Joe Biden: News

25 May 2024


Joe Biden to reinstate tariffs on numerous Chinese imports

President Joe Biden is set to reimpose tariffs on hundreds of Chinese goods, as per an announcement from the office of the US Trade Representative.

24 May 2024

Kamala Harris

Biden calls Harris President, expresses frustration at press conference

During a joint press conference with Kenyan President William Ruto, United States President Joe Biden expressed his frustration with the White House press corps.

US consumer inflation slows, boosting prospects for interest rate cut

Consumer prices in the US rose less than expected in April, signaling a return to the downward inflation trend at the beginning of Q2.

15 May 2024


US plans $1bn military aid for Israel amid Gaza conflict

The Joe Biden administration has reportedly informed Congress of its intention to provide a $1 billion military aid package to Israel.

08 May 2024


TikTok sues US government over law mandating sale or ban

TikTok has filed a lawsuit against the US government, challenging a recent legislation that could force its parent company, ByteDance, to sell the app or face a potential ban in the US.

Joe Biden calls India 'xenophobic,' Jaishankar responds 

India's External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, has countered the claims made by United States President Joe Biden that India is "xenophobic."

03 May 2024


White House addresses Biden's 'xenophobic' remarks on Asian countries

The White House recently responded to a controversial statement made by US President Joe Biden at a fundraising event.

01 May 2024

US State Department

US reacts to report on Pannun assassination plot

The United States is "regularly working" with India in its investigation into the allegations related to the plot to assassinate pro-Khalistan leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a US State Department official said.

MEA responds to report linking India and Pannun's 'assassination' plot

The Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday commented on a report by The Washington Post, stating that it contains "unwarranted...unsubstantiated imputations" in connection with the alleged involvement of Indian agents in the plot to kill pro-Khalistan leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

29 Apr 2024

Donald Trump

Joe Biden 'most unpopular US President' in 7 decades

Ahead of the United States presidential polls slated to be held in November, President Joe Biden has emerged as the least favored president in seven decades, a recent Gallup poll has said.

28 Apr 2024


Anti-Israel protesters crash White House correspondents dinner in Washington

Anti-Israel protesters gathered outside the venue where President Joe Biden was slated to deliver a speech at the annual White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) dinner on Saturday night.

28 Apr 2024


US officials divided over Israel's use of American-supplied weapons: Report

An internal State Department memo has exposed a rift among senior United States officials concerning Israel's use of American-supplied weapons, Reuters reported.

26 Apr 2024


FCC reinstates net neutrality rules: Know its significance

In a significant policy shift, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reinstated net neutrality safeguards that were previously abolished during Donald Trump's administration.

25 Apr 2024

Donald Trump

Arizona House votes to overturn near-total complete ban on abortions

The Arizona House has voted in favor of a proposal aimed at overturning the state's nearly complete ban on abortions.

24 Apr 2024


US Senate approves $95 billion aid package for Ukraine

The United States Senate has approved a $95 billion aid package intended for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

24 Apr 2024


US Senate passes bill forcing ByteDance to sell TikTok

The US Senate has passed a bill that could force ByteDance, the China-based parent company of TikTok, to relinquish its ownership of the popular social media platform.

24 Apr 2024


US Senate passes bill requiring ByteDance to sell TikTok: Report

The US Senate has passed a bill requiring ByteDance—the parent company of TikTok—to sell the popular social media platform or risk being removed from app stores.

22 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

22 killed as Israel strikes Rafah; protesters demand Netanyahu's replacement

At least 22 Palestinians, including 18 children, were killed in an Israeli strike on Rafah overnight, health officials said on Sunday.

21 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu fumes as US plans to sanction IDF unit 

The United States is reportedly contemplating imposing sanctions on the Netzah Yehuda, a battalion of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), due to alleged human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Fast-charging stations for EVs expanding rapidly in the US

The US has experienced a significant increase in the number of public fast-charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), with nearly 600 new stations activated in the first quarter of 2024.

19 Apr 2024


US: Biden raises eyebrows by claiming cannibals 'ate' his uncle 

United States President Joe Biden's comments about his uncle, 2nd Lt. Ambrose J Finnegan Jr, potentially falling victim to cannibalism in Papua New Guinea during World War II have sparked confusion and criticism.

18 Apr 2024


'Don't move on Haifa': Biden confuses Israeli city with Rafah

United States President Joe Biden on Tuesday confused the Israeli port city of Haifa with Rafah, a city in southern Gaza, in a startling gaffe.

17 Apr 2024

Donald Trump

US: 7 jurors selected in Trump's hush-money criminal trial 

The landmark "hush-money" criminal trial of former United States President Donald Trump took a significant step forward on Tuesday with the commencement of jury selection.

16 Apr 2024


Biden spotted using prepared script during meeting with Iraq PM

United States President Joe Biden was seen referring to prepared remarks while interacting with the press during an Oval Office meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia'a Al-Sudani on Monday (local time).

16 Apr 2024

Antonio Guterres

As Iran-Israel conflict escalates, UN worried about nuclear strike attack

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mulls a counterstrike on Iran, the United Nations (UN) has appealed for the de-escalation of a much-feared war in the Middle East.

16 Apr 2024

Kamala Harris

US: Biden, wife release tax return, showing $620,000 in income

The 2023 tax returns of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden reveal an income of approximately $620,000.

14 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

US won't support Israeli counterattack on Iran: Biden tells Netanyahu

United States President Joe Biden reportedly informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that the US would not support any Israeli reprisals against Iran.

14 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu hid at US billionaire's 'missile-proof' home before Iranian attack 

As fears of an attack from Iran grew, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family spent their weekend at a 'missile-proof' residence owned by billionaire Simon Falic.

13 Apr 2024


Expect Iran to attack Israel 'sooner than later': Joe Biden 

The United States expects Iran to carry out strikes on many targets within Israel in the coming days, and it is prepared to help intercept any missiles launched at its ally, CNN reported.

12 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

US restricts travel for employees in Israel amid Iran threat

The United States (US) has limited travel for its diplomats in Israel due to fears of an Iranian strike.

12 Apr 2024

White House

Biden urged to ban Chinese EV imports amid security concerns

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has called on US President Joe Biden, to take decisive action against the imports of Chinese electric vehicles (EVs), citing national security concerns.

11 Apr 2024


New judge assigned to US government's antitrust case against Apple

The US government's antitrust lawsuit against Apple has been reassigned to a new judge.

11 Apr 2024

Julian Assange

Biden considering Australia's plea to drop charges against WikiLeaks founder

President Joe Biden is reportedly considering Australia's request to end the US pursuit of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (52).

11 Apr 2024


Google invests $1B in subsea cables to boost US-Japan connectivity

Google, the tech giant under Alphabet Inc., has committed a $1 billion investment to improve internet connectivity between the US and Japan.

10 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu making a 'mistake' on Gaza, says Biden

United States President Joe Biden has publicly expressed his disapproval of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's strategy in the ongoing Gaza conflict.

07 Apr 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel withdraws all troops from southern Gaza after 184 days

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have withdrawn their ground forces from the southern part of the Gaza Strip after 184 days of conflict.

Muslim leaders decline Biden's Iftar invitation over Israel-Gaza stance

The White House had to cancel its iftar party after several Muslim community leaders declined the invitation in protest of United States President Joe Biden's support for Israel in the conflict in Gaza.

03 Apr 2024


US President Joe Biden joins fediverse via Instagram Threads

The President of the US, known on social media as @Potus, has broadened his digital presence by joining the fediverse through Instagram Threads.

28 Mar 2024

White House

White House announces AI guidelines for federal government: Key points

The White House has taken a significant step toward regulating artificial intelligence (AI) within the federal government.

27 Mar 2024


Baltimore crash: US President Biden lauds Indian crew's swift action

Six people are presumed dead in the crash that took place after a cargo ship rammed into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on Tuesday.

27 Mar 2024


Baltimore bridge collapse: 6 presumed dead, Coast Guard ends operation

Six people are presumed dead in the crash that took place after a cargo ship ram into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, United States early on Tuesday.

21 Mar 2024


US counters China with $19.5B investment in Intel's chip factories

In a historic move, the US Commerce Department is investing a staggering $19.5 billion in Intel to build and upgrade its semiconductor plants in four US states.

Why is everyone talking about Joe Biden's new sneakers

United States (US) President Joe Biden, who has a history of slips and stumbles, was recently spotted wearing a new pair of chunky all-black sneakers.

17 Mar 2024

Donald Trump

Trump warns of 'bloodbath' if he loses US presidential election

Former United States (US) President Donald Trump on Saturday warned of a "bloodbath" in the country if he loses the upcoming US presidential election, The New York Times reported.

FCC redefines broadband speeds, 25Mbps/3Mbps is no longer standard

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has redefined "broadband" to mean download speeds of 100Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps.

13 Mar 2024

Donald Trump

US: Biden, Trump secure nominations, stage set for rematch

United States President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have secured their parties' presidential nominations—paving the way for the first US presidential election rematch in nearly 70 years.

11 Mar 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah, defying Biden's warning

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly standing by his decision to invade Rafah, a city on the Gaza Strip's southern border controlled by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

5 Palestinians killed in Gaza airdrop accident; US denies involvement

At least five people were killed and 10 others injured after a humanitarian aid airdrop malfunctioned in Gaza, according to reports.

06 Mar 2024

Elon Musk

Donald Trump meets Elon Musk for potential presidential campaign support

On Sunday, former US President Donald Trump met with Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of EV maker Tesla.

06 Mar 2024

Donald Trump

'Super Tuesday': Trump, Biden projected to win several state primaries

United States President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have emerged victorious in all of their respective party contests so far, as ballot counting continues on the crucial US election day—"Super Tuesday."

Explained: 'Super Tuesday' likely to kick off Biden-Trump rematch

The United States (US) residents in millions will come out to vote on "Super Tuesday," the day in the presidential primary cycle when most states hold party nominating contests.

03 Mar 2024


Ceasefire in Gaza possible within 24-48 hours: Hamas

A top Hamas official said on Sunday that a ceasefire in Gaza could be reached within "24 to 48 hours" if Israel agrees to the Palestinian terror group's demands, according to AFP.

India responds to Kolkata dancer Amarnath Ghosh's murder in US

The Indian government on Saturday announced that it has taken up the murder case of renowned Kuchipudi dancer Amarnath Ghosh with St. Louis Police for investigation.

US military to airdrop humanitarian aid into Gaza, says Biden

United States (US) President Joe Biden on Friday said the US military would airdrop food and other supplies into Gaza to address the humanitarian crisis and potential famine, Reuters reported.

01 Mar 2024


Florida to release Jeffrey Epstein's grand jury report 

Florida is set to unveil grand jury proceedings from Jeffrey Epstein's 2006 sexual abuse case.

01 Mar 2024

US Government

US to investigate security risks in Chinese cars: Here's why

The US government is investigating potential security risks linked to connected technology in cars made in China and other 'countries of concern.'

28 Feb 2024


Why 'Euphoria' actor Hunter Schafer was arrested in New York

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer was among 50 activists from the Jewish Voice for Peace arrested during a pro-Palestine protest at NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center in New York on Tuesday.

28 Feb 2024


Israel, Hamas distance themselves from Biden's 'hope' on Gaza ceasefire

Israel and Hamas have downplayed the possibility of an immediate breakthrough in talks for a ceasefire in Gaza.

27 Feb 2024


Biden 'hopes' for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict by 'next Monday'

United States (US) President Joe Biden is "hopeful" for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza by next Monday.

26 Feb 2024

Union Home Ministry

Amid Pannun case, India-US to hold security talks this week

A government delegation of the United States (US) will be in India on Wednesday for the Homeland Security Dialogue (HSD) with officials of the Union Home Ministry.

26 Feb 2024


Russia working on space-based nuke that could render LEO useless

Russia is said to be working on an anti-satellite space weapon that could potentially wipe out low-Earth orbit for everyone, warns Major General Michael Traut, head of Germany's military space command.

25 Feb 2024

Donald Trump

Trump sweeps South Carolina Republican primary; beats rival Nikki Haley

Former United States (US) President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in the crucial Republican primary in her home state of South Carolina on Saturday (local time).

Biden calls Putin a 'crazy SOB,' Kremlin responds

United States (US) President Joe Biden labeled his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a "crazy SOB" while attending an event in San Francisco on Wednesday.

20 Feb 2024


Jon Stewart addresses 'The Daily Show' backlash in style

Jon Stewart's comeback on The Daily Show after almost a decade away has stirred up controversy.

17 Feb 2024

Donald Trump

How Trump's $355-million fine in fraud case will impact him

Former United States (US) President Donald Trump was fined $355 million on Friday (local time) in a civil fraud case.

US probes Israel for Gaza strikes, 'use of white phosphorous'

The United States (US) has launched an investigation into Israeli air strikes in Gaza and the alleged use of white phosphorus in Lebanon in October, the Wall Street Journal reported.

US shooting: 1 dead, 21 injured near Super Bowl parade

At least one person was killed and 21 others suffered injuries during a mass shooting in Missouri, United States (US), at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday (local time).

US House impeaches President Biden's immigration chief over border crisis

The United States (US) House of Representatives has impeached Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, over his "handling of the US-Mexico border crisis."

13 Feb 2024


China urges Israel to stop military operations in Rafah

China on Tuesday called on Israel to halt its military operations in the southern Gaza city of Rafah "as soon as possible," warning of a "serious humanitarian disaster" there if fighting did not stop.

09 Feb 2024

Donald Trump

Report says Biden 'willfully' retained classified documents; he hits back

A special counsel investigation has accused United States (US) President Joe Biden of "wilfully retaining and disclosing classified materials" regarding Afghanistan's military and foreign policies.

08 Feb 2024

Nikki Haley

India thinks America is weak; remains aligned with Russia: Haley

Aspiring Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has said that India wants to be a partner with the United States (US), but it does not trust Americans to lead.

08 Feb 2024


81-year-old Biden forgets the word 'Hamas' during key speech

United States (US) President Joe Biden has caused fresh concern about his well-being after appearing to forget the word Hamas during a press conference.

US House to vote on standalone Israel aid next week

The United States (US) House of Representatives has planned to vote on a standalone $17.6 billion (approximately Rs. 1.5 lakh crore) military aid package for Israel next week, House Speaker Mike Johnson said.