Harvard: News

Harvard scholars propose AI-driven political polling to improve accuracy

A team of experts from Harvard's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, has suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to enhance the accuracy of political polling.

04 May 2024

Donald Trump

Jeffrey Epstein's 'black book' with 221 additional high-profile names auctioned 

An alleged "black book" believed to have belonged to the late financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, will be auctioned on May 15.

29 Apr 2024

Columbia University

Explained: Pro-Palestine agitation in US universities, protesters' demands

Protests intensified across college and university campuses in the United States Monday with agitators flying a Palestinian flag in a spot reserved for the American flag at Harvard University.

18 Apr 2024

Columbia University

Columbia University leadership testifies on anti-Semitism allegations

Columbia University's top officials, including President Nemat "Minouche" Shafik, appeared before a United States Congressional committee on Wednesday to address allegations of anti-Semitism on campus.

Harvard researchers develop novel 'smart fluid' that changes its properties

A team of scientists at Harvard University has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of metamaterials by creating a programmable fluid called "metafluid."

27 Feb 2024


Here's why Harvard Law School has an incredible court legacy

Harvard Law School, an esteemed institution in the United States, has a storied history of producing justices for the nation's Supreme Court.

08 Jan 2024


Celebrity professor Neri Oxman, billionaire investor's wife, accused of plagiarism

Neri Oxman—American-Israeli designer, architect, and wife of billionaire investor Bill Ackman—plagiarized parts of her 2010 doctoral dissertation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), per Business Insider.

Harvard president to keep her near $900K annual-salary despite resigning

Harvard University President Claudine Gay resigned from her post on Tuesday amid controversy over her handling of on-campus antisemitism since the start of the Israel-Hamas war and plagiarism accusations.

UPenn loses $100m donation amid controversy over university presidents' testimony

The University of Pennsylvania or UPenn lost a $100 million grant after the university's president Elizabeth Magill's testimony before the US Congress regarding antisemitism on campus sparked controversy.

05 Dec 2023


Disinformation researcher accuses Harvard of firing her on Meta's orders

Dr. Joan Donovan, a well-known disinformation expert, has accused Harvard University of ending her project and forcing her out to protect its ties with Facebook's parent company, Meta.

05 Oct 2023

Nobel Prize

2023 Nobel chemistry winner flunked his first college chemistry exam

Moungi Bawendi, professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a co-winner of 2023's Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on "quantum dots." It turns out that the 62-year-old Nobel laureate had a rocky start to his college academic journey.

#NewsBytesExplainer: What's affirmative action that US Supreme Court has banned 

The United States Supreme Court on Thursday ended affirmative action in university admissions, ruling that race can't be considered a deciding factor for higher education.

25 Feb 2023


American billionaire financier Thomas Lee dies by suicide at 78

United States (US) billionaire financier Thomas Haskell Lee, one of the early pioneers in private equity and leveraged buyouts, has passed away at 78.

16 Dec 2022


Meet Claudine Gay, Harvard University's first black president

Harvard University announced Claudine Gay, dean of the Arts and Science Faculty at the institute and a democracy scholar, as its new president on Thursday.

09 Jan 2022

Golden Globe Awards

Jennifer Garner named Woman of the Year by Harvard's theatrical-troupe

2022 has started on a good note for Jennifer Garner.

15 Jan 2021


Didn't get Harvard offer, fell for phishing: Journalist Nidhi Razdan

Well-known journalist Nidhi Razdan claimed on Friday that she fell victim to a sophisticated cyber-attack that made her believe that she has been offered a job by Harvard University.

20 Aug 2020

Kylie Jenner

Kris Jenner sells Hidden Hills mansion for $15 million

Kris Jenner is the latest in the Kardashian family to offload a property.

Your AC could be spreading COVID-19: Here's how

A few days back, the World Health Organization suggested COVID-19 could be spreading through airborne particles breathed out in closed, indoor spaces.

09 Jul 2020

Mental Health

Coronavirus pandemic: How to deal with mental health issues

Everything has (figuratively) been turned upside down in the coronavirus-infected world; staying cheerful or motivated seems impossible.

08 Jul 2020

Donald Trump

Harvard, MIT sue Trump administration over international student visa rules

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Wednesday sued the Donald Trump administration in the United States over expelling foreign students if their classes go online due to the pandemic.

Foreign students "must leave United States" if classes move online

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the US government has toughened its visa rules for foreign students, telling them on Monday that they will have to leave the country if their classes move online.

09 Jun 2020


Satellite imagery of Wuhan suggests coronavirus started spreading in August

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc all over the globe, may have actually started much earlier than currently thought.

03 Apr 2020

Oxford University

Want to check for COVID-19 infection? Look for these indicators

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across countries, a large number of people are facing the challenge of determining when they might be infected, as one remains asymptomatic for 8-10 days.

05 Mar 2020


India's five most influential and successful women in finance

The world of finance used to be seen as an industry only for men for the longest time. However, that has changed in the last few years.

18 Dec 2019


Harvard scientist plans a dating-app based on DNA. God much?

Normally, when you hear about a dating app, you think of a platform that uses location among other factors to find a partner to date.

Jamia violence: 400 students, studying in Harvard, Yale condemn it

The violence unleashed on the students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University by the cops has been called out by one and all.

14 Dec 2019

Stanford University

These video games can teach you management strategies

Business management is a daunting task and not everyone knows it intuitively.

03 Nov 2019


#CareerBytes: Five famous Chartered Accountants in India to know about

In India, Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the most sought-after and toughest professional courses.

29 Oct 2019

Health & Wellness

Top five vegetarian protein sources to add to your salads

Salads are nothing short of a boon for your health.

09 Sep 2019


National Nutrition Month: Top five protein-rich food items for vegetarians

These days, many people stick to fasting or fad diet plans to 'stay healthy' or to lose weight.

04 Jul 2019


#HealthBytes: Five simple exercises to boost sexual health

Even if enhancing your sexual prowess wasn't the reason you joined gym for, in the first place, be assured that exercising can help empower your sexual well-being.

04 Jul 2019

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Five must-have food items for vegetarians

Vegetarians often suffer from deficiency of certain nutrients, like protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and specific vitamins such as Vitamin D and B-12, as they are mainly obtained from meat sources.

02 Jul 2019


#HealthBytes: Five common myths about milk

We have all been having milk since we were born. It is one of the most commonly consumed drinks around the world.

26 May 2019

Shashi Tharoor

Most-educated politicians who will be part of 17th Lok Sabha

The newly elected 17th Lok Sabha is different in many ways; it will not only be a younger and more gender-balanced House, but also a more educated one.

05 May 2019


Famous Chartered Accountants in India to know about

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the hardest and most in-demand professional courses in India.

10 Mar 2019


Now, Facebook is working on machine capable of reading minds

Even after several privacy-related debacles, Facebook is working on projects that may not get the best of responses.

Indian-American Raja Krishnamoorthi appointed to committee on intelligence. Details here

Indian-American Democratic lawmaker Raja Krishnamoorthy was appointed as a member of a Congressional committee on intelligence yesterday.

08 Dec 2018

Mukesh Ambani

Know all about Anand Piramal, Mukesh Ambani's son-in-law

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal are all set to be married on December 12.

07 Dec 2018


Eat only six French fries, suggests Harvard professor. Say what!

A burger and French fries is one of our most-beloved guilty pleasure food combos, but a Harvard professor has said that the number of fries should be restricted to only six potato sticks.

03 Dec 2018


#HealthBytes: 5 exercises that can help enhance your sex life

Although upping your bedtime prowess might not be the reason you joined gym for, in the first place, but be assured that exercising can help empower your sexual well-being.

29 Nov 2018

Climate Change

#ClimateChange: Harvard scientists to dim the Sun in 2019?

With climate catastrophe headed humanity's way, scientists are exploring all possible options to slow down the march of impending disaster.

21 Nov 2018


Facebook-owned WhatsApp names Abhijit Bose as first India head

Amidst growing pressure from the Indian government, Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has appointed Abhijit Bose as its first-ever India head.

24 Oct 2018

Apple Watch

Three Indian-Americans on Time's 'Health Care 50' for extraordinary contributions

Three Indian-Americans have been named in the Time magazine's 2018 list of the 50 most influential people whose work is transforming healthcare in the US.

31 Aug 2018


#HealthBytes: 5 exercises that can help enhance your sex life

Although upping your bedtime prowess might not be the reason you joined gym for, in the first place, but be assured that exercising can help empower your sexual well-being.

23 Aug 2018


Is coconut oil really poison as this Harvard Professor claims?

A Harvard Professor's claim "coconut oil is pure poison," has left the world divided and India, especially South India, fuming.

18 Aug 2018

Stanford University

#CareerBytes: These video games can teach you management strategies

Business management is a daunting task and not everyone knows it intuitively.

13 Aug 2018


Indians may live 4yrs longer if country meets WHO standards

Indians would live for about four years longer on an average if the country meets the WHO's air quality standards, according to a new study.

27 Jul 2018


4 Indians in Fortune's list of influential people under 40

The recently-declared "Fortune's 40 of the most influential and inspiring young people in business under the age of 40" has brought India enough reason to cheer.

25 Jul 2018


Why can't even privileged women move out of abusive marriages?

A 39-year-old independent woman, who married the love of her life, earns a six-figure salary, is a fauji-kid, travels abroad. A life we all want.

21 Jun 2018


Who is this Indian Warren Buffett picked to head healthcare-venture?

Yesterday, prominent Indian-American surgeon and journalist, Atul Gawande was appointed as the CEO of the yet-to-be named US-based health-care venture of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan.

09 May 2018


Karnataka polls: The Malleswaram candidate is two ex-presidents' grandson

The grandson of former presidents Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and VV Giri is in the fray this time in the Karnataka polls.

13 Apr 2018


Comparisons between India, China unfair: Ex-RBI chief Raghuram Rajan

Comparisons between India and China are "unfair" as India "pales" before the Communist giant, which is about five times India's size, ex-RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has said as he emphasized on improving infrastructure for the country's growth.

08 Apr 2018


Management students should build purpose-driven firms: Harvard Professor

Senior faculty of Harvard Business School, Professor Srikant M Datar, has exhorted management students to build purpose-driven organizations as the world will require many more "thoughtful and caring managers in the years to come."

05 Apr 2018


Asian-American group sues Harvard for discriminating in admission process

A group of Asian-American students called 'Students for Fair Admissions' has sued Harvard University alleging discrimination in the admission process.

13 Feb 2018


IIM Ahmedabad to launch first international center in Dubai

The renowned Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) is setting up its first international center in Dubai in partnership with UAE-based BRS Ventures.

08 Feb 2018


Irrfan Khan invited for lecture at Harvard

What a phenomenal actor Irrfan Khan is, cannot be debated. And now the actor has been invited to India conference at Harvard to to deliver a talk on 'Disruptive Innovation in India'.

28 Nov 2017


QS Rankings: IIM Ahmedabad at no. 49; full list here

The Harvard Business School in the US has topped the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2018, leaving behind other high-ranking institutes around the world.

16 Sep 2017

Mike Pompeo

Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning's visiting fellowship over CIA chief's protest

Harvard University has rescinded its offer to make Chelsea Manning a distinguished visiting fellow, following CIA chief Mike Pompeo's decision to cancel an appearance at the university.

04 Sep 2017


Mumbai: Versova man loses Rs. 1.45L in cyber credit-card fraud

Tahir Sheikh of Mumbai's Versova was duped of Rs. 1.45L in a cyber-fraud when his public sector bank credit-card was used on Indian and global portals by cyber-criminals.

24 Aug 2017


Research on athletes' poop samples may lead to endurance pills

A microbiologist at Harvard Medical School, Jonathan Scheiman may soon come up with an endurance probiotic pill.

11 Aug 2017

Hepatitis B

Indian-origin entrepreneur raises $1.1bn by SoftBank

A US-based biotech company founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur has raised $1.1bn from SoftBank and other investors- one of the largest fundings in the life science sector.

27 Apr 2017

Kumar Mangalam Birla

IIM-A Director Ashish Nanda steps down

Ashish Nanda, director of IIM Ahmedabad has decided to step down from his post.

06 Jan 2017

Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh aiming for win with a Harvard Professor's help

Steve Jarding has been providing CM Akhilesh Yadav the strategy for the upcoming elections like Prashant Kishor is doing for Rahul Gandhi.

29 Sep 2016

World Bank

World Bank confirms re-appointment of Jim Yong Kim as President

The World Bank announced that Jim Yong Kim has been re-appointed as the President.