Google Chrome: News

22 Jul 2024


Chrome to launch full-page warnings for risky downloads

Google's proprietary browser, Chrome, is set to introduce a new feature aimed at enhancing user safety during downloads.

14 Jul 2024


Google Chrome crowned fastest web browser in benchmark showdown

Google Chrome has been identified as the fastest among its competitors, as per recent tests.

14 Jul 2024


Stop juggling windows! Use Chromebook's split-screen hacks for multitasking

The split-screen mode enables users to view and use two apps or windows side by side simultaneously.

26 Jun 2024


Beware! Fake Chrome error messages trick users into installing malware

Cybersecurity experts have warned that Google Chrome users are being targeted by a sophisticated scam, that tricks them into copying and pasting malicious malware onto their computers.

20 Jun 2024


CERT-In issues high-risk vulnerability warning to Google Chrome users

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has sounded an alarm over high-risk vulnerabilities in Google Chrome.

20 Jun 2024


Cybersecurity experts warn of new malware targeting Google, Microsoft users

Cybersecurity experts have sounded the alarm over a sophisticated new malware that impersonates Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, with the potential to steal money from Windows owners.

17 Jun 2024


Google Chrome's new Android feature reads web pages aloud

Google Chrome has unveiled a new feature for Android users, called 'Listen to this page,' which allows users to listen to their favorite web pages.

30 May 2024


Google enhances multitasking experience with minimized in-app Chrome tabs

Google has announced a significant update to its Chrome browser, introducing a feature known as 'Minimized Custom Tabs.'

29 May 2024


Google yet to respond to alleged search algorithm leak

Google, the tech behemoth, has not yet issued a statement regarding an alleged massive leak of its internal documents.

26 May 2024


Google Chrome for iPhone rolls out customizable menu bar

Google has released a significant update for its Chrome browser on iPhone and iPad, introducing a customizable menu bar.

24 May 2024


Google rolls out password sharing feature for family groups

Google now permits users to securely share passwords with their family groups over the internet.

14 May 2024


Follow these methods to share Google Chrome bookmarks with others

Google Chrome, like many contemporary browsers, offers users the ability to bookmark websites for easy access in the future.

12 May 2024


Centre warns of high-risk vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, Apple iTunes

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high-risk warning about potential vulnerabilities, in Google Chrome and Apple iTunes desktop applications.

04 May 2024


Want to turn off Google's dark mode? Follow these steps

Google's core services, including Google Search, Gmail, Drive, and YouTube, now support dark mode.

04 May 2024


Want summaries of long-winded LinkedIn posts? Use this Chrome extension

LinkedIn users can now navigate lengthy posts more efficiently with the help of a new Chrome extension, "LinkedIn TLDR."

01 May 2024

Microsoft Windows

Arc web browser debuts on Windows, challenging Chrome and Edge

The Browser Company has announced the launch of its innovative Arc browser on Windows.

27 Apr 2024


'Google Sans' to replace 'Roboto' as default font on ChromeOS

Google is set to change the default font on its ChromeOS from Roboto to Google Sans, according to a recent code modification.

13 Apr 2024


Google developing one-click feature to disable active extensions on Chrome

Google is developing a new feature for its Chrome browser that will allow users to disable all active extensions with just one click, according to Gamer Stones.

09 Apr 2024


Google rolls out Chrome Enterprise Premium with enhanced security

US tech giant Google has finally introduced Chrome Enterprise Premium, a new addition to its existing Chrome Enterprise suite.

16 Mar 2024


Google Chrome now comes with Pixel's Live Translate feature

Google Chrome is incorporating the Live Translate feature, previously exclusive to Google Pixel phones, after a year-long development process.

16 Mar 2024


Microsoft utilizing Windows pop-ups to persuade Chrome users toward Bing

Microsoft is employing a new strategy to encourage Google Chrome users to switch their default search engine to Bing.

15 Mar 2024


Google Chrome enhances Safe Browsing with real-time protection against malware

Google has announced an upgrade to its default Safe Browsing mode in Chrome, aimed at providing improved protection against malicious websites.

01 Mar 2024


Google Chrome introduces new features to improve search suggestions

Google has unveiled new features for its Chrome browser, aimed at offering "more helpful suggestions" to improve the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

25 Feb 2024


New Android malware auto-executes itself to steal user data

A new strain of the XLoader malware, also known as MoqHao, is wreaking havoc on Android users by stealing their personal data and sending it to an overseas server.

23 Feb 2024


Google Chrome's AI feature can help you write online reviews

Google has introduced an innovative AI-powered feature called "Help me write" for Chrome users in the US.

16 Feb 2024


Microsoft Edge bug stealing Google Chrome data is now fixed

Microsoft has fixed a glitch in its Edge browser that was importing browsing data as well as tabs from Google Chrome without users' permission.

30 Jan 2024


Microsoft Edge accused of importing Google Chrome tabs without permission

Microsoft Edge has been found to import Chrome tabs without user permission, as discovered by Tom Warren, a Senior Editor at The Verge.

14 Jan 2024


Google might soon allow custom search engine selection: Here's why

Google is reportedly working on a feature that could allow users to customize their search engine preferences on Pixel Launcher.

04 Jan 2024


Google disables cookies for 30 million Chrome users: Here's why

Google has started disabling third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users, roughly 30 million people, as part of its mission to improve online privacy.

29 Dec 2023


Google to settle $5 billion lawsuit over 'private mode' tracking

Google has reached a preliminary settlement in a US lawsuit accusing the tech giant of invading users' privacy by tracking their browsing habits, even when using "private mode."

22 Dec 2023


Google Chrome enhances password security with automatic background checks

Google has released several updates for Google Chrome on desktops, with a focus on user safety.

19 Dec 2023


Google Chrome for Android headed for visual makeover

Google Chrome is experimenting with new design elements for its Android browser, including a carousel on the New Tab Page (NTP) and Dynamic Color adjustments in line with the Material You design.

02 Dec 2023


Google's war on ad blockers intensifies with Manifest V3

Google is stepping up its battle against ad blockers.

30 Nov 2023


Critical Google Chrome security update to patch zero-day vulnerability released

Google has rolled out a crucial security update for Chrome users on Mac, Linux, and Windows to tackle a zero-day vulnerability called CVE-2023-6345.

Google Chrome's upcoming AI feature will auto-organise your tabs

Google Chrome developers are making headway with a new AI-powered tab organization feature, which aims to automatically group active tabs. Recent updates suggest that this feature could be launched soon.

08 Nov 2023


Chrome lets you track memory usage across tabs: Here's how

Google Chrome has introduced a handy new feature that enables users to track how much memory each active tab is consuming.

28 Oct 2023


YouTube to soon launch built-in screenshot feature: How it works

YouTube is gearing up to simplify the process of capturing video screenshots with an upcoming built-in feature, which is currently undergoing beta testing and is available to select users.

14 Sep 2023

Microsoft Edge

Critical security patches issued for Chrome, Edge, Firefox: Update now

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave have issued crucial security patches to address a serious vulnerability. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain access to users' computers or execute malicious malware.

08 Sep 2023


Google Chrome users receiving "Privacy Sandbox" pop-up: How it works

Google has begun rolling out Privacy Sandbox, a new feature designed to replace third-party cookies, to all Chrome users.

07 Sep 2023


Google Chrome gets new look, more features, better malware protection

Google Chrome, the world's most popular browser, is getting a significant redesign to commemorate its 15th anniversary.

21 Aug 2023


Master coding with DevBytes: Ultimate companion for productivity, success

The DevBytes Chrome extension is a one-stop solution for every need of a developer. It can be a TL;DR tool, a coding assistant, and more.

08 Aug 2023


Google could face trial in $5bn 'Incognito mode' tracking lawsuit

A California judge denied Google's request for summary judgment in a massive $5 billion lawsuit.

03 Aug 2023


New Google Chrome features will help you save time

Google is at the top of the search market. The tech giant has always focused on making it easy for people to search for what they want.

08 May 2023

Latest Tech News

Can Zoho's cross-platform browser, Ulaa, compete with Google Chrome 

Software-as-a-service firm Zoho Corporation has introduced its India-made cross-platform web browser, Ulaa.

23 Mar 2023


Can Opera disrupt browser market with ChatGPT and ChatSonic integration

Opera is not a household name in the world of browsers. It has never been able to challenge Google Chrome, the hegemon.

05 Feb 2023


Google Chrome to get a 'quick delete' feature on Android

Google is working on introducing a 'quick delete' feature in Chrome for Android.

28 Jan 2023


Google Chrome's incognito sessions on Android get biometric authentication

The Chrome browser for Android is rolling out an ability using which you can lock your incognito sessions behind a fingerprint/facial scan.

08 Jan 2023


Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 won't receive Google Chrome updates

It's official! Google Chrome will not get security updates on desktops running Windows 7 and 8/8.1 starting January 10.

19 Dec 2022


Google Chrome will now alert shoppers with price drop notifications

Google has announced an in-page 'price tracking' feature on the Chrome browser for Android and desktop versions of the app.

11 Dec 2022


Google Chrome gets Memory, Energy Saver modes to boost performance

Google has introduced Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes on its web browser Chrome to free up memory and boost battery life, respectively.

07 Dec 2022


New Chrome feature: Access tabs, bookmarks, history from address bar

Good news for Google Chrome users! Those working on desktops can now easily find their bookmarks, tabs, and browsing history, from the address bar of the web browser.



Google brings Material You to desktops via Chrome Canary browser

Google's Material You theming engine is now available for Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux, after being exclusive to the Android operating system for a while now.

04 Oct 2022


Google Chrome's Manifest V3 extension platform will release in 2023

Google Chrome has been the go to mobile and desktop browser for almost everybody, partly because users enjoy fast and secure browsing with the ability to block ads.

06 Sep 2022


Google asks Chrome users to upgrade browser ASAP: Here's why

Google has requested Chrome users on Windows, Linux, and Mac to update the browser and safeguard themselves from a security vulnerability that hackers are exploiting.

21 Aug 2022


Indian government warns Google Chrome users of severe security threats

If you're a user of Google Chrome, beware, says the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

27 Jul 2022


Google Play celebrates its 10th birthday with new logo

Can you believe that it's been 10 years since Google rebranded Android Market to Google Play? Now, as part of its 10-year celebration, Google Play gets a new logo.

27 Jun 2022


Gmail offline introduced: How to read, send mails without internet?

US tech giant Google has rolled out an offline version of its popular mailing service Gmail.

15 Jun 2022


#EndOfAnEra: After 27 years, Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old iconic browser, is finally bidding adieu.

07 Feb 2022


Google Chrome browser gets new logo; here's what changed

Tech behemoth Google is changing the logo of its popular web browser Google Chrome after eight years.

15 Dec 2021


Here's how to update Google Chrome after government's 'cyber-attack' warning

The Indian government has issued a warning for people who frequently use the Google Chrome browser.

17 Nov 2021


Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that helps avoid Edge browser

With Windows 11, Microsoft rubbed Microsoft Edge in our faces even more desperately and made it harder to change the default browser. Thankfully, third-party workarounds were developed to save users the inconvenience.

26 Sep 2021


New Google Chrome vulnerability puts 2.65 billion users at risk

Google has recently revealed it found this year's 11th zero-day exploit for the Chrome browser.

15 Sep 2021


Google fixes 11 Chrome browser bugs, including two zero-day vulnerabilities

Google announced fixes for 11 different bugs in the Chrome browser, including two zero-day vulnerabilities possibly being exploited in the wild, on Monday.

07 Aug 2021


Google Chrome's new option hides visual indicator for encrypted websites

For years now, Google has pushed web developers to transition to the secure HTTPS protocol. Now, the company's popular Chrome browser will inform you only when you're visiting websites using insecure protocols like HTTP.

26 May 2021


Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world's population: Report

A new report suggests that Google Chrome enjoys a lion's share of the world's web browser market. Chrome reportedly has over 3.2 billion users worldwide.

20 May 2021


After 25 years, Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer

After silently retiring its Windows 10X operating system, tech giant Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will not be supported after June 15, 2022. The browser has served Windows users faithfully since 1995 until Chromium-based browsers took over with more modern features, security, better user interface, and compatibility.

19 May 2021


Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience

Google announced on day one of the Google I/O 2021 conference for developers that it has expanded its partnership with e-commerce platform Shopify, and that it will offer an enhanced shopping experience for Photos and Chrome users.

27 Feb 2021


Chrome Incognito case: Judge disturbed by Google's data collection practices

In June 2020, we reported that a class-action lawsuit had been filed against Google. It was caught tracking Chrome users' browsing history and web activity even in the Incognito mode.

15 Feb 2021


Google Chrome beta for iOS allows locking incognito tabs

The latest beta version of the Google Chrome browser for iOS reportedly lets users lock incognito tabs using Touch or Face ID.

07 Feb 2021


Microsoft will remove Edge browser, replace it with open-source avatar

In a news that will affect virtually no one, Microsoft is sending its existing Edge browser to the scrap heap.

23 Jan 2021


Microsoft's new Password Monitor feature coming in Edge browser update

Microsoft is rolling out the stable build (version 88) of its Chromium based Edge browser. The new features in this update include a Password Generator and Password Monitor.

25 Aug 2020


#BugAlert: Security flaw flagged in Safari, but Apple delayed patch

Apple's Safari browser has been taking on Google Chrome with its promise of safety and security, but that does not mean it is totally bug-proof.