Gmail: News

25 May 2024


Gmail now automatically sorts lower-priority emails

Google is introducing a refreshed 'Updates' inbox for Gmail on Android and iOS platforms, aiming to help users "focus on the emails that matter most."

03 May 2024


Declutter your inbox: How to delete old emails in Gmail

For Gmail users seeking to declutter their inbox, deleting old emails can be an effective solution.

26 Apr 2024


Google accused of manipulating search results to thwart rival services

Tuta Mail, a global email service provider claiming to have over 10 million users, has accused tech giant Google of exploiting its market dominance to limit Tuta Mail's visibility in search results.

15 Apr 2024


Gmail's upcoming feature will make unsubscribing from emails a breeze

Google is developing a new tool for Gmail, which aims to simplify email management and improve the user experience.

04 Apr 2024

Google Gemini

Google to integrate Gemini AI-powered reply suggestions in Gmail

Google is planning to incorporate Gemini AI-driven reply suggestions into its popular email platform, Gmail, according to PiunikaWeb.

Superhuman introduces AI-backed instant email replies for improved productivity

Email start-up Superhuman has unveiled an AI-driven instant replies feature, offering users three contextual response options for quicker email answers.

27 Feb 2024


How to streamline your Gmail and keep your inbox clutter-free

Gmail is essential for communication, with over one and a half billion users relying on its robust platform for managing emails, schedules, and tasks.

24 Feb 2024

Elon Musk

Elon Musk's XMail to challenge Google's dominance in email market

Elon Musk has confirmed the forthcoming launch of XMail, a rival to Google's Gmail service.

21 Jan 2024


Google Maps' new feature helps diners make informed decisions

Google Maps has rolled out an innovative feature that connects user-generated food photos with their respective menu items.

20 Jan 2024


Gmail revamps unsubscribe and spam reporting features: Here's why

Google has revamped Gmail's features to make it easier for users to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and report spam.

18 Jan 2024


Google Chat's revamped version rolling out on Android: What's new

Google Chat's revamped homescreen is now widely available on Android devices, following the release of its new icon.

12 Dec 2023

Google Nest

Google to discontinue these 6 services in 2024

Google is set to discontinue several of its services next year, including Podcasts and Jamboard.

27 Nov 2023


Google to delete inactive Gmail accounts: How to protect yours 

Starting December 1, Google will delete Gmail accounts that have been inactive for at least two years.

21 Oct 2023


Gmail introduces split-screen view for tablets, foldable smartphones

Gmail is enhancing its user experience for tablet and foldable device users by introducing a split-screen view option.

10 Oct 2023


Google introduces emoji reactions in Gmail: How to access feature

Google has announced it is adding emoji reactions to its Gmail app. This feature will offer users a quick and enjoyable way to respond to emails without the need for lengthy replies.

05 Oct 2023


Google brings Gmail app to Wear OS smartwatches

Google is releasing the Gmail app for Wear OS, allowing smartwatch users to access their mail right from their wrist.

04 Oct 2023


Google's new rules will help keep your Gmail spam-free

Google is taking action against spam in Gmail by setting new rules for bulk senders.

23 Sep 2023


Gmail's Android app introduces 'Select All' button: How it works

Google has added a "Select All" button to the Gmail app for Android, allowing users to quickly select emails in their inbox and perform a range of tasks.

20 Sep 2023

Google Bard

Google's AI chatbot Bard can now double-check its answers

Google has announced a significant expansion of its AI chatbot, Bard's capabilities.

09 Aug 2023


Gmail introduces translation feature for mobile app: How to use

Google is bringing native email translation for its Gmail app on Android and iOS devices, a feature previously exclusive to the web version.

04 May 2023


How is Gmail's blue tick different from Twitter and Instagram's

Once a sign of prestige on Twitter, the blue checkmark has been a contentious topic for some time now. It is seen as a symbol of legitimacy on several digital platforms.

03 Mar 2023


See what Google knows about you; you won't like it

Most of us have used at least one of Google's products and services. And most of us have wondered how much the tech giant knows about us.

27 Feb 2023


Major outage: Gmail is down for thousands worldwide

Having trouble accessing Gmail? Well, you are not alone.

25 Dec 2022


Top tips to declutter your Gmail account in 2023

New Year is just around the corner. Now, it's that time of the year when people begin taking resolutions to become more productive in the coming days.

19 Dec 2022


Google launches client-side encryption on Gmail web for businesses

Google has finally introduced client-side encryption for Gmail on the web. Users can get a taste of end-to-end encryption on the email client by applying for the beta version.

10 Dec 2022


Gmail down for millions of users across world: Details here

Gmail suffered a massive outage late on Saturday as the services of tech giant Google's popular email platform went down for millions of users across the globe due to a technical glitch, said reports.

28 Nov 2022

Data privacy

What's Proton Mail and why many prefer it over Gmail?

Proton Mail, a product of Switzerland-based Proton, has been the flagbearer of privacy in the world of email service providers.

18 Oct 2022


New redesign makes Gmail settings so much better on iOS

Google has made Gmail simpler on iPad and iPhone. The company has redesigned the app on iOS to make it more user-friendly.

28 Jul 2022

Google Meet

Google rolls out redesigned Gmail: Check all the new features

Google first gave us a sneak peek at the integrated Gmail back in January. Now, the company has announced that the redesigned Gmail is rolling out to everyone.

03 Jul 2022


Gmail, Hotmail users beware! This fake email steals Facebook details

Gmail and Hotmail users are being advised to be on the lookout for a scam email disguising as a message from the Facebook Support team.

01 Jul 2022


Google Drive: Top tips and tricks you must know

For most of us, a day without using at least one of Google's services is almost unthinkable. Today, we take a look at one of Google's most valuable services - the Drive.

30 Jun 2022

Google Pay (Gpay)

Top 5 Gmail tips and tricks everyone should know

For many working professionals, a large part of the day is consumed while managing emails on Gmail.

29 Jun 2022


Google Hangouts will hang up its boots in November

Google Hangouts' days are officially numbered, as the company plans to shut it down in November. Back in February, the Hangouts app for Workspace was replaced by 'Google Chat.'

27 Jun 2022


Gmail offline introduced: How to read, send mails without internet?

US tech giant Google has rolled out an offline version of its popular mailing service Gmail.

09 Sep 2021


Soon, you can place Google Meet VoIP calls from Gmail

It appears that Google wants the Gmail app to do everything for Workspace users. Announcing new features, Google said that Gmail will receive a redesign to unmask its true identity as a central hub for every Google communication app.

25 Aug 2021


Google's Smart Reply suggestions now available for comments on Docs

Google's Smart Reply feature, which was first launched for Gmail, lets people quickly select an appropriate response to the emails they receive and expand on it appropriately.

23 Mar 2021


Why were Google Chrome, Gmail apps crashing for some users

Early this morning, Android users around the world reported notifications alerting them that multiple apps had stopped running. The affected apps include Gmail, multiple banking apps, and Google Pay.

14 Dec 2020


Gmail, YouTube, Maps suffer major global outage; Google confirms

Some Google services appear to be back online after facing a major outage on Monday.

21 Sep 2020


Google teases Gmail facelift, starting with a new logo

After adding a bunch of new features into Gmail for personal and G Suite accounts, Google appears to be working on a facelift for the service.

23 Aug 2020


#WeeklyRecap: Apple hits $2 trillion, Gmail suffers outage, and more

This week, both Apple and Google made major headlines in the world of tech.

21 Aug 2020


#BugAlert: Gmail bug allowed sending fake emails from real accounts

Gmail has been having a really bad time lately.

20 Aug 2020


#OutageAlert: Gmail, Drive, Docs, and other services are down [Fixed]

A number of Google services, including Gmail and Google Docs, appear to have been affected in what looks like a major outage.

16 Jul 2020


NewsBytes Tech Briefing: Zoom's video-conference device, unified Gmail, and more

Along with the massive hack of high profile Twitter accounts, a lot has happened in the world of technology in the last 24 hours.

01 Jul 2020


Gmail suffers outage, creating work woes for many

In a major shocker, Google's primary email service Gmail has gone down for a number of users around the world.

17 Jun 2020


Now, you can have Google Meet calls via Gmail app

As the need for video-conferencing continues to surge due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google is doubling down on Meet, its premium virtual meeting platform.

Google blocks over 18 million malicious COVID-19 messages daily

Ever since COVID-19 outbreaks began, scammers have been taking advantage of people's fears around the disease to phish them for personal/financial information.

08 Apr 2020


This Gmail competitor can end your endless spam woes

Edison, the company that offers the famous 'Edison Mail' app to manage multiple email services, has launched OnMail, an email service of its own.

27 Feb 2020


#WeirdBug: Gmail not letting users clear out spam, trash

Gmail, one of the most famous email apps on the internet, has been plagued by a small, albeit highly annoying, issue.

26 Feb 2020


Now, Gmail is using deep learning to block malicious attachments

Google has long been warning about the dangers of malicious email attachments - a common attack vector used by hackers looking to steal your personal/financial information.

20 Feb 2020


Now, Google's AI will help you type in Docs

In a bid to take on the likes of Microsoft Word, Google has started deploying AI-powered Smart Compose and auto-correction capabilities in Docs, its own cloud-based word processor.

10 Dec 2019


Now, you can attach multiple emails in Gmail: Here's how

After a redesigned interface, Google is adding a handy new feature into Gmail - the ability to attach multiple emails into one email.

24 Nov 2019


Now, you will see web page-like 'dynamic' emails in Gmail

Google wants to revamp the experience of emails, and for that, it is bringing a completely new capability into Gmail - called dynamic emails.

12 Oct 2019


Your boss can read your emails on Gmail. Here's how

Nobody enjoys being the target of eavesdropping, particularly when it's your boss doing the spying!

27 Sep 2019


#HappyBirthdayGoogle: 8 fun facts you may not know about Google

In 1998, Google debuted as a digital dog capable of finding/retrieving stuff for internet users.

12 Sep 2019


How to enable Dark Mode in Gmail for Android

After bringing dark mode into a myriad of apps, Google is finally doing the same for its own emailing service.