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08 May 2023

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Can Zoho's cross-platform browser, Ulaa, compete with Google Chrome 

Software-as-a-service firm Zoho Corporation has introduced its India-made cross-platform web browser, Ulaa.

23 Mar 2023


Can Opera disrupt browser market with ChatGPT and ChatSonic integration

Opera is not a household name in the world of browsers. It has never been able to challenge Google Chrome, the hegemon.

05 Feb 2023


Google Chrome to get a 'quick delete' feature on Android

Google is working on introducing a 'quick delete' feature in Chrome for Android.

28 Jan 2023


Google Chrome's incognito sessions on Android get biometric authentication

The Chrome browser for Android is rolling out an ability using which you can lock your incognito sessions behind a fingerprint/facial scan.

08 Jan 2023


Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 won't receive Google Chrome updates

It's official! Google Chrome will not get security updates on desktops running Windows 7 and 8/8.1 starting January 10.

19 Dec 2022


Google Chrome will now alert shoppers with price drop notifications

Google has announced an in-page 'price tracking' feature on the Chrome browser for Android and desktop versions of the app.

11 Dec 2022


Google Chrome gets Memory, Energy Saver modes to boost performance

Google has introduced Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes on its web browser Chrome to free up memory and boost battery life, respectively.

07 Dec 2022


New Chrome feature: Access tabs, bookmarks, history from address bar

Good news for Google Chrome users! Those working on desktops can now easily find their bookmarks, tabs, and browsing history, from the address bar of the web browser.



Google brings Material You to desktops via Chrome Canary browser

Google's Material You theming engine is now available for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux, after being exclusive to the Android operating system for a while now.

04 Oct 2022


Google Chrome's Manifest V3 extension platform will release in 2023

Google Chrome has been the go to mobile and desktop browser for almost everybody, partly because users enjoy fast and secure browsing with the ability to block ads.

06 Sep 2022


Google asks Chrome users to upgrade browser ASAP: Here's why

Google has requested Chrome users on Windows, Linux, and Mac to update the browser and safeguard themselves from a security vulnerability that hackers are exploiting.

21 Aug 2022


Indian government warns Google Chrome users of severe security threats

If you're a user of Google Chrome, beware, says the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

27 Jul 2022


Google Play celebrates its 10th birthday with new logo

Can you believe that it's been 10 years since Google rebranded Android Market to Google Play? Now, as part of its 10-year celebration, Google Play gets a new logo.

27 Jun 2022


Gmail offline introduced: How to read, send mails without internet?

US tech giant Google has rolled out an offline version of its popular mailing service Gmail.

15 Jun 2022


#EndOfAnEra: After 27 years, Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old iconic browser, is finally bidding adieu.

07 Feb 2022


Google Chrome browser gets new logo; here's what changed

Tech behemoth Google is changing the logo of its popular web browser Google Chrome after eight years.

15 Dec 2021


Here's how to update Google Chrome after government's 'cyber-attack' warning

The Indian government has issued a warning for people who frequently use the Google Chrome browser.

17 Nov 2021


Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that helps avoid Edge browser

With Windows 11, Microsoft rubbed Microsoft Edge in our faces even more desperately and made it harder to change the default browser. Thankfully, third-party workarounds were developed to save users the inconvenience.

26 Sep 2021


New Google Chrome vulnerability puts 2.65 billion users at risk

Google has recently revealed it found this year's 11th zero-day exploit for the Chrome browser.

15 Sep 2021


Google fixes 11 Chrome browser bugs, including two zero-day vulnerabilities

Google announced fixes for 11 different bugs in the Chrome browser, including two zero-day vulnerabilities possibly being exploited in the wild, on Monday.

07 Aug 2021


Google Chrome's new option hides visual indicator for encrypted websites

For years now, Google has pushed web developers to transition to the secure HTTPS protocol. Now, the company's popular Chrome browser will inform you only when you're visiting websites using insecure protocols like HTTP.

26 May 2021


Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world's population: Report

A new report suggests that Google Chrome enjoys a lion's share of the world's web browser market. Chrome reportedly has over 3.2 billion users worldwide.

20 May 2021


After 25 years, Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer

After silently retiring its Windows 10X operating system, tech giant Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will not be supported after June 15, 2022. The browser has served Windows users faithfully since 1995 until Chromium-based browsers took over with more modern features, security, better user interface, and compatibility.

19 May 2021


Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience

Google announced on day one of the Google I/O 2021 conference for developers that it has expanded its partnership with e-commerce platform Shopify, and that it will offer an enhanced shopping experience for Photos and Chrome users.

27 Feb 2021


Chrome Incognito case: Judge disturbed by Google's data collection practices

In June 2020, we reported that a class-action lawsuit had been filed against Google. It was caught tracking Chrome users' browsing history and web activity even in the Incognito mode.

15 Feb 2021


Google Chrome beta for iOS allows locking incognito tabs

The latest beta version of the Google Chrome browser for iOS reportedly lets users lock incognito tabs using Touch or Face ID.

07 Feb 2021


Microsoft will remove Edge browser, replace it with open-source avatar

In a news that will affect virtually no one, Microsoft is sending its existing Edge browser to the scrap heap.

23 Jan 2021


Microsoft's new Password Monitor feature coming in Edge browser update

Microsoft is rolling out the stable build (version 88) of its Chromium based Edge browser. The new features in this update include a Password Generator and Password Monitor.

25 Aug 2020


#BugAlert: Security flaw flagged in Safari, but Apple delayed patch

Apple's Safari browser has been taking on Google Chrome with its promise of safety and security, but that does not mean it is totally bug-proof.

23 Aug 2020


#BugAlert: Attackers can use Google Drive to hack your system

A major security flaw has been flagged in Googe Drive, an issue that could easily be used by a hacker to trick you into downloading malware or ransomware.

01 Aug 2020


This AI-powered Chrome extension can turn any news into podcast

With so much information on the internet coupled with our fairly busy lives, it can often get overwhelming to keep a tab on everything that is happening in the world.

31 Jul 2020


Nearby Share, Google's answer to AirDrop, now available on Windows

Since last year, Google has been developing 'Nearby Share' as its own native solution for file sharing, much like AirDrop from Apple.

20 Jul 2020


Soon, Google Chrome will prevent you from filling insecure forms

Browsing the web comes with the risk of phishing, where legit-looking websites can trick you into giving away confidential information like usernames-passwords, payment details.

07 Jul 2020


Soon, Google Chrome will offer biometric authentication for payment autofill

After testing a new interface for autofill, Google appears to be working on a tweak for the widely used function — biometric authentication.

06 Jul 2020


Chrome's feature to increase notebook's battery life by 2 hours

While Google Chrome is one of the finest web browsers, it struggles with one key problem - battery hogging.

18 Jun 2020


Spyware found in Chrome extensions used by millions: Details here

Dozens of extensions, operating through Google Chrome, have been found to be carrying spyware.

15 Jun 2020


Why Windows 10 is signing out Google Chrome users?

Within a few weeks of its roll-out, Microsoft's May 2020 Update has broken several Windows 10 features, including its ability to connect to Bluetooth devices, print pages, and manage the hard drive.

15 Jun 2020


iOS 14: These new features are coming to your iPhone

In a few days from now, Apple will hold its first online-only Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), bringing together millions of developers from around the world.

15 Jun 2020


Google wants to hide web addresses in Chrome. But why?

For some unknown reason, Google seems to think that people hate seeing full URLs in the address bar of Chrome.

10 Jun 2020


Google Chrome's autofill interface gets a new look: Details here

Google has been introducing some handy changes in Chrome.

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