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29 Jan 2023


WhatsApp is working on new features for iOS and Android

WhatsApp is working on bringing the ability to react to messages, within the announcement groups for communities on iOS.

26 Jan 2023

Donald Trump

Meta to reinstate Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts 

Two years after suspending him from Facebook and Instagram, Meta announced that it will reinstate Donald Trump's accounts on the social media platforms in the coming weeks.

26 Jan 2023


WhatsApp releases updates for iOS, Android beta: Check what's new

WhatsApp is rolling out certain improvements on the iOS and Android apps. However, the changes are currently limited to their respective beta channels.

25 Jan 2023

Facebook Messenger

End-to-end encrypted Facebook Messenger chats get themes, emojis, and Bubbles

Meta has announced that it commenced the global testing of end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) conversations on Facebook Messenger. The encryption will be offered to millions worldwide, over the coming months.

24 Jan 2023


Everything about WhatsApp's screenshot-blocking feature for 'View Once' messages

WhatsApp has put an end to taking screenshots of 'View Once' messages.

23 Jan 2023


Spotify fires 6% of the workforce amid organizational changes

Spotify has announced that it is reducing its employee base by about 6% across the company as the music-streaming giant looks to cut down on expenses amid recessionary fears.

23 Jan 2023


Top 5 upcoming WhatsApp features you need to know

WhatsApp is working to improve the user experience on its native Android and iOS apps. The Meta-owned platform is developing several new features, which individuals will soon be able to enjoy.

22 Jan 2023


WhatsApp introduces new feature to simplify group interactions on iOS

WhatsApp has released a new update for the iOS platform, which is pretty useful for group admins.

21 Jan 2023


WhatsApp will soon let you share images in original quality

Are you one of those users who avoid sharing pictures on WhatsApp because the quality is reduced? Well, you might not face this issue in the future.

21 Jan 2023


EU regulator fines Meta again; this time for WhatsApp

Meta cannot seem to catch a respite from fines. Two weeks after it imposed a hefty €390 million penalty on the tech giant for violating Europe's privacy laws, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has fined Meta an additional €5.5 million.

20 Jan 2023


Instagram introduces 'Quiet' mode: Here's how to use it

Instagram has started releasing new updates to improve the in-app experience for users in 2023.

18 Jan 2023


WhatsApp releases new voice status feature for Android beta users

WhatsApp will soon permit you to post a voice message as status. With the feature, you will be able to record and post voice clips instead of text.

18 Jan 2023


Effective ways to prepare for a possible layoff

When there is an economic downturn, it is common for companies to lay off their employees to cut costs.

16 Jan 2023


WhatsApp will soon allow you to block contacts from notifications

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new shortcut that will allow you to block users right from notifications, according to WABetaInfo.

14 Jan 2023


WhatsApp to allow Android-to-Android chat migration without Google Drive

WhatsApp is working on a new feature named 'Chat Transfer,' for Android, according to WABetaInfo.

12 Jan 2023


WhatsApp's upcoming feature will make blocking contacts easier on Android

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a shortcut for the block feature. According to WABetaInfo, you will be able to block users directly from the chat list.

10 Jan 2023


Instagram to revamp home screen; removes shopping tab from menu

Instagram is going to release a redesigned version of the navigation bar in February.

10 Jan 2023


Microsoft's VALL-E can imitate any voice in just 3 seconds

Three seconds, that's all it takes for Microsoft's newly developed text-to-speech AI model to mimic a person's voice. Dubbed VALL-E, it can generate audio of a person saying anything once it learns a specific voice.

Meta's new AI ad tech aims to reduce discrimination

In a bid to address concerns about its ads being discriminatory, Meta has rolled out some changes to ensure that the real audience for an ad matches closely with the target audience.

09 Jan 2023

Tata CliQ

Meet Vikas Purohit, Meta's new global business group head

Meta has appointed Vikas Purohit, the former Tata CLiQ CEO, as the Director of Global Business Group in India. He will be in charge of spearheading the company's relationship with advertisers and businesses in the country.

05 Jan 2023


EU ruling could change how Meta serves Facebook, Instagram ads

The days of targeted advertising are possibly nearing their end in Europe. At least, that's what an EU regulator's ruling on targeted ads by Facebook and Instagram suggests.

02 Jan 2023

Mark Zuckerberg

#NewsBytesExplainer: Understanding Meta's Augmented Reality aspirations and what lies ahead

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, it changed the equation of social interactions. It was a disrupting force.

29 Dec 2022


Who is Andrew Tate? Looking at his endless, blazing controversies

American-British social media personality and former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate enjoys a frequent spot in the news, albeit for bizarre, outlandish reasons.

29 Dec 2022


WhatsApp will soon allow users to select chats on desktops

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will help users organize their chat lists on desktops.

27 Dec 2022


Starting 2023, WhatsApp won't work on certain iPhones, Android devices

WhatsApp will no longer function on some iPhones and Android devices beginning January 1, 2023.

Popular gadgets, apps, and other tech we lost in 2022

To say this year has been a whirlwind for the science and tech world is an understatement. From tech downfall to AI's giant leap to James Webb...we have seen it all.

24 Dec 2022


WhatsApp feature alert: Users can report status updates soon

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will help users report status updates right from their status section on Windows.

23 Dec 2022


Best WhatsApp features released in 2022: From Communities to Avatars 

WhatsApp, which was launched in February 2009, is currently one of the most popular and widely used social media apps.

22 Dec 2022


Year in review: Meta's highs and lows in 2022

With 2023 fast approaching, it is a good time to take a step back and look at how our favorite companies fared this year.

Top 5 AI tools of 2022 you must try

The year 2022 has been a wild year for artificial intelligence. OpenAI, Meta, DeepMind, Google, Baidu...everyone was busy one-upping their rivals and themselves.

18 Dec 2022


WhatsApp introduces ability to disable call notifications on Windows beta

WhatsApp is now allowing desktop users to turn off call alerts.

17 Dec 2022


Meta's VR head John Carmack resigns, calls company inefficient

John Carmack, the consulting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Meta's virtual reality initiatives has resigned to work on his AGI startup, Keen Technologies.

15 Dec 2022


Meta knew Instagram was showing dangerous content to teen girls

An unpublished internal document has brought the spotlight over Meta's ways of choosing profit over the safety of teen girls.

14 Dec 2022


Instagram rolls out Twitter-like 'Notes' and BeReal clone 'Candid Stories'

Instagram has rolled out a series of new features that could set the tone for a big 2023 for the company.

13 Dec 2022


After Amazon and Meta, Cisco starts laying off 4,000 employees

The tech layoff season is in full swing. Now, Cisco has joined the list of companies that have laid off its employees amid a sluggish economic environment.

13 Dec 2022


Meta shutters its Connectivity division after nearly a decade

Meta Connectivity is no more. Almost a decade after launching the initiative, the company has shut down its Connectivity division.

13 Dec 2022


WhatsApp's 'View Once' feature to roll out for text messages

WhatsApp is working on bringing a 'View Once' feature to text messages.

07 Dec 2022


WhatsApp Avatars launched with billions of customizations: How to use

WhatsApp has just gained Meta's signature "Avatars" feature. This option, inspired by Bitmojis, is already available on Facebook and Instagram.

06 Dec 2022


Why is Meta threatening to remove news content in US

If there is one issue that gets Meta riled more than Apple's privacy updates, it is governments asking the company to compensate news organizations for news content.

06 Dec 2022

Facebook Dating

Meta is using AI to determine age on Facebook Dating

Meta has been testing various age-verification methods on its platforms as it tries to make its group of apps safe and secure. The company has now announced that it is expanding the age-verification tools to Facebook Dating, its dating app.

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