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Google is an American multinational technology company. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998, Google has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. has been listed as the most visited website globally and the second most valuable brand in the world. Sundar Pichai, an Indian American is the current CEO of this multi-billion dollar company.

29 May 2023

Google Maps

Explore India virtually: Google Street View now covers entire country 

Google Maps Street View gives users a panoramic 360-degree view of different locations. The feature was banned in India due to security reasons.

What is Google Magic Compose and how to use it

Google has rolled out Magic Compose, a new AI-powered feature that helps you write text messages.

26 May 2023


NVIDIA nears $1 trillion valuation: What factors led to this

The AI boom has got companies worldwide trying to make their own mark with the new technology. Some companies have stood out with their AI efforts, including Microsoft and OpenAI.

26 May 2023

Latest Tech News

How to join Google Search Labs program

Google has opened up access to Search Labs, which allows users to enjoy the tech giant's early experiments for Search.

Snowflake acquires Google-challenger Neeva to improve its generative AI credentials

Rumors have been circulating for some time now about the potential acquisition of Neeva by Snowflake, a cloud-based data platform.

'AI represents hegemonic viewpoints': Google's ousted engineer drops several warnings

Timnit Gebru, a former Google employee, has been warning the world about the dangers of artificial intelligence for some time. But until now, no one paid any heed to her warnings.

19 May 2023

Google Pixel

Leaked video confirms Pixel 8 Pro's design and temperature-monitoring feature

Google's Pixel 8 series is likely to debut in October. While the launch is still months away, the top-tier Pixel 8 Pro has appeared in a leaked video.

18 May 2023


Google challenges Microsoft's GitHub Copilot with AI-powered Colab

An AI race has taken shape in the past few months. On one side, we have Microsoft and OpenAI, and on the other, there is Google.

Google justifies new in-app billing policy as criticism mounts 

Google's new payments policy has invited the ire of app developers and start-ups. The company has now come out in defense of the policy that went into effect on April 26.

Google now flags AI-generated pictures, identifies image sources: Here's how

Google has introduced two new features to its image search function which will help viewers verify the authenticity of the pictures appearing in the results.

15 May 2023

Google Pixel 6

Google's Pixel 6, 7 line-ups facing overheating, battery drainage issues

Google's Pixel 6 and 7 series models are witnessing battery drain and overheating issues, as per several posts appearing on Reddit, Twitter, and the Google Support Forum.

15 May 2023


Why OnePlus Pad is better than Google Pixel Tablet

The Pixel Tablet is Google's first tablet in years. It has a good display, a flagship-grade Tensor G2 chipset, a decent battery life, and a bundled dock that converts the device into a smart display for various use cases.

14 May 2023


5 smartphones with best displays as per DXOMARK ratings

DXOMARK, known for its camera tests and reviews, also ranks the quality of smartphone displays, helping buyers make an informed decision.

14 May 2023

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold v/s OPPO Find N2: Which is better

The Google Pixel Fold and OPPO Find N2 are great options for users who want a powerful foldable smartphone with multitasking abilities.

12 May 2023

Google Pixel 7

Why Google Pixel 7 is better buy than Pixel 7a 

Google unveiled the Pixel 7a as its latest mid-range smartphone at I/O 2023.

11 May 2023

Google Pixel Fold

Is Google Pixel Fold better than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Google has finally introduced its first foldable handset, the Pixel Fold. Its bookings are open in the international markets.

11 May 2023

Google Search

How Google's AI-updated Search differs from the Bard chatbot

Google's I/O 2023 event was packed. From PaLM 2 to Google Bard, the tech giant made a couple of interesting announcements.

11 May 2023

Android Auto

New features of Android Auto: Zoom calls to YouTube streaming

First introduced in 2015, Android Auto slowly started to gain popularity in the Android community.

10 May 2023

Google Bard

Google I/O: Pixel devices, Bard, PaLM 2, and more introduced

Google I/O 2023 kicked off with a keynote address from CEO Sundar Pichai and concluded with an upbeat ending.

Google I/O 2023: All AI-related announcements we can hear tomorrow

Google's annual developer conference, I/O 2023, will be held tomorrow. The tech giant is expected to introduce a slew of Pixel devices at the event. However, that's not all.

06 May 2023


Upcoming foldable smartphones in 2023: Pixel Fold to OnePlus Fold

Samsung has been the leader in the foldable smartphone segment for a while now. However, the battle is set to become serious.

05 May 2023

Joe Biden

Joe Biden meets CEOs of AI companies: Key takeaways

The rise of generative AI has fueled new hopes but also new fears. ChatGPT and its ilk have become the latest cause of worry for governments and lawmakers across the world.

05 May 2023

Google Bard

Google to introduce Bard AI widget on Pixel devices

Google is working on bringing Bard AI as a home-screen widget to Pixel smartphones and the upcoming tablet, as per a decompiled APK by 9to5Google.

05 May 2023


Google is playing catch-up in the AI race: Here's why

It is clear to everyone watching the tech space that Google is playing catch-up in the AI race. The tech giant has fallen behind Microsoft and OpenAI in the pecking order.

05 May 2023

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold officially previewed: Check features and specifications

Google has officially previewed the Pixel Fold, its first-ever foldable smartphone.

04 May 2023

Google Bard

Everything Google will announce at I/O 2023 on May 10

We are only days away from Google's annual developer's conference, the I/O 2023.

04 May 2023


How is Gmail's blue tick different from Twitter and Instagram's

Once a sign of prestige on Twitter, the blue checkmark has been a contentious topic for some time now. It is seen as a symbol of legitimacy on several digital platforms.

03 May 2023

Google Pixel 6a

Buy Pixel 6a at discount or wait for Pixel 7a?

Google will launch its Pixel 7a handset in India on May 11. As the debut of the next-generation model is days away, Flipkart is offering an attractive price cut on the Pixel 6a.

How US plans to mitigate AI safety concerns

The field of AI is witnessing rapid growth, but the increasing advancements are also sparking several concerns about the risks associated with the technology.

'Godfather of AI' Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google: His incredible contributions

Geoffrey Hinton is known for his pioneering work spanning almost five decades in the field of artificial intelligence, and is often called the 'Godfather of AI.'

01 May 2023


Flipkart Big Saving Days sale: Check top deals on smartphones

Flipkart's 'Big Saving Days' sale will begin on May 4. The e-commerce giant has now revealed some of the deals on popular smartphones.

30 Apr 2023


Google Pixel Fold v/s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: Foldables compared

The competition in the foldable smartphone segment is about to get more fierce, as Google is gearing up to launch the Pixel Fold.

Upcoming smartphones in 2023: Google Pixel 7a to Samsung Flip5

So far, 2023 has been a good year for smartphone brands. Several offerings were launched, ranging from top-tier Xiaomi 13 Ultra to mid-range POCO X5 5G and more.

26 Apr 2023

Google Docs

How to use Google's tool finder in Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google is always trying to improve the user experience on its Workspace apps. The company is now rolling out an "enhanced tool finder" in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to help users find what they are looking for.

26 Apr 2023

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet, Microsoft Q1 results: Is the worst finally behind us

The first quarter results of Alphabet and Microsoft have surprised everyone. The tech giants, both of which have been struggling due to the post-COVID tech meltdown, have outperformed Wall Street's expectations with their performance in Q1 FY23.

24 Apr 2023

Google Cloud

Google Cloud gets AI chip team: Can it challenge Microsoft

Google is scrambling to find momentum in the AI race. The company has been making multiple moves to challenge its rivals, including Microsoft, OpenAI, and Amazon.

24 Apr 2023


PhonePe's localized app store to challenge Google's dominance: Here's how

Walmart-backed PhonePe is India's leading UPI payments app. In the UPI space, it battles with Google Pay, which is the second-most popular UPI app in the country.

22 Apr 2023

Sundar Pichai

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai receives hike, pay soars to $226mn

The CEO of Alphabet Inc. Sundar Pichai is now one of the world's highest-paid corporate leaders.

21 Apr 2023

Google Pixel

Google Pixel Tablet launching soon: Here's what we know 

Google confirmed the existence of the Pixel Tablet at last year's I/O keynote event on May 11.

How DeepMind and Brain merger will help Google tackle OpenAI

The higher-ups in Google are unhappy with the company playing catch-up to OpenAI and Microsoft in the AI race. The company has been making multiple moves to gain momentum.

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