idea incubator program, will become a "fully-supported Google Cloud product" in 2022.

01 Aug 2020


Google Cloud employee fired over domestic violence allegations

Alphabet Inc. has reportedly fired a Google Cloud employee after allegations of domestic violence surfaced against him.

01 Jul 2020


Gmail suffers outage, creating work woes for many

In a major shocker, Google's primary email service Gmail has gone down for a number of users around the world.

10 Jun 2020

Google Meet

Google Meet gets AI-powered noise cancellation: Here's how it works

In a bid to take on Zoom and cash in on the exploding demand for video conferencing, Google is updating its premium virtual meeting app, Google Meet, with the much-needed noise cancellation capability.

04 Feb 2020


How much did Alphabet earn from YouTube, Cloud, and Search

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has announced financial results for the quarter and fiscal year ending on December 31, 2019.

28 Aug 2019


Google shutting down its LinkedIn competitor Hire, without telling why

After killing off Google+, Allo, and Inbox over the last few months, Google is sunsetting another one of its consumer-focused products - Hire.

13 Aug 2019


Now, you can sign into some Google services without password

In a bid to make sign-ins more secure (and convenient), Google is making some of its services password-less.

12 Apr 2019


Now, use your phone as Google security key: Here's how

Given the growing risk of phishing attempts, leaks, and breaches, Google is upgrading two-factor authentication for its services/apps.

11 Apr 2018

Intel Core

HP launches world's first detachable Chromebook for $600

HP has launched its Chromebook x2 claiming it to be the "world's first detachable Chromebook."

08 Feb 2018

Tamil Nadu

As 'Internet Saathi' reaches TN, state bats for Google Center

Google has taken its 'Internet Saathi' program to Tamil Nadu (TN), aiming to cover 4,000 villages across six districts in Phase I.

18 Jul 2017


Google plans to double its headcount in India

According to reports, online giant Google is planning to double its workforce in India this year.