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17 May 2023


EU warns India for allegedly reselling Russian oil, Jaishankar responds

European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative Josep Borrell has recommended action against India for allegedly reselling Russian oil to Europe.

16 May 2023

European Council

European Union approves world's first crypto rules: What it means

The meltdown of crypto exchange FTX and the subsequent turmoil shed light on the need to regulate cryptocurrencies.

09 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Europe Day: Celebrate by traveling to these 5 stunning destinations

Although one of the smallest continents on the map, Europe's larger-than-life beauty is second to none.

Europe inches closer to first-ever AI Act: What it means 

The AI boom has been exciting for many reasons. However, the increasing popularity of AI-powered chatbots has raised questions about their social, economic, and security impacts.

24 Apr 2023


K-pop: TWICE is set for world tour; city details inside

K-pop is experiencing an all-time high around the world. The fans are hooked to their favorite stars and now TWICE stans, we have some exciting news for you.

20 Apr 2023


Someone just bought a dinosaur skeleton for Rs. 50 crore

A 67 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, of a Tyrannosaurus rex, has been purchased for CHF 5.55 million (nearly Rs. 50 crore) by a private individual in Europe.

04 Apr 2023

Travel And Tourism

Don't leave Slovakia without these 5 souvenirs

Bringing back a souvenir from a trip is a great way to keep your travel memories alive.

03 Apr 2023


Explore the best of Greece in just one week

Experience the best of Greece in just one week with this itinerary that will take you on an adventure from the ancient city of Athens to the idyllic islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete.

28 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

5 souvenirs to remember your trip to Montenegro

Currently in Montenegro? Wondering what to take back home as a souvenir?

22 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

Countries that use Euro but are not in European Union

The Euro, the second most traded currency in the world after the US dollar, is widely used in global currency markets.

10 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

Top 5 easiest countries to get a Schengen visa from 

Schengen countries receive millions of visa applications every year.

03 Mar 2023


Nobel laureate Ales Bialiatski sentenced to 10 years in jail

A Belarus court on Friday convicted Ales Bialiatski, a renowned human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to 10 years in jail for financing protests and facilitating other crimes in a case that many claimed had political motives.

20 Feb 2023

S Jaishankar

German Chancellor Scholz quotes S Jaishankar's viral 'European mindset' remark

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz quoted External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar's viral "European mindset" remark at the now-concluded Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, on Sunday.

15 Feb 2023


Ford to cut 3,800 jobs in Europe in EV revamp

US automaker Ford has announced its decision to cut 3,800 jobs in Europe in the next three years. The company expects the layoffs to accelerate its switch from petrol and diesel engines to electric vehicles.

21 Jan 2023


EU regulator fines Meta again; this time for WhatsApp

Meta cannot seem to catch a respite from fines. Two weeks after it imposed a hefty €390 million penalty on the tech giant for violating Europe's privacy laws, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has fined Meta an additional €5.5 million.

17 Jan 2023

World Economic Forum

Global recession risk is high, warns World Economic Forum 

To the long list of organizations and people that expect a recession this year, we can add the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Community of Chief Economists.

10 Jan 2023

United Kingdom

UK's first satellite fails to reach orbit due to 'anomaly'

The UK and Western Europe's first attempt to launch a satellite from its soil failed after an "anomaly" prevented it from reaching orbit on Tuesday.

05 Jan 2023


EU ruling could change how Meta serves Facebook, Instagram ads

The days of targeted advertising are possibly nearing their end in Europe. At least, that's what an EU regulator's ruling on targeted ads by Facebook and Instagram suggests.

30 Dec 2022


China claims COVID-19 data transparent; European officials oppose travel curbs

South Korea and Spain on Friday joined the countries which have imposed restrictions on fliers arriving from China, as it insists that its COVID-19 data is transparent in contrast to the Western media reporting an overwhelming surge of cases.

20 Dec 2022


Does Twitter's ban on social media linking violate EU rules?

Twitter has banned promoting other social media platforms on the microblogging site. Users are no longer allowed to include links to their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon, among others.

14 Nov 2022

Melania Trump

Natasa Pirc Musar becomes Slovenia's 1st female president

Natasa Pirc Musar—Slovenia's former Information Commissioner, journalist, and liberal lawyer who earlier represented former US first lady Melania Trump—was elected as the country's first female president on Sunday.

08 Nov 2022


Poland: Ruling party leader blames women's drinking for low birthrate

Poland's ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jarosław Kaczyński has triggered outrage by blaming excessive drinking by young women for the country's low birthrate, The Guardian reported.

27 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 ways to travel in Albania on a budget

The Balkans in eastern Europe boast scenic landscapes, beautiful architecture, amazing people, and several less-explored hiking trails.

22 Sep 2022


National White Chocolate Day: Recipes to please your taste buds

Observed on September 22 every year, National White Chocolate Day is dedicated to this versatile confection, a favorite among sweet lovers.

16 Sep 2022


5 delicious recipes using walnuts you must try at home

Considered a beloved snack for thousands of years, walnuts originated in Persia and gradually spread through Asia and Europe.

07 Aug 2022


Visit these 5 most budget-friendly islands around the world

Islands are the perfect place for beach lovers; more so when they are not densely populated.

04 Aug 2022


Your savings won't vanish if you visit these European countries!

Surrounded by stunning natural wonders, incredible scenery, and important cultural landmarks, Europe is a great place to explore.

20 Jul 2022

Mental Health

Know everything about International Chess Day 2022

Observed every year on July 20, International Chess Day is celebrated to honor the oldest and most popular game in the world.

17 Jul 2022


World Emoji Day: How emojis are changing world of expression

Emojis have become a popular tool for expressing emotions at a time when face-to-face contact has declined and most interactions take place via texting.

15 Jul 2022


Visiting Denmark? Check out these amazing national parks

Located in northern Europe, Denmark is well-known for its rich history, culture, traditions, and heritage.

06 July 2022


Traveling to Europe on a budget? Explore the Balkans

The Balkans is an area in southeastern Europe with different geographical and historical definitions.

29 Jun 2022


5 national parks to visit in Greece

Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is well-known for its breathtaking mountains, exotic beaches, age-old sanctuaries, lush green forests, and serene lakes that will leave you awestruck.

26 Jun 2022

Russia News

5 beautiful lakes of Europe you may not know of

Lakes have a calm and beautiful connotation to them.

24 Jun 2022


5 best national parks to visit in Germany

Located in Western Europe, Germany combines the old world charm and the modern urban beauty of cities which makes it quite popular among tourists.

24 Jun 2022


EU grants Ukraine candidate status in 'historic moment' amid war

In a strong show of solidarity against Russia's invasion, European Union (EU) leaders conferred candidate status on Ukraine and Moldova, acting with unusual speed and unity to lift the besieged country farther away from Russia's influence and connect it more closely to the West.

20 Jun 2022


What is continental food and 5 related recipes

Dishes made and consumed in European countries are known as continental food.

16 Jun 2022


5 best national parks to visit in France

Located in Western Europe, France is popular among tourists for its magnificent palaces, art, architecture, theater, sensational food, and beautiful beaches.

13 Jun 2022


5 best national parks to visit in Belgium

Located in western Europe, Belgium is the perfect place for those who want to be amidst nature and the diverse settings of rich wetlands, and dense forests.

09 Jun 2022


How will Europe's 'common charger' rule impact Apple iPhone design

In a landmark decision, European Union lawmakers have agreed on legislation that will make USB-C charging ports a mandatory requirement in all smartphones sold in Europe by fall of 2024.

24 May 2022


Monkeypox: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan prepare to fight against virus

Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra are reportedly gearing up to prevent monkeypox from entering their territories.

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