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18 May 2023

Formula 1

9 dead, F1 Emilia-Romagna GP canceled as floods ravage Italy

At least nine people reportedly died, while thousands were evacuated from their homes after torrential rain battered the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, triggering landslides and floods, officials revealed on Wednesday.

14 May 2023


Bridal dress with 50,000+ crystals sets new Guinness World Record 

A modest yet incredibly sparkling wedding dress astonished the crowd at the Si Sposaitalia Collezioni fashion show held in Milan, Italy, last month.

04 May 2023

Leonardo da Vinci

Italian historian solves mystery behind bridge in Mona Lisa painting

It's a moment to rejoice for the people of Tuscany.

22 Feb 2023

Travel And Tourism

Common tourist mistakes you must avoid in Italy

When we think about Italy, pizza, pasta, and Roman architecture strike our minds.

15 Jan 2023


Nepal plane crash: 5 Indians among 15 foreign passengers killed

At least five Indian nationals were onboard the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed near Pokhara in Nepal on Sunday morning, Nepal Civil Aviation Authority confirmed, per NDTV.

25 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas

5 weird Christmas traditions from around the world

While it may have started as a solely Christian festival, people from around the world have added their touch to Christmas with their own traditions along the way.

20 Dec 2022


5 best international wedding destinations

Destination weddings are on a roll ever since power couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married in Italy in 2017.

15 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

5 traditional Christmas dishes from around the world

December is not only the month to indulge in good food, go for exciting vacations, and sip on delicious hot chocolate but it is also the time for Christmas celebrations where you get to spend time with your loved ones at the dinner table over endless chitchats.

26 Sep 2022


5 books that showcase the culture of Italy through words

Italy is blessed with a rich history and a fascinating culture.

26 Sep 2022


Italy: Far-right leader Meloni set to become first woman PM

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni is set to become the first woman prime minister of Italy and succeed Mario Draghi after scoring a clear victory in Sunday's general election.

31 Aug 2022

Travel And Tourism

Check out these 5 unique hotels in Italy

Traveling to Italy and looking for an extraordinary place to stay at? Well, consider yourself sorted.

19 Aug 2022


Here's how you can make some scrumptious paninis at home

Panini or panino is a sandwich made with Italian bread. These include breads like focaccia, michetta, ciabatta, and baguette.

18 Aug 2022


National Ice Cream Pie Day 2022: History, celebrations and more

Observed on August 18 every year, National Ice Cream Pie Day celebrates the refreshing and delicious frozen dessert that comes in several flavors.

08 Aug 2022

Fashion Tips

5 things you must shop on your trip to Italy

Carrying a little something back home from your trip is a great way to be reminded of all the fun you had on your vacation.

31 Jul 2022


Italian court dismisses sexual abuse charges against Paul Haggis: Reports

Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis was arrested on charges of sexual abuse in southern Italy last month.

31 Jul 2022


Italian court dismisses sexual abuse charges against Paul Haggis: Reports

Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis was arrested on charges of sexual abuse in southern Italy last month.

19 Jul 2022


5 budget accommodations to consider on a trip to Venice

Known for its art and architecture, gorgeous scenic views, narrow canals, and gondolas, Venice is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

18 Jul 2022


We recommend these accommodations for a budget trip in Rome

The capital city of Italy, Rome is popular for the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and iconic classic architecture along with incredible food, a world-famous film industry, and stunning gardens.

15 Jul 2022


A must-read list of books for people in their 30s

For many people, reaching the age of 30 is a significant milestone as it marks the beginning of mature adulthood and perhaps the end of your youth.

05 Jul 2022


Venice to make tourists pay entry fee to tackle overtourism

The Italian city of Venice has introduced a new scheme where tourists have to book a spot and pay an entry fee before visiting the city.

05 Jul 2022


Story of Khaby Lame, the most followed TikToker

You must have come across hilarious videos of a guy demonstrating simpler alternatives to life hack videos on Instagram or TikTok, without saying a word.

04 Jul 2022


Storm-themed spa room in Italy has the Internet divided

How does the word spa create an image in your mind? Soothing music, dim lighting, and relaxation, right?

01 July 2022


Italian Alpine resort uses sounds of nature to entice tourists

At a time when social media and all platforms of advertising are brimming with exquisite visuals, a resort in Italy has decided to focus on a different sense altogether.

22 Jun 2022


5 cheese dripping goodness you must try in Italy

If cheesy dishes turn your head every time you pass through a food joint, this is for you.

20 Jun 2022


Filmmaker Paul Haggis arrested over sexual assault charges in Italy

Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis was detained by authorities on Sunday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in southern Italy, as reported by Italian media publications.

16 Jun 2022


5 heavenly Italian cheeses for cheese lovers

Italy is well-known for its great variety of cheeses as a lot of monasteries here were hubs of cheese-making during medieval times.

11 Jun 2022


5 beautiful accommodation options in Venice

Located in northeastern Italy and serving as the capital of the Veneto region, Venice is well-known for its stunning architectural heritage, beautiful bridges, gondola rides, winding canals, and soothing romantic vibes.

24 May 2022

Kourtney Kardashian

5 popular wedding destinations in Italy

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had a dream wedding in Portofino, Italy over the weekend with family and close friends in attendance.

26 Apr 2022


Italian recipes you can easily make at home

Have you been craving some Italian lately?

26 Apr 2022


Top 5 cities to travel to in 2022

With international travel curbs gone, you can now set out on your dream vacation abroad.

11 Mar 2022


#VacayGoals: 5 movies that'll inspire you to take that trip

Vacations are fun! They can lead you to meet new people, experience different cultures, food, etc, and basically, soak in something new.

11 Jan 2022


5 things to do in Tuscany

Located in Central Italy, Tuscany is a beautiful historical region that is surrounded by picturesque landscape, scenic vineyards, ancient towers, and interesting Renaissance art and architecture.

06 Jan 2022


Amid Omicron worry, 125 Italy-Amritsar flight passengers test COVID-positive

As many as 125 passengers from a chartered flight from Italy's Milan tested positive for COVID-19 after landing in Punjab's Amritsar on Thursday afternoon.

05 Oct 2021

Russia News

Russia: Hundreds of dead ravens fall from sky; experts baffled

Hundreds of dead ravens have been seen falling from the sky in apocalyptic scenes in the Ust-Tarka village of Novosibirsk Oblast in Russia.

22 Sep 2021


Former England pacer Jade Dernbach set to play for Italy

Former England fast bowler Jade Dernbach is set to play for Italy.

24 Aug 2021


Village near Rome is selling houses for just Rs. 87

Italy has been selling off houses in its beautiful countryside for just €1 (around Rs. 87) since last year, with the aim of repopulating the villages.

24 May 2021


Italy: Around 13 killed after cable car plunges to ground

A Stresa-Mottarone cable car taking visitors to a mountaintop view of Northern Italy's most picturesque lakes plummeted to the ground on Sunday, killing at least 13 people and sending two children to the hospital.

16 Mar 2021


Why European countries are halting the AstraZeneca shot

The largest and most influential European countries, like Germany, France, and Italy, have paused the rollout of coronavirus vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and British-Swedish pharma giant AstraZeneca over blood clot fears.

US: Coronavirus death toll approaches grim milestone of 500,000

The United States, which has been touching one grim milestone after another since the coronavirus outbreak in late 2019, is now close to logging 500,000 deaths.

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