Rio de Janeiro: News

12 Jan 2023


Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters' 'mega protest' fizzles as authorities bolster security

To avoid another Sunday-like riot in Brazil, authorities bolstered security as social media flyers calling for a "mega-protest to retake power" in two dozen cities surfaced.

03 Jun 2021


Copa America 2021: Maracana stadium to host the final

The iconic Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro is set to host the final of Copa America 2021 on July 10.

27 Aug 2020


Brazil: Three-year-old saves his friend from drowning in a pool

In a show of ultimate bravery, Arthur de Oliveira, a three-year-old boy in Brazil saved his friend from drowning.

25 Aug 2019


Five hidden gems of Brazil you need to visit

The largest country in South America- Brazil, spread over a massive 8.5 million sq. kilometers, is blessed with various wonders of nature - including the world's largest rain-forest Amazon, largest wetland Pantanal, numerous beaches, and some breathtaking views.

18 Aug 2019

South Korea

Five embarrassing moments from Olympics

Olympics is the greatest sporting event and spectacle on the globe.

06 Aug 2019


Dressed as daughter, Brazilian gang leader tries to escape prison

If there's one thing that Game of Thrones' Arya Stark got wrong, it's making every other person with a silicone mask believe that they can slip in and out of places unnoticed.

27 Apr 2019


Brazil: 'Obedient' parrot arrested for alerting drug dealers

In a truly bizarre news, Brazilian police recently arrested an 'obedient' parrot as the bird allegedly alerted drug dealers, while police was conducting a raid.

08 Feb 2019


Brazil: Fire hits Flamengo football club; 10 dead, 3 injured

At least 10 people have been killed and three others injured in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro as a massive fire engulfed a training facility of the popular Flamengo football club, one of the biggest in the country.

18 Jan 2019


Soon, Google Maps will show you speed limits: Here's how

Today, Google Maps' app makes an ideal companion for solo road trips.

Jair Bolsonaro, known as 'Tropical Trump', is Brazil's new President

Jair Bolsonaro, a brash far-right congressman who has waxed nostalgic for Brazil's old military dictatorship, won the presidency of Latin America's largest nation yesterday.

03 Sep 2018


Brazil: Years of knowledge destroyed as 200-year-old museum catches fire

In a rather unfortunate incident, a massive fire gutted Brazil's 200-year-old national museum late on Sunday, and it is feared years of knowledge and artefacts have been destroyed.

02 Aug 2018


India-born Akshay Venkatesh wins Fields Medal, the 'Nobel' of mathematics

New-Delhi born and Australia-bred Akshay Venkatesh has made India real proud.

18 Mar 2018


Ex-footballer Romario wants to become governor of Rio de Janeiro

Former Brazilian legend Romario, who is currently a senator, is eyeing the post of the governor of Rio de Janeiro.

11 Jan 2018


Mumbai-Delhi third busiest air route, but with poor punctuality

The Mumbai-Delhi air route was the third busiest last year with about 130 flights daily, an air travel intelligence company has found.

06 Sep 2017


Brazil police probe Rio Olympics "vote-buying" scheme

On Tuesday, Brazilian officials alleged that the country's Olympics chief was the "lynchpin" in a plot to bribe the International Olympic Committee to award last year's Games to Rio de Janeiro.

22 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Brazil's own Donald Trump: Jair Bolsonaro

Donald Trump's win in the US has taught pollsters not to ignore fringe candidates who propound bigoted views on racism and homosexuality among other things.

29 Apr 2017


Brazil burns as the first general strike ended

Violence has broken out in Brazil as the country saw its first general strike in almost 20 years.

28 Jan 2017


Eike Batista, one of Brazil's richest mired in corruption scandal

The Brazilian police issued warrant against Eike Batista, Brazil's best known businessmen for failing to turn himself in as part of a corruption probe.

09 Sep 2016


Ryan Lochte handed a 10-month suspension

The US Olympic Committee has handed Ryan Lochte a 10 month suspension and a fine of $100,000 for lying about being robbed while at Rio de Janeiro.

07 Sep 2016

Narendra Modi

Cash prizes for athletes winning medals at 2016 Paralympics

With 2016 Paralympics a day away, India's sports ministry has announced cash prizes for the athletes who will return with medals.

A look into the other side of he Rio Olympics

While millions are in Rio for the Olympics, and billions watching the games on TV, the glamour of the Olympics hides the reality in Rio de Janeiro.