Google Search: News

11 May 2023


How Google's AI-updated Search differs from the Bard chatbot

Google's I/O 2023 event was packed. From PaLM 2 to Google Bard, the tech giant made a couple of interesting announcements.

09 May 2023


Google I/O 2023: All AI-related announcements we can hear tomorrow

Google's annual developer conference, I/O 2023, will be held tomorrow. The tech giant is expected to introduce a slew of Pixel devices at the event. However, that's not all.

29 Mar 2023


Google will now notify you about extreme heat conditions

Google is releasing new extreme heat alert in the Search tab that will channel relevant information to help people stay safe during heat waves.

19 Dec 2022


Google drops new multisearch and search-in-video features: How to use

Google has released two new features—multisearch and search-in-video—for its Google Search app.

06 Dec 2022


Google Search gets new continuous scrolling feature on desktop

Google has introduced the 'continuous scroll' feature for search results on desktop. This feature will now display up to six pages of search results in one go.

29 Sep 2022


Google Search is getting faster, deeper, and more relevant

Google Search makes looking up something on the internet extremely easy for us. The question is, can it get any easier? Well, Google says yes.

12 Aug 2022


You can now play cloud games directly from Google Search

Google is testing a new feature that is bound to make gamers happy. It appears that if you search for a game on Google Search, you might be able to launch the game instantly.

09 Aug 2022


US: Explosion at Google's data center critically injures 3 people

An "electrical incident" occurred at a Google data center on Monday in Council Bluffs, Iowa, critically injuring three electricians, said the tech giant and the Council Bluffs Police Department.

12 Oct 2021


Google Search gets a chromatic guitar tuner: Details here

Google has added another music-related feature—a chromatic guitar tuner—to its Search capabilities following the release of a feature to identify a song from a hum last year.

26 Jul 2021


Google will explain why Search users see specific results

Google is finally going to provide context about why its algorithms displayed the search results that you see. The search giant will add this information to the "About This Result" feature introduced earlier this year.

22 Jan 2021


Google threatens to disable Search in Australia; Facebook follows suit

Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia in an attempt to stop the government from passing a law that will force it to pay local media outlets for sharing their news content.

11 Jan 2021


WhatsApp group invite links, user profiles accessible via Google search

In a disturbing development, several WhatsApp private groups and user profiles are showing up on Google search, compromising the privacy of users.

14 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Fortnite removed from app stores, and more

In the updates since last night, Fortnite made major headlines.

12 Aug 2020


Now, Google will help you with Math problems: Here's how

In the wake of COVID-19, millions of kids have been asked to switch to the routine of online 'virtual' classes and studying from home.

11 Aug 2020


Google Search can show your virtual visiting card: Here's how

In a bid to help regular internet users build an online presence for themselves, Google has launched a feature called 'People cards' on Search.

24 Jun 2020


Now, Google can tell you what to watch: Here's how

When a deadly virus is wreaking havoc around the world, the best way to survive is to sit home and binge.

10 Jun 2020


Every single day, Google flags over 2,500 crore spam pages

The ability to produce relevant and reliable results has made Google a leader in the Search segment.

07 Jun 2020


Your WhatsApp-linked number could show up in Google Search

Your WhatsApp-linked number, maybe even name and email address, could be leaking through Google Search.

26 Mar 2020


Now, Google allows marking businesses as 'temporarily closed' on Maps

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Google Maps' listings have become a little unreliable.

07 Mar 2020


#TechBytes: How to keep WhatsApp group links from being exposed

Recently, DW's Jordan Wildon flagged a major bug in WhatsApp - an issue that allowed Google and other search engines to index invitation links to private groups on the messaging service.

06 Feb 2020


Here's how to use Google's new Mobile Recharge service

Google has launched a new service in India that helps you easily find, compare, and even recharge your prepaid account using Google Search.

04 Feb 2020


How much did Alphabet earn from YouTube, Cloud, and Search

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has announced financial results for the quarter and fiscal year ending on December 31, 2019.

25 Jan 2020


Google promises to make search 'better' after redesign criticized

Despite giving more than a decade to improve Search and transform it into the platform we use today, Google is facing severe backlash from its users.

18 Jan 2020


Google is changing search. And not for the better!

Google dominates the web search space, but the recent choices made by the internet giant on the user interface aren't being appreciated by many.

20 Sep 2019


Now, Google will highlight 'key moments' in videos: Here's how

Google shows relevant video results in search to save users from the trouble of heading to YouTube or any other site looking for a clip.

11 Aug 2019


Finally, Google fixes bug that kept news stories from appearing

After creating problems for publishers and media outlets alike, Google appears to have fixed the bug that kept content from appearing in search results.

07 Jun 2019


Google search is changing drastically: All about it

In a bid to make Search results more diverse than ever, Google has made a major change in its algorithms.

11 Apr 2019


This is Google's newest trick to filter search results

In a bid to simplify the experience of looking up information, Google is adding a new trick into search.

10 Mar 2019


5 apps for students to make money while in college

Are you a college student looking to make some quick money to cover your expenses?

19 Feb 2019

Pakistan News

Google 'best toilet paper' and images of Pakistan's flag appear

Pakistan has been on the forefront of criticism these days after a deadly terrorist attack on Indian CRPF jawans in Pulwama was carried out by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed last week. And, rightly so.

03 Feb 2019


5 apps for students to make money while in college

Are you a college student looking to make some quick money to cover your expenses?

27 Jan 2019


Watch out! This Trojan spoofs search results to steal cryptocurrency

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have flagged a new form of Trojan, one that uses disturbing new tricks to steal cryptocurrency.

23 Jan 2019


#TechBytes: 5 handy tricks to get better Google search results

Today, Google offers one of the most powerful search engines in the world.

11 Jan 2019


Now, Google's activity cards will help you explore topics

Often, you may encounter topics requiring heavy research.

10 Jan 2019


#BugAlert: Anyone can manipulate Google's search results, spread fake news

A new bug has been flagged in Google, one that can be exploited by anyone to manipulate search results and spread fake news.

20 Dec 2018


Google 'bar girl in India' and Sonia Gandhi's images appear

Recently, Google received backlash from US lawmakers, after it came to light that when you search 'idiot' on its platform, images of the US President Donald Trump appear.

13 Dec 2018


#GoogleHearing: Interesting revelations by CEO Sundar Pichai during Congressional hearing

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently testified before the US Congress on the tech giant's use of consumer data and was grilled on a range of issues.

13 Dec 2018


Google shopping goes live, bringing a new search experience

Finally, Google is rolling out its dedicated 'Shopping' experience in India.

13 Dec 2018


Soon, Google will help you with pronunciations: Here's how

Google is expanding its capabilities to include a new 'teaching' feature, one that would help you with pronunciations.

12 Dec 2018

Donald Trump

Pichai asked to explain why Googling 'idiot' returns Trump photos

When Google CEO Sundar Pichai, on Wednesday, appeared for his first Congressional hearing, he was asked why a Google image search for 'idiot' returns images of Donald Trump.

11 Dec 2018


How scientists are using Google searches to predict heroin overdose

We all know Google search helps with looking up websites, but, in a first, scientists are using the tech for tracking heroin overdoses even before they occur.

28 Nov 2018


Google is increasingly turning 'evil', and its employees aren't happy

More than a month after Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that the tech giant was making a censored search engine for China, Google employees have gone public with their protest against the development of the engine.

19 Nov 2018


Tim Cook defends search deals with Google, calling it 'best'

Apple's CEO Tim Cook has been vocal about privacy and how big tech companies mine user data for targeted advertising.

11 Nov 2018


Want to wipe Google search history? Here's a quick way

Google Search history, aka the data collected by the company based on your web searches, can now be reviewed and deleted in a matter of seconds.

25 Oct 2018


Want to wipe Google search history? Here's a quick way

Google Search history, aka the data collected by the company based on your web searches, can now be reviewed and deleted in a matter of seconds.

16 Oct 2018


Google's working on 'censored' Chinese search engine, CEO Pichai confirms

After being tight-lipped for months, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai has openly confirmed that the company is building a censored search engine for China.

27 Sep 2018


#HappyBirthdayGoogle: 20 years on, Google continues to change lives

From a simple Search engine to being a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, Google has come a long way by leveraging cutting-edge technology, and innovating at every step.

04 Sep 2018


#TechBytes: 5 lesser-known products from Google

Google has a huge catalog of apps and services that are pretty essential like Google Search, Maps, Chrome, News, Drive etc. These products have already made us Google junkies because of the functionalities they offer.

02 Aug 2018


Google developing censored search for China; whatever happened to ethics?

In a bid to enter China again, Google is reportedly planning to launch a censored version of its search engine that will blacklist websites and search results about democracy, human rights, religion, and peaceful protests, among other things.

26 Jun 2018


Google honors India's first recording-artist Gauhar Jaan with a doodle

Google today remembered the legendary music and dance exponent Gauhar Jaan. It commemorated her 145th birth anniversary with a doodle.

17 Jun 2018


You will now be able to turn off Google's targeted-ads

Google has updated its "Ad Settings" page to better allow users to control what ads they see and make it easier to turn off "Ad Personalization."

10 Jun 2018


You can help Google eliminate spam from Search: Details here

After taking action on nearly 90,000 user reports of spam in Google Search results last year, Google has now asked for user feedback to eliminate spam.

25 May 2018


Yelp asks Googlers to make search fairer: Here's why

Yelp and TripAdvisor are leading a coalition called "Focus on the User" which has started a new campaign: it is urging Google employees to help make the company's search rankings fairer.

01 May 2018


Now access exam-related information, JEE Main results on Google Search

Google has partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India to allow students to look up results of national exams and other related information directly on the Search page.

25 Apr 2018


Now explore relevant job opportunities on Google Search

Google has rolled out a job search functionality within search results in India.

11 Mar 2018


Musicians can now directly post updates to Google Search

Google is allowing musicians to post updates about themselves directly in Google Search.

03 Mar 2018


Google India partners with Apollo Hospitals, launches Symptom Search feature

Google India has partnered with Apollo Hospitals to launch a new feature in its Search offering called Symptom Search.

16 Feb 2018


Google removes 'View Image' option from image search platform

In a change that will irk many users, Google has finally removed the 'View Image' button from its Images platform.

08 Feb 2018


You can now book flights, hotels on Google's search engine

Google has updated its Search platform to allow users to book flights and hotels directly through it.

14 Dec 2017


Google's top 2017 trend: Hurricane Irma beats them all

As 2017 draws to a close, and before your social-media timelines get flooded with year-end specials, we bring you what the world, and specifically India, googled the most this year.

21 Nov 2017


Google's "Internet Saathis" bring 11.5 million rural Indian women online

Over 1,100 women in Uttar Pradesh's Khaula village can now access the Internet, learn new skills, and watch YouTube videos thanks to "Internet Saathi" program run by Google and Tata Trusts.

08 Nov 2017

Google Maps

Google launches restaurant "wait times" feature on Search, Maps

Love eating out, but tired of waiting in long queues before getting a seat at your favorite restaurant? Well, Google heard your woes!

04 Oct 2017


Google drops its 'first-click free' policy

Google is canceling its 'First Click Free' policy, under which news sites were required to provide at least three articles per day in Google Search and Google news before they could enable a paywall.

24 Sep 2017


Google launches an India specific review feature

Google has launched an India-exclusive feature, which allows web users to share their movie and television reviews within Google Search results.

06 Jul 2017


Google Android case will attract a bigger EU fine

Let's hope that Google has been saving up enough for rainy day expenses because right now, another major EU fine is looming overhead. It has already agreed to cough up the $2.7 billion fine levied for favoring its own shopping service over others. However, in its second case filed over its Android mobile OS the fine will be harsher.

24 Jun 2017

Google Maps

Google Maps enables feature to find art work

Art aficionados can now explore the newest feature that Google Search and Maps offer.

09 May 2017


Google and Facebook are leading the online advertisement revolution

The world is on the Internet and, therefore, the advertisements are following suit.

10 Aug 2016

Jet Airways

Now, use Google to order food

Now, you will be able to order your food or book a table in restaurant just through Google.