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13 Nov 2022

United Sates

Dallas: 6 feared dead as 2 WWII-era planes collide mid-air

A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra, two World War II era planes, crashed into each other mid-air in the United States (US) on Saturday.

25 Jun 2020


Skin cream "Fair & Lovely" to drop "Fair" from name

Joining the bandwagon of brands that are making their products socially inclusive, the Indian unit of Unilever, Hindustan Unilever, has decided to drop "Fair" from the name of the skincare cream "Fair & Lovely," multiple reports said on Thursday.

24 Sep 2019


NBA: Former player Andre Emmett shot dead in Dallas

In a shocking incident, former NBA player Andre Emmett was shot dead by two unknown gunmen outside his home in Dallas, Texas, on Monday.

US: Cop enters home thinking it's hers, shoots owner dead

In a heart-breaking incident, a police officer in Dallas shot her neighbor after entering his home, thinking it was her apartment.

28 Jul 2018

Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas' colorful life-journey hints why Priyanka fell in love

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the hottest star couple on the block right now.

26 Jul 2018

John Cena

5 upcoming WWE superstars to watch out for

WWE is always in need of new stars who can keep the roster exciting.

10 May 2018


Uber expands partnership with NASA to develop flying taxis

Uber has signed a second Space Act Agreement with NASA to get help on its ambitious flying taxi project Elevate.

17 Nov 2017


Indian child Sherin Mathews' mother arrested for 'endangering' her

Less than a month after three-year-old Indian child Sherin Mathews was found dead in Dallas, officials have arrested her foster mother for leaving her alone the night she was reported missing.

07 Nov 2017

Travel And Tourism

Has TripAdvisor been putting tourists at risk for its gain?

TripAdvisor, arguably the world's most trusted online travel guide, recently tweeted an apology for withholding from users several unsavory but important reviews over the years.

27 Oct 2017

Donald Trump

Trump declassifies some documents on John F. Kennedy assassination

Around 2,800 files on former President John F. Kennedy's (JFK) assassination have been released on President Donald Trump's orders.

06 May 2017


US Police officer charged with murder for shooting African-American teen

Police officer Roy Oliver has been charged with murder for shooting a teenager as he rode away from a party in Dallas, US.

08 Dec 2016

Donald Trump

AT&T, Time Warner seek approval for merger

Officials from AT&T and Time Warner will appear before a Senate Judiciary Committee to seek approval for the merger of the two entities.

23 Oct 2016

Donald Trump

AT&T acquires media giant Time Warner for $86 billion

American telecom company AT&T has acquired media behemoth Time Warner for nearly $86 billion.