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23 Jul 2022


Children at risk of developing long COVID-19: Study

There is a link between children who contracted COVID-19 and subsequently showed signs of long COVID, a recent study found.

20 Jul 2021


No sign of Pfizer, Moderna vaccines in breast milk: Study

Researchers have found no evidence of the presence of Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines in breast milk suggesting that mRNA preventives are safe during lactation.

24 Jan 2021


Amusement park offers free entry to customers named 'Kamala'

If your name is Kamala or Kamal, you're lucky today!

22 Jan 2021

Washington DC

Indian mathematician named joint-winner of Michael and Sheila Held Prize

Nikhil Srivastava, a young Indian mathematician, has been named winner of the prestigious 2021 Michael and Sheila Held Prize along with two others for solving long-standing questions on the Kadison-Singer problem and Ramanujan graphs.

19 Jan 2021


Climate change may shift rainfall patterns, claims study

In the future, climate change will cause an uneven shifting of the tropical rain belt, leading to increased flooding in parts of India, a new study warns.

Getting COVID-19 and flu together increases risk of death: Experts

With the world still scrambling to find a vaccine for coronavirus, experts have warned that the impending flu season could make matters worse.

10 Sep 2020

San Francisco

California wildfires leave 3 dead; smoke turns skies orange

With over two dozen fires raging across the US state of California, residents in the San Francisco area and neighboring regions are witnessing orange skies due to the smoke and ash.

28 Aug 2020

San Francisco

Is Abbott's rapid COVID-19 test the biggest game-changer?

In a major move, the US Food and Drug Administration has cleared a game-changing 'rapid antigen test' for COVID-19.

17 Aug 2020


Kentucky event: America's Jennifer Brady wins her maiden WTA title

America's Jennifer Brady clinched her first WTA title, defeating Swiss left-handed player Jil Teichmann 6-3, 6-4 in the Top Seed Open final on Sunday.

09 Aug 2020

San Francisco

Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases may be key to ending pandemic

For months, it has been known that although the novel coronavirus is highly contagious, a large portion of infected individuals witnesses only mild or no symptoms.

06 Feb 2020


Meet Ryan Roslansky: The new CEO of LinkedIn

After International Business Machines (IBM), LinkedIn, the social network for working professionals with over 600 million users, is witnessing a major management change.

13 Dec 2019


Earth's deepest point on land found hidden under Antarctica's ice-sheet

For decades, scientists have wondered what lies beneath the ice sheets of Antarctica. Well, as per new findings, the White continent has been hiding a whole lot from us.

Scientists may have found the secret to reverse aging

Since, well, forever, humans have tried to find ways to make them look and feel younger; homemade face packs, makeup, botox, exercise, etc., which don't truly deliver the desired effect.

20 Aug 2019


Having multiple husbands can be beneficial for women, observes study

Polygamy in our society is often frowned upon, especially for women. In India, the practice is also largely illegal.

Indian researchers built an AI to detect deepfake videos

AI has not only given us extremely capable technologies but also some problems to worry about.

10 Jul 2019


6 notable and successful alumni of IIT-Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras), stands as one of the country's most esteemed and sought-after institutions for quality technical education.

06 Jul 2019


This IAS officer scored over 104% in UC Berkeley course

In a rare feat, IAS officer Manish Ranjan of Jharkhand scored more than 100% in a course at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley.

02 Jul 2019


These five people are among youngest engineers in the world

In India, engineering is the most preferred professional course among youngsters.

19 May 2019


Google's security tools can shield you from cyber-attacks: Details here

Google has long been asking users to enable its security tools for shielding all its services - from Gmail to Google Photos - from hacking attempts.

26 Apr 2019

San Francisco

Now, AI can transform brain activity into realistic speech

AI has wide applications but a group of scientists is using the technology for a noble cause - to give voice to those who can't speak.

'Desperate Housewives' actor Felicity Huffman charged in college entrance scandal

In one of the largest college admissions scams in the US, Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives star, was arrested on Tuesday.

15 Jan 2019


Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi's floor routine breaks the internet, here's why!

An athlete-student of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has become the talk of the town.

10 Dec 2018


India's growth very solid over past four-years: IMF Chief Economist

India's growth has been "very solid" over the past four years, IMF's Chief Economist Maurice Obstfeld said yesterday, praising the fundamental economic reforms like the GST and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code carried out by the government.

10 Nov 2018


India's economic growth held back due to demonetization, GST: Rajan

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetization are the two major headwinds that held back India's economic growth last year, the 23rd and former Reserve Bank of India Governor, Raghuram Rajan, said yesterday.

Delhi: Air quality poor, expected to worsen further

With Diwali just over a couple of weeks away, Delhi's air quality has dropped to the 'poor' category with a pollution cloud hanging over its head.

29 Jul 2018


At 15, Indian-American genius becomes an engineer!

Three years ago, Indian-American prodigy Tanishq Abraham graduated from a California college when he was just 11, and made headlines globally.

17 Jul 2018


Ahmedabad University, American management-school to launch MBA in pharma management

With an aim to tap the huge market potential in pharmaceutical and allied industries, the Gujarat-based Ahmedabad University has collaborated with America's Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego to launch a Global Executive MBA degree in Pharmaceutical Management.

02 Jul 2018


Lab-grown Neanderthal mini-brains might shed more light on human evolution

Up until now, researchers' attempts to understand the success of Homo sapiens over their less fortunate evolutionary uncles, the Neanderthals, literally involved studying a void i.e. the empty space in Neanderthal skulls.

Indian-American Amul Thapar on Trump's list of Supreme Court judges

Amul Thapar, an Indian-American legal luminary, is among the 25 shortlisted judges US President Donald Trump could nominate to replace Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy.

04 Jun 2018

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook giving open-access to user's data; formed data-sharing partnerships: NYT

Weeks after it was revealed that a British political firm Cambridge Analytica accessed millions of user data on Facebook, the social network company is now through another set of allegations by the New York Times.

18 May 2018


Question that is driving the internet crazy: Yanny or Laurel?

Three years ago, the netizens got bombed over the color of a dress.

25 Apr 2018


Reputed Indian-American scientist faces misconduct allegations

Indian-American scientist Inder Verma, among the world's top authorities on cancer and gene therapy, has been placed on leave from California's prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

01 Mar 2018


Home-rental startup NestAway raises Rs. 333cr from Goldman Sachs, others

Bengaluru-based online home-rental network NestAway Technologies has raised $51mn (Rs. 333.1cr) from investors including Goldman Sachs and a joint venture firm of noted industrialist Ratan Tata.

07 Dec 2017


Is the cure for cancer, AIDS hiding in plain sight?

There're still many diseases for which we have no treatment yet. But what if we had already discovered the cure accidentally and didn't know about it?

27 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

Illegal sale of opioids: Indian-American pharma billionaire arrested

Indian-American billionaire John Kapoor has reportedly been arrested for illegally marketing opioids.

19 Sep 2017

Washington DC

Rahul Gandhi leaves experts impressed with "substantive" talk on policy

Thanks to media, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is more or less viewed as a 'pappu' by the public- someone who doesn't know what he's talking about.

12 Sep 2017


Rahul Gandhi's speech at University of California: Highlights

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was at the University of California, Berkeley, yesterday to address students on 'India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward'.

26 Aug 2017


UK to start testing self-driving truck "platoons" in 2018!

The UK Government has announced that the testing of semi-automated lorries on major British roads would be conducted by 2018-end.

24 Aug 2017

Donald Trump

US science envoy resigns with hidden "IMPEACH" message to Trump

A science envoy to the US State Department is the latest high-profile associate to resign over President Donald Trump's response to a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

08 Aug 2017


Trump breaks 64-years of precedent, gives just one solo presser

US President Donald Trump's dislike for the news media is no secret, he largely prefers Twitter for disseminating information.

21 Jul 2017


How much does earth's plastic weigh? Try a billion elephants!

Despite its extremely negative environmental impacts, plastic continues to be an inherent part of our lifestyle.

16 Jul 2017

Google Maps

How Google pays academicians to buy "influence"

With its tentacles spread into everything, way beyond the Internet, Google has become extremely powerful and influential.

24 Jun 2017


Indian-origin professor to lead MIT's School of Engineering

Indian-origin academician Anantha Chandrakasan has been named dean of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Engineering.

08 Jun 2017


India witnessing shocking increase in heatwaves

India is witnessing increasing temperatures. Several deaths due to heatwave have already been reported; experts say more are likely.

16 May 2017

Health & Wellness

Alternative male contraceptives using chemicals from plants

Californian researchers have discovered chemicals in wild plants that can act as anti-fertility agents by preventing the sperm from meeting the egg.

12 May 2017

Health & Wellness

UCSF study on Apple Watch highlights potential for health monitoring

A study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, and heartbeat measurement app Cardiogram concluded that the Apple Watch, when paired with an AI-based algorithm, can detect the most common abnormal heart rhythm with an accuracy of 97%.

27 Apr 2017

Health & Wellness

Alzheimer's may finally be defeated by transmuted skin cells

Remember the final scene of the movie Black? Rani Mukherji teaches Amitabh Bachhan new words as he no longer remembers anything.

06 Apr 2017


Self-healing material is a sci-fi dream come true

Smartphone displays getting cracked is not a far-fetched scenario in modern times.

23 Oct 2016


'Wearable' tattoo that could detect alcohol levels

Scientists have developed a wearable patch resembling a tattoo which can be worn on the skin to detect alcohol-levels.

23 Sep 2016

Mark Zuckerberg

Chan Zuckerberg Foundation pledges $3 billion

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will invest $3 billion over ten years to "help cure, prevent, or manage all disease" via a program called Chan Zuckerberg Science (CZS).