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Microsoft is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Washington, US. It produces consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and other related products and services. The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It released the Microsoft Windows in 1985 and in 1990 it introduced the Microsoft Office Suit. Other popular software systems include the Internet Explorer, Microsoft Vista, and Edge Web browser. Its product-line includes Surface series laptops and tablets as well as Xbox video game consoles.

Microsft will pay $20mn to settle Xbox child privacy violation

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does not seem to be a big fan of Microsoft. First, it filed a lawsuit to block the tech giant's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

29 May 2023

Latest Tech News

Cybersecurity best practices: Follow Microsoft's tips to prevent attacks

In today's data-driven world, IT security has emerged as an essential driver for an organization's success.

27 May 2023

United Kingdom

Microsoft appeals UK watchdog's decision to block Activision acquisition

Microsoft's $69 billion takeover of Activision Blizzard was dealt a blow in April when UK's competition watchdog, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), blocked the deal.

26 May 2023


After OpenAI, Microsoft shares its views on AI regulation

How to regulate AI? This seems to be the question of the hour.

24 May 2023


Microsoft and NVIDIA join forces to enhance enterprise AI efforts

The generative AI fever has reached everywhere. Companies are busy creating AI solutions by themselves and by collaborating with other firms.

23 May 2023


Microsoft Build 2023 highlights: Copilot, Dev Home, Fabric, and more

Microsoft seems to be enjoying its lead in the AI arms race. If it wasn't clear, the company is showing that on the first day of Build 2023, its annual developer conference.

22 May 2023

Bill Gates

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly blackmailed Bill Gates over extramarital affair

Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous American financier who was a convicted sex offender, was known for his connection to an array of rich and powerful men.

19 May 2023


Twitter is at loggerheads with Microsoft: Here's why

Elon Musk threatened to sue Microsoft last month. If you thought the Twitter CEO's words were a hollow threat, you are in for a surprise.

18 May 2023


Google challenges Microsoft's GitHub Copilot with AI-powered Colab

An AI race has taken shape in the past few months. On one side, we have Microsoft and OpenAI, and on the other, there is Google.

Bing Chat for Android and iOS becomes smarter: Here's how

The AI race is heating up and Microsoft has no intention of slowing down.

16 May 2023

Windows 11

Microsoft introduces Phone Link for iOS: How to use it

Microsoft's Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 devices.

16 May 2023

United Kingdom

EU approves Microsoft-Activision deal: What it means for other markets

Less than a month after the United Kingdom's competition watchdog red-flagged Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the deal has been approved by the European Union's antitrust regulators.

09 May 2023


LinkedIn fires over 700 employees, shuts down China-focused app

LinkedIn, which helps others find jobs, has decided to axe as many as 716 of its employees amid a weakening global economic outlook.

05 May 2023

Joe Biden

Joe Biden meets CEOs of AI companies: Key takeaways

The rise of generative AI has fueled new hopes but also new fears. ChatGPT and its ilk have become the latest cause of worry for governments and lawmakers across the world.

05 May 2023


Google is playing catch-up in the AI race: Here's why

It is clear to everyone watching the tech space that Google is playing catch-up in the AI race. The tech giant has fallen behind Microsoft and OpenAI in the pecking order.

04 May 2023


5 features that make Microsoft's Bing Chat better than ChatGPT

Microsoft became the front-runner in the AI race with its new Bing AI chatbot. The company is trying to extend that lead.

How US plans to mitigate AI safety concerns

The field of AI is witnessing rapid growth, but the increasing advancements are also sparking several concerns about the risks associated with the technology.

26 Apr 2023

United Kingdom

UK's competition watchdog stops Microsoft from buying Activision

In a massive blow to Microsoft, UK's competition watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), has blocked its $69 billion deal to acquire Activision Blizzard.

26 Apr 2023

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet, Microsoft Q1 results: Is the worst finally behind us

The first quarter results of Alphabet and Microsoft have surprised everyone. The tech giants, both of which have been struggling due to the post-COVID tech meltdown, have outperformed Wall Street's expectations with their performance in Q1 FY23.

24 Apr 2023


Google Cloud gets AI chip team: Can it challenge Microsoft

Google is scrambling to find momentum in the AI race. The company has been making multiple moves to challenge its rivals, including Microsoft, OpenAI, and Amazon.

21 Apr 2023


Google to adopt generative AI in ad business: Here's how

Google is going for an all-out attack in the generative AI race to make up for its sluggish start.

20 Apr 2023

Elon Musk

Elon Musk wants to sue Microsoft: Here's why

Elon Musk has never been a fan of how OpenAI banded together with Microsoft and became a profit-making company. But he has taken his dislike for the Redmond-based tech giant up a notch this time.

18 Apr 2023


'Project Magi': How Google is revamping Search to challenge Bing  

The AI gold rush started by ChatGPT is here to stay. The question is, can Google play a significant role in the AI revolution, or will it be sidelined?

14 Apr 2023


How Amazon is competing against Microsoft, Google in AI race 

Amazon has entered the generative AI race. The cloud giant joining the fray is expected to crank up the intensity of an already fierce race.

13 Apr 2023


Google staring at another round of layoffs: Here's why 

The last few months have seen mass layoffs becoming a common occurrence. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world have been hit by the layoff season.

07 Apr 2023

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and Melinda share images of their newborn grandchild

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda French Gates shared images of their newborn grandchild on Thursday on separate Instagram posts and the internet is gushing over the adorable images.

07 Apr 2023

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge gets DALL-E-powered Image Creator: How to use it

Microsoft Edge is getting better and better. If you are an Edge user and are in need of a particular image, you may not need to go any further than the browser's sidebar.

06 Apr 2023


Sundar Pichai confirms Google Search will get Bard AI chatbot

It's been two decades since Google became the number one search engine in the world. Search is the company's core business and is responsible for half of Alphabet's revenue.

06 Apr 2023


Microsoft Bing AI chatbot now available on Android via SwiftKey

Microsoft was not kidding when it said AI would be integrated into every application of the company. The list that started with Bing has now reached SwiftKey.

30 Mar 2023


Is Microsoft Bing safe? Someone just manipulated the search results

After spending years in relative obscurity, Microsoft's Bing is slowly gaining traction among users courtesy of its GPT-4-powered avatar.

28 Mar 2023


Microsoft-owned GitHub lays off entire engineering team in India

GitHub, the popular software development company owned by Microsoft, has laid off the entire engineering team in India.

23 Mar 2023

Google Bard

Bard in Google Messages: Are AI-generated messages coming soon

We're in the age of generative AI. The flame started by ChatGPT has pushed major tech companies like Google to look for their answers to OpenAI's conversational chatbot.

Here's how you can generate pictures using Bing Image Creator

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered image creator to its search engine Bing. With the Bing Image Creator, you can now generate an image by simply describing the type of picture you wish to see.

22 Mar 2023


Google Bard v/s OpenAI ChatGPT: Which chatbot is better

The generative AI battle between Google and Microsft has entered a new phase, with Google now opening limited access to Bard.

21 Mar 2023


After Meta, Amazon, these tech companies may cut more jobs

Amazon has announced the termination of 9,000 roles, making it the latest giant to announce a second round of layoffs. The company previously axed around 18,000 employees.

20 Mar 2023


Aggressive Microsoft: How is it challenging Apple, Google, and Sony

Microsoft is taking the fight to its rivals across the board. The pending Activision Blizzard deal, partnership with OpenAI, and now a mobile game store to challenge the Apple-Google duopoly in the app market.

17 Mar 2023


How does GPT-4-powered Copilot fare against Google's AI in Workspace

Microsoft is busy integrating OpenAI's large language models (LLMs) into its range of products. The company has now introduced GPT-4-powered Copilot for Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Is Microsoft prioritizing AI dominance over responsible AI

AI tools are becoming more mainstream than ever. OpenAI's rise to popularity courtesy of ChatGPT and its partnership with Microsoft has pushed AI development into hyper speed.

11 Mar 2023


Why OpenAI's GPT-4 is believed to be a "game changer"

OpenAI's ChatGPT took the artificial intelligence world by storm, with its conversational skills that were far beyond anything seen in the past. The popular chatbot interface was based on GPT-3 framework.

08 Mar 2023


Google is close to building a 1,000-language revolutionary AI model

Google is on a mission to overhaul Microsoft's upper hand in the AI race. It might be closer to Microsoft than we imagine.

04 Mar 2023

Bill Gates

Bill Gates meets Modi, lauds India's progress in various sectors

Microsoft co-founder and United States (US) business magnate Bill Gates met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday and stated that the meeting made him more optimistic than ever about India's progress in climate, development, and health.

03 Mar 2023

Call Of Duty Game

What is the latest in Microsoft's $69bn acquisition of Activision

Microsoft's $69 billion proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been in limbo for a while now. The deal, which has irked regulators around the world, might finally see the light of day.

01 Mar 2023

Windows 11

Microsoft rolls out new Windows 11 update: Check top features

US tech giant Microsoft has rolled out its latest update for Windows 11 users.

27 Feb 2023


Just two months into 2023, 1.2L techies have been fired 

The year 2022 was a bad one for tech employees. It seems 2023 is even worse, and it's only been two months.

23 Feb 2023

Bill Gates

Bill Gates lauds India's ability to tackle big challenges

Microsoft co-founder and American business magnate Bill Gates expressed confidence in India's ability to address major challenges. In his "GatesNotes" blog on Wednesday, Gates claimed that India as a whole gives him hope for the future.

21 Feb 2023

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams 2.0 is coming next month: What to expect

A new version of Microsoft Teams is on the cards. The company plans to launch a preview of the revamped Teams to users in March, reported The Verge.

18 Feb 2023


Microsoft limits Bing's ChatGPT-powered chatbot to 5 questions per session

Microsoft has now set a limit of five responses per session and 50 questions per day for the ChatGPT-powered Bing chatbot.

13 Feb 2023

Internet Explorer

Starting tomorrow, Internet Explorer will redirect you to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will deactivate Internet Explorer on Windows 10 via a software update, which will be pushed tomorrow (February 14).

11 Feb 2023


Microsoft's layoffs begin; company fires employees in HoloLens, Surface, Xbox

Microsoft announced its decision to lay off 10,000 employees last month. As part of it, the company has now cuts jobs in units, including HoloLens mixed reality hardware, Surface devices, and Xbox gaming division.

09 Feb 2023

Alibaba Group

Chatbot battle gets real! Now, Alibaba is testing ChatGPT rival

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has become the latest to board the generative AI bandwagon. The company confirmed that it is developing a ChatGPT-like tool.

09 Feb 2023

Bill Gates

Who is Bill Gates's new girlfriend Paula Hurd

American business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates has reportedly found a new love!

07 Feb 2023


Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing is open for everyone starting today 

Microsoft's surprise event at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington was expected to be a watershed moment in the evolution of the internet and AI.

03 Feb 2023

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announces Teams Premium with features powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5

What happens when Microsoft Teams gets the features of OpenAI's GPT-3.5? We don't have to wonder about that because Microsoft has announced Teams Premium with features powered by GPT-3.5.

01 Feb 2023


PayPal faces job cuts amid economic slowdown; 2,000 employees axed

PayPal has announced that it is axing 2,000 employees or roughly 7% of its workforce.

25 Jan 2023

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft services face outage: Teams, Outlook, Azure down globally

Multiple Microsoft services, like Outlook and Teams, are down for users around the world, including India. The company said that it is investigating the issue.

25 Jan 2023

Satya Nadella

Microsoft's profit declines by 12% in Q4 amid economic uncertainties

Microsoft has announced its earnings report for the final three months of 2022. The tech giant recorded its lowest growth in revenue since 2016, while profit dropped by double digits.

Microsoft extends partnership with OpenAI in a multibillion dollar investment

Microsoft has decided to extend its partnership with ChatGPT owner OpenAI via a "multiyear multibillion dollar investment."

23 Jan 2023


Spotify fires 6% of the workforce amid organizational changes

Spotify has announced that it is reducing its employee base by about 6% across the company as the music-streaming giant looks to cut down on expenses amid recessionary fears.

23 Jan 2023


Google to showcase AI chatbot that will take on ChatGPT

Alarm bells have started ringing at Google, thanks to OpenAI's ChatGPT.

22 Jan 2023


Wipro fires 452 freshers citing poor performance in internal assessment

India's leading IT firm Wipro has fired over 450 new employees citing poor performance amid unabated layoffs in the corporate and IT sectors.

OpenAI's viral chatbot ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft Azure service

Microsoft has announced the expansion of Azure OpenAI Service to the general public. As a cherry on top, the company has revealed it will add OpenAI's viral chatbot ChatGPT to the cloud-based service "soon."

Microsoft's VALL-E can imitate any voice in just 3 seconds

Three seconds, that's all it takes for Microsoft's newly developed text-to-speech AI model to mimic a person's voice. Dubbed VALL-E, it can generate audio of a person saying anything once it learns a specific voice.

08 Jan 2023

Google Chrome

Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 won't receive Google Chrome updates

It's official! Google Chrome will not get security updates on desktops running Windows 7 and 8/8.1 starting January 10.

04 Jan 2023

Satya Nadella

#NewsBytesExplainer: How Satya Nadella brought Microsoft back from irrelevancy

Microsoft was seen as a relic of the past when Satya Nadella took charge as CEO in 2014. It had missed every significant tech innovation in the past decade and was battling a complacent and political work culture at that time.

12 Dec 2022

Windows 11

New Windows 11 feature: Users can now record the screen

Microsoft is rolling out a screen recording option on Windows 11. This feature has been incorporated into the Snipping tool. The recorded content will be saved in the form of short video clips.

12 Dec 2022


Microsoft announces 10-year deal with London Stock Exchange; buys stake

Tech giant Microsoft has announced a 10-year strategic partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). As part of the deal, the company takes an approximately 4% equity stake in the bourse operator.

09 Dec 2022


Microsoft-Activision Blizzard's $69 billion deal: The good, bad, and ugly

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft sent shockwaves through the gaming and tech industry with its announcement that it would acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion.

25 Nov 2022


Sony PlayStation 6 will be released after 2027

Sony's PlayStation 6 won't launch anytime before 2027, according to the company's official document.

15 Nov 2022

Windows 11

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5, Pro 9 bookings open in India

Microsoft is accepting pre-orders for the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9 in India starting today.

11 Nov 2022

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder's collection fetches $1.6bn in most expensive art auction

Paul Allen, the late co-founder of Microsoft, was known for revolutionizing computing. However, he was also an avid art collector.

10 Nov 2022


#NewsBytesExplainer: Major tech layoffs in the post-pandemic era

The year 2022 has been a weird one for tech-based companies around the world. Following a decade of riding the stock market bull and a pandemic peak, they are now faced with a glum post-pandemic reality.

04 Nov 2022

Gaming Consoles

Is Microsoft Xbox Series X set to receive another price-hike?

Microsoft will increase the price of its Xbox Series X console in India, according to gaming analyst Rishi Alwani. This should be the third hike in this year alone.

21 Oct 2022

Reliance Jio

Reliance JioBook launched at Rs. 15,800; now available for purchase

Reliance Jio's JioBook is now up for grabs in India. The laptop can be purchased by customers through the brand's official e-store at Rs. 15,799.

20 Oct 2022


Layoffs in 2022: Thousands lose jobs at leading tech companies

The Big Tech companies in the world have been the golden standard for attractive benefits and high salaries. However, a looming recession can change everything.

14 Oct 2022

US Army

Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality headset makes US soldiers nauseated

US Army soldiers are feeling the need to puke. No, it's not because of a difficult training regimen.

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