Robots: News

14 Jul 2024

Yale University

These futuristic robots can amputate limbs and regenerate them

Roboticists at The Faboratory, Yale University, have developed soft robots that mimic certain behaviors of animals and insects, such as self-amputation and body fusion.

12 Jul 2024

US Military

General predicts robots becoming 33% of US military by 2035

Retired US Army General Mark Milley, former chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has forecasted that robots will comprise up to one-third of the US military within the next 10-15 years.

07 Jul 2024


China's Qinglong: A revolution in automation on the horizon

China's first full-sized general-purpose humanoid robot, Qinglong, was recently unveiled at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2024 in Shanghai.

06 Jul 2024


Are robots taking over car factories? BMW says yes

California-based robotics firm, Figure, has released a video demonstrating its humanoid robot, Figure 01, participating in the car assembly process at BMW's facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

MIT robotics expert cautions against overhyping generative AI usage

Rodney Brooks, a renowned robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has expressed concerns about the overestimation of generative AI's capabilities.

26 Jun 2024


Self-healing cyborgs? Scientists grow living skin for robots

A team of scientists at the University of Tokyo has developed a robot face covered with self-healing, lab-grown skin that can mimic human expressions.

28 May 2024


China's military introduces robot dog in joint drills with Cambodia

China's military unveiled a machine gun-equipped robot dog during joint exercises with Cambodia, indicating a potential shift in future warfare strategies.

14 May 2024


Cruise founder launches robotics start-up, raises $150 million

Kyle Vogt, the ex-founder and CEO of self-driving car firm Cruise, has launched a new robotics start-up named the Bot Company.

01 May 2024

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics unveils its fur-covered dancing robot dog 'Sparkles'

US-based Boston Dynamics, a leading robotics company, recently showcased its Spot Mini robot dog, donning a unique fur suit.

30 Apr 2024

Mad Hatter

Explore Tokyo's flavorsome side with these recommendations

Tokyo presents a sensory feast, and its themed dining spots are a testament to this.

Chinese tech firm launches AI robot that can fold laundry

Chinese tech firm Stardust has recently launched its latest robot, the Astribot S1. It is backed by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Throwflame's 'Thermonator' is a flamethrower-equipped robot dog: How it works

Throwflame, a tech company, has launched its latest product - a flamethrower-equipped robot dog named "Thermonator."

17 Apr 2024

Boston Dynamics

Meet Menteebot, a human-sized AI robot you can mentor

Israeli tech company Mentee Robotics has launched a human-sized robot called 'Menteebot.'

17 Apr 2024

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics bids farewell to iconic humanoid robot, Atlas

Boston Dynamics has announced the retirement of its renowned humanoid robot, Atlas, after nearly 11 years of service.

14 Apr 2024

Space News

This mini robot can hop in zero-gravity to investigate asteroids

SpaceHopper, a revolutionary three-legged robot, is set to change the way we explore low-gravity environments like those found on asteroids and moons.

08 Apr 2024


Apple mulling dip into personal robotics with home assistants

Apple, the US-based tech giant, is venturing into the realm of personal robotics, as per Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

Meet Iris: Kerala's first school teacher powered by generative AI

A school in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, called KTCT Higher Secondary School, has introduced a cutting-edge humanoid AI teacher named Iris.

12 Feb 2024


Woman died after robot burnt hole in organs, says lawsuit

A tragic incident in Florida, US has led to a lawsuit against Intuitive Surgical Inc., the company behind the Da Vinci surgical robot.

19 Jan 2024


Japanese space agency's lunar robot is made by a toymaker

Japan is gearing up for its 'Moon Sniper' mission, set to take place today around 3:00pm GMT (8:30pm IST).

Agility Robotics's Digit warehouse robot demonstrates AI-enhanced natural language understanding

Agility Robotics has revealed a demo video featuring its AI-enhanced Digit robot, which can now understand and carry out natural language commands.

02 Oct 2023


Japanese start-up creates $3 million robot inspired by anime series

Tokyo-based start-up Tsubame Industries has created a 4.5-meter-tall, four-wheeled robot called ARCHAX, taking inspiration from the Japanese animation series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Researchers build robot that can walk, drive, and even fly

Scientists from Caltech have designed a unique bio-inspired robot called 'Morphobot' (or M4, short for Multi-Modal Mobility Morphobot).

Nanobots can help humans achieve immortality by 2030: Ex-Google engineer

Attaining immortality sounds like a far-fetched thing to some and perhaps impossible to others, but a former Google scientist believes the opposite.

27 Feb 2023


Kerala launches Bandicoot, world's first robotic scavenger for manhole cleaning

Manual scavenging is a grim reality of Indian society and poses a huge health risk to those involved.

24 Feb 2023

Alphabet Inc

Google-parent Alphabet fires robots that performed everyday office chores

It isn't just humans that are affected by the layoff season. Robots have been hit too.

22 Feb 2023


This temple in Kerala is getting a robotic elephant

Robots have entered several spheres of public life and now they have also made their way to temples in India.

09 Feb 2023


Lifeguards in Goa get AI assistance for rescue operations

The lifeguards on Goa's beaches will now receive the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) while conducting rescue operations.

30 Jan 2023


Scientists create a unique robot with shape-shifting capabilities

Scientists from China and the US have designed a liquid metal robot that can reversibly transition between liquid and solid states.

19 Jan 2023

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics showcases robot Atlas's new skills and acrobatic moves

Atlas, the human-like robot developed by Boston Dynamics, is once again grabbing headlines. This time, the bipedal robot has wowed us by performing not-so-easy tasks with astonishing ease and speed.

These tiny AI-powered robots can prevent world's water leakage problem

Billions of liters of water are wasted daily due to leakage in pipes.

14 Dec 2022

Latest Tech News

MIT researchers are building autonomous, self-replicating robots: Here's how

A robot capable of replicating itself autonomously is a scary prospect. At least, that's what Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator taught us.

01 Oct 2022

Elon Musk

Elon Musk showcases humanoid robot at Tesla AI Day 2022

At Tesla's 2022 AI Day presentation, the company's CEO Elon Musk unveiled a prototype of "Optimus," a humanoid robot.

Bipedal robot sets 100m world record; it's not that fast

The new 100m sprint world record is 24.73 seconds. No, we haven't forgotten Usain Bolt's 9.58 seconds.

This shape-shifting robot can split into pieces, snap back together

A miniature robot that has the ability to change its shape or split into tinier bits has the potential to redefine targeted drug delivery.

iCub, a child-sized humanoid, tricks people with its 'self-awareness'

Do you remember seeing a child-sized robot performing Tai Chi moves on Italy's Got Talent in 2016? The latest version of the robot dubbed 'iCub 3' has now managed to deceive people into thinking that it has a mind of its own.

06 Jul 2022


Xiaomi CyberDog now on display across India: Check price, features

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled the CyberDog four-legged robot in India. To recall, it was introduced in the company's home country last year.

02 Jul 2022


Making Industry-ready: Delhi government engages IIT experts for school curriculum

Delhi government school will soon be taught a curriculum designed by experts from IIT Delhi.

19 Sep 2020


Soon, Boston Dynamics will announce new robots for logistics

Boston Dynamics, the SoftBank-owned company that has made headlines for its mind-boggling robots, is set to unveil new machines pretty soon.

16 Sep 2020


Snapdeal starts testing robots for order deliveries: Details here

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed nearly a million around the world, has made contact-less technology the need of the hour - across several sectors and roles.

25 Aug 2020


This robot can swab your nose for COVID-19 testing

In the fight against COVID-19, a number of countries have deployed robots capable of disinfecting surfaces, triaging patients, and maintaining social distance at public places.

17 Jun 2020

Tesla Model S

Boston Dynamics' robo-dog available at a whopping Rs. 57 lakh

Boston Dynamics' creepy 'Spot' robo-dog is set to become widely available.

11 May 2020


Singapore deploys 'robo-dog' to make sure people observe social distancing

The spread of COVID-19 has made human-to-human interaction a risky affair.

28 Apr 2020


Now, you can control robots with simple hand gestures

Even with all the advancements and technologies, most of the commercially available robots are operated by joysticks and smartphones.

12 Apr 2020

3D Printing

Now, insect-like soft robots can be printed within minutes

Building a functional robot has always been a hard nut to crack, but a team of engineers, hailing from the University of California San Diego, is racing to change that into something very trivial.

04 Apr 2020

Asian Games

2022 Asian Games: Robot Triplets unveiled as mascots

Three sporty robots named Congcong, Lianlian and Chenchen were unveiled as the official mascots of the 2022 Asian Games.

5 weird robots that can creep you out

Robotics is seen as the future of humanity, but with all the new and mind-boggling innovations, one would argue that the machines have become creepy, at some level.

03 Mar 2020


Google's AI is helping robots teach themselves how to walk

We all, without a doubt, see robots as the future of humanity.

11 Feb 2020


China using robots to fight coronavirus outbreak: Here's how

As the outbreak of coronavirus continues to claim lives, China, the epicenter of the infection, is using robots to contain it more effectively.

15 Jan 2020


Meet Xenobots, first living robots that can self-heal

In a major development, scientists have developed living robots that can heal on their own, like humans and animals.

08 Jan 2020


#CES2020: Weirdest gadgets seen at world's biggest tech show

This year's Consumer Electronics Show has been a real treat, thanks to leading technology companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Intel.

02 Dec 2019


Boston Dynamics' robo-dog joined a police bomb squad

Boston Dynamics' highly-capable (and scary) range of humanoids and robo-dogs have drawn a lot of attention lately.

11 Nov 2019

Boston Dynamics

Watch: MIT's 'robo-dogs' playing soccer, flipping (and tripping) excitedly

Just like Boston Dynamics, the folks at MIT have also been working on four-legged 'mini cheetah' robots.

China is selling AI-powered killer robots to the Middle East

Despite several warnings from technology moguls, the age of dangerous killer robots, AI-powered machines that require little to no oversight to kill, is here.

01 Oct 2019

Boston Dynamics

Engineers are making robo-dogs more realistic: Here's how

Robo-dogs like SpotMini have evolved significantly over the years, but even with all the advancements, they are far from their real-world counterparts.

28 Sep 2019

Boston Dynamics

Watch: Boston Dynamics Atlas humanoid turns into a ninja

Three years back, Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid tumbled while trying to stand on its feet; it couldn't even walk.

27 Sep 2019


A humongous 15-ton battle robot is on sale on eBay

Are you up for buying a humongous battle robot?

17 Aug 2019

IIT Madras

This IIT-Madras robot can grab things like a human

Human hands have the dexterity to grab and handle all kinds of objects- light, heavy, or delicate.

12 Aug 2019


Now, China is inducting robots into its traffic police force

After deploying cops with hi-tech facial recognition glasses, China has started inducting robots to monitor and police citizens.

08 Jul 2019


Watch: Robot nails bowling in computer-generated clip

Over the last few days, a short clip of an awesome 'bowling robot' has been doing the rounds on the internet.

18 Jun 2019

Computer Science

This robot can feel objects by simply seeing them

Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a robot that can simply look at an object to define how it 'feels'.

14 Jun 2019


Doctors might start prescribing sex robots to patients, says expert

Despite how you might feel about sex robots, they aren't going anywhere. From introducing features like highlighting consent to even setting up brothels exclusively for clients interested in sex robots, it seems someone really wants sexbots to become a thing.

08 Jun 2019

Boston Dynamics

Soon, this 'robot-dog' from Boston Dynamics will go on sale

Boston Dynamics' robots can do some insane stuff, including things like backflips, parkour, even warehouse jobs.

08 Jun 2019


Five youngest innovators in India you should know about

India is the land of innovations and there are many innovators in the country who are the brains behind some of the world's most brilliant innovations.

25 May 2019


University students develop robo-dog that can haul 3-ton plane

With all the advancements going around, it has become pretty normal to see a robot handling boxes in a warehouse or moving swiftly through a bumpy track.

04 May 2019


Can this 'robocop' replace traffic police?

Robots are being developed and evolved to make life easier, not to mention safer, for their human counterparts.

These living machines can grow, eat, move: Here's how

In robotics, you can make the impossible possible by leveraging the advancements in AI.

22 Apr 2019


A puppy drone as town's mascot? That's Japan for you

We all love dogs; they are cute, adorable, and are the perfect companions.

19 Apr 2019


29-year-old man in relationship with robot, plans to marry it

Love for machines is real, but sometimes it could go up to a point where things may seem hard to believe.

Want to sleep better? This robot can assist you

For all of us, sleep acts as a power source for handling day-to-day tasks, jobs.

11 Apr 2019


MIT's new robot has a sense of touch, detects objects

Sorting waste material before recycling is a hazardous labor-intensive job.

11 Apr 2019

Abu Dhabi

Indian student in Abu-Dhabi invents robots for cleaner, greener environment

An Indian student, studying in Grade-5 in Abu Dhabi, has developed robots to protect marine life and also minimize human labor on farms, an innovation he hopes would be implemented on a bigger scale in the UAE, according to a report.

29 Mar 2019

Boston Dynamics

This dino-like robot can do warehouse jobs better than you

From Atlas to SpotMini, Boston Dynamics' 'robotic children' are known to leave a mark with their impeccable skills.

22 Mar 2019


China's residential hub gets first-of-its-kind, high-tech 'robot watchman'

A residential community in China's capital Beijing has adopted a first-of-its-kind "robot watchman" that integrates facial recognition, man-machine communication, and infrared thermal imagery, replacing human night patrol.

14 Mar 2019


Soon, this robot will start interviewing people for actual jobs

While many fear that robots will take away our jobs, only a few realize that they might actually end the problems that have marred our society for decades.