Space News

29 May 2024


Chinese astronauts set spacewalk record during space station armor installation

Two astronauts from the Shenzhou-18 mission, aboard China's Tiangong Space Station, have set a new national record for spacewalking.

27 May 2024


'Comet of the Year' Tsuchinshan-ATLAS to turn brightest this October

The comet named Tsuchinshan-ATLAS (C/2023 A3) is reportedly growing brighter and developing a tail.

27 May 2024


Rare 'Planet Parade' on June 3: How to watch 

Skywatchers are set for a celestial treat in 2024 with a series of cosmic events.

24 May 2024

European Space Agency

European Space Agency funding development of independent cargo spacecraft

European Space Agency (ESA) has selected Thales Alenia Space and The Exploration Company to advance the designs of a cargo spacecraft.

23 May 2024


NASA's Psyche spacecraft activates thrusters, enters 'full cruise' mode

NASA has successfully activated the electric Hall thrusters of its spacecraft, Psyche.

US accuses Russia of launching space weapon trailing American satellite

The US Space Command is closely monitoring a Russian satellite, launched on May 16 from the Plesetsk site, which is trailing an American spy satellite in orbit.

20 May 2024

Blue Origin

Blue Origin completes 7th crewed spaceflight after two-year break

Blue Origin, the spaceflight company owned by Jeff Bezos, successfully flew six paying customers to the edge of space and back on May 19.

19 May 2024


NASA-backed pulsed plasma rocket system set to revolutionize Mars missions

An innovative rocket system, the Pulsed Plasma Rocket (PPR), is poised to transform future deep space missions to Mars by significantly reducing travel time.

India sets sights on second Mars mission with advanced technology

India is planning an ambitious second mission to Mars, potentially launching as early as late 2024.

15 May 2024


Intuitive Machines looking to aid NASA's Mars Sample Return mission

Private aerospace company, Intuitive Machines, has proposed a technology-based solution to aid NASA's Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission.

14 May 2024


Universe may resemble infinite hall of mirrors, says study

A group of cosmologists called COMPACT Collaboration has published a research paper in the journal Physical Review Letters.

14 May 2024


NASA announces plans for first railway system on Moon

NASA has unveiled its plans to build the first-ever lunar railway system, aimed at providing reliable, efficient, and autonomous payload transport on the Moon.

Warp drives for interstellar travel could become reality, study suggests

A groundbreaking study led by Jared Fuchs, a senior scientist at Applied Physics, suggests that warp drives may no longer be confined to the realm of science fiction.

11 May 2024


Aurora Borealis illuminates European night sky amid solar storm

The Aurora Borealis, also referred to as the Northern Lights, illuminated the night skies across several parts of Europe yesterday (May 10, local time).

Cookie baked on ISS 4 years ago still maintains freshness

The world's first cookie baked in space, which reached Earth in 2020, still retains its freshness nearly four and a half years later.

09 May 2024


China's Chang'e 6 lunar probe is carrying mysterious mini rover

China's latest lunar mission, the Chang'e 6, is currently en route to the far side of the Moon with an unexpected passenger — a mini rover.

07 May 2024

Solar Energy

Unraveling the enigma of Venus's continuous water loss to space

Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in understanding the continuous water loss from Venus, often referred to as Earth's twin, into space.

28 Apr 2024


Japanese satellite successfully interacts with space debris, snaps image

In a significant space mission, a Japanese satellite has successfully interacted with a three-ton chunk of rocket debris, BBC reports.

24 Apr 2024


This start-up is planning to mine asteroids for precious metals

AstroForge, a California-based start-up founded by Matt Gialich and Jose Acain in 2022, is making strides in the burgeoning field of asteroid mining.

24 Apr 2024


Space start-up claims to have discovered propellant-free propulsion system

Exodus Propulsion Technologies, a space start-up, has announced a significant advancement in propellant-free propulsion.

23 Apr 2024


Asteroid Kamo'oalewa may have originated from Moon, astronomers claim

A team of astronomers led by Yifei Jiao at Tsinghua University has proposed that the near-Earth asteroid Kamo'oalewa, measuring between 130-328 feet in diameter, may have originated from the Moon.

17 Apr 2024


NASA's Dragonfly mission to Saturn's moon Titan gets green light

NASA has received approval to send a drone-like explorer, named Dragonfly, to Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

17 Apr 2024

European Space Agency

ESA's Gaia uncovers largest stellar black hole in Milky Way

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Gaia mission has made a significant discovery - the largest stellar black hole in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

16 Apr 2024


NASA identifies origin of space debris that damaged US home

NASA has confirmed the source of the mysterious debris that caused significant damage to a Naples, Florida home on March 8.

ISRO successfully tests groundbreaking lightweight nozzle for rocket engines

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully tested a lightweight Carbon-Carbon (C-C) nozzle, marking a significant advancement in rocket engine technology.

16 Apr 2024


NASA seeks faster, more affordable Mars sample return to Earth

NASA is actively seeking a more economical and swifter method to retrieve samples from Mars due to budgetary restrictions.

Rare celestial event to shed light on Stonehenge's lunar connection

During an upcoming rare lunar event, a new project is set to investigate the connection between Wiltshire-based pre-historic megalithic structure Stonehenge and the Moon.

14 Apr 2024


This mini robot can hop in zero-gravity to investigate asteroids

SpaceHopper, a revolutionary three-legged robot, is set to change the way we explore low-gravity environments like those found on asteroids and moons.

13 Apr 2024


NASA's Artemis 2 Orion spacecraft undergoes testing for Moon mission

NASA's upcoming lunar spacecraft, the Artemis 2 Orion, has begun critical testing at the Kennedy Space Center.

13 Apr 2024

Elon Musk

SpaceX's Starship set to reach new heights for Mars missions

SpaceX's Starship, currently the world's largest rocket, is set to become even larger.

13 Apr 2024


NASA's DART mission inadvertently redirects space debris toward Mars

In an unforeseen turn of events, NASA's asteroid deflection mission from September 2022, has inadvertently set a trajectory for space debris toward Mars.

13 Apr 2024


SpaceX achieves new milestone with 20th Falcon 9 re-flight

SpaceX has set a new benchmark in space technology by successfully launching its Falcon 9 rocket.

12 Apr 2024


SpaceX gearing up for historic 20th Falcon 9 launch

Elon Musk-owned SpaceX is gearing up to make history with the 20th launch of its Falcon 9 booster, the Booster 1062, today (April 12).

12 Apr 2024

Blue Origin

Vijayawada-born pilot set to become India's first space tourist

Gopichand Thotakura, a pilot and entrepreneur hailing from Vijayawada, is set to become the second Indian to journey into space.

09 Apr 2024

Solar Eclipse

India's Aditya-L1 has perpetual view of solar eclipse: Here's how

India's first mission to explore the Sun, Aditya-L1, is witnessing a continuous total solar eclipse since its launch earlier this year.

08 Apr 2024

Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipse 2024: Where and how to watch it

Today (April 8), a rare astronomical phenomenon, a total solar eclipse, will occur.

Largest digital camera ever created for astronomy begins mission

US government-backed SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California has completed work on Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Camera, the largest digital camera ever created for astronomy.

03 Apr 2024


US government commissions NASA to create lunar timekeeping system

The White House has tasked NASA with the creation of a unique time reference system for the Moon, dubbed Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC).

23 Mar 2024


Intuitive Machines gears up for second lunar expedition in 2024

Intuitive Machines, a pioneer in commercial lunar landings, is preparing for its second Moon mission this year.

ISRO successfully lands India's first reusable launch vehicle 'Pushpak'

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has made a significant stride in reusable launch vehicle (RLV) technology today.

19 Mar 2024

Space Adventures

SpaceVIP to offer a luxury dining experience in space

SpaceVIP, a premier space travel company, is set to provide food connoisseurs and space enthusiasts with an unparalleled dining experience in the stratosphere.